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Published at 13th of May 2020 04:40:05 AM
Chapter 1101: 1101

“Ah! Help me…help me…help…”

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 It was not long before the cry for help ceased to be heard . The advancing snakes caught and constricted the cultivator . It was as if he fell into the nest of thousands of vipers . Soon, he was bitten into a bloody mess and all the flesh in his body was completely devoured…

 Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered slightly . More and more snakes were coming in . She didn’t expect that the serpent king could actually summon so many small snakes to do its command . Their increasing speed was truly mind-blowing, from a few hundred snakes initially to a thousand and then close to ten thousand now .

 If this continued, the impending disaster would be extraordinary . At this moment, she was glad to run toward the depths of the mountains after being chased by these snakes, far away from where Duan Ye and others were .

 Otherwise, if they were targeted by these snakes, they would have died with no remains left like those cultivators .

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 “Damn you, red-robed kid! What the hell did you do to those snakes that they chased you like this? ” At this moment, the Golden Core cultivator couldn’t even think of attacking Feng Jiu . Because once he started fighting, his speed would slacken, which could probably put him in an extremely dangerous situation .

 It was exactly because of this reason that they just fled and didn’t dare to attack rashly after seeing her being chased by the swarm of snakes . The previous cultivator’s end was a wake-up call for them . Even though that man was at the Foundation Building mid-stage, he was pushed out by the flick of the boy’s sleeve and engulfed by the snakes . They could imagine what would have happened if they had attempted it .

 But at present, even without attacking her, they were not in a good situation . Their possibility of getting eaten up by the snakes was even higher than the boy in red . After giving another look at the boy, they saw him run ahead of them effortlessly, as light as a feather . This scene made them so furious that they cursed at him loudly .

 “Scoundrel! You provoked these snakes and now want to flee? No way!”

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 Immediately, the Golden Core cultivator at the back struck out . He felt that these snakes had come after the boy in red . If those snakes overtook this boy, maybe they wouldn’t chase wildly after them anymore .

 When the fierce blade intent came from behind, Feng Jiu dodged sideways and turned back with a grin . “You’d better save your strength until after escaping from the snakes’ mouth! I won’t play with you . ”

 She immediately changed her pace and increased her speed again, as if she flew to the front in the blink of an eye . She fled without a trace, making the group of cultivators behind dumbfounded .

 No one expected her speed to increase again and disappeared like a wisp of smoke . Instead, she placed them in front of the swarm of snakes, causing them to be targeted by those snakes and became their food .

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 “Damn red-robed kid! Get back here! Come back!”

 After the shock, they cried out in horror and tried to escape from the snake’s mouth, to avoid becoming those poisonous snakes’ food . However, the serpent king saw that the human in red that it’d been chasing after was fleeing from its sight with great speed . Bloodthirsty killing intent and strong unwillingness burst out in its eyes . It started pursuing her desperately again .

 Therefore, it soon surpassed the cultivators but it did not devour them . Instead, it flung those cultivators directly with its tail to the swarm of snakes behind . They were devoured by its brood .

 The mournful and terrified screams ensued and soon faded away without a trace…

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