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Published at 13th of May 2020 04:40:05 AM
Chapter 1100: 1100

Chapter 1100: Object In The Belly

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She caught up with them very quickly and ran into the group of cultivators grinning at them: “I didn’t expect to meet you here, I am really happy . You will have to run faster or the nest of snakes behind will catch up . ”

“Damn it! Go away!” One of the cultivators beside her scolded, the sword in his hand veered towards Feng Jiu with a murderous intention .

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered, her mouth twitched upwards and she said: “Don’t use your swords and knives! I don’t really like fighting that much . But if you want to practice, I can help you . ”

When her voice fell, she dodged the sword and waved her sleeve and sent out a spiritual power that was visible to the naked eye . It poured out like a wave and pushed the cultivator to the back putting more than ten metres between them .


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The cultivator exclaimed . The force pushed him back more than ten metres and his steps were unsteady as he stepped backwards . Instead of going forwards, he had stepped backwards and the nest of snakes surged forwards .


The poisonous snakes spit out venom and the cultivator was horrified . He glanced backwards and screamed: “Ah! Help! Help me… . ”

Behind him, the snakes swarmed up and were just ten metres behind him . The Snake KIng’s mouth opened and spit out venom . The venom splashed onto the ground and made a sizzling sound as it corroded the ground…


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Even though the venom didn’t hit the cultivator, the cultivator was so scared that he let out a terrified scream . His legs went weak and his steps were staggered as his pace slowed down . The Snake King behind him opened its mouth wide and slithered forwards swallowing the cultivator whole .


The sounds of bones breaking accompanied the screams from behind . The cultivators in front looked back and their faces paled when they saw what had happened .

They saw half of the Foundation mid-level cultivator’s body being swallowed by the Snake King . As the Snake King’s mouth closed, they saw its sharp teeth dripping with venom snap the cultivator’s body, breaking the bones at the waist .

The struggling body stopped moving with the sound of the cracking of his bones and was soon swallowed whole by the Snake King . The Snake King’s body contracted and expanded from swallowing the body and finally returned to its original state when the body moved to the snake’s belly . The bloodthirsty fierce eyes of the snake stared at the cultivators and the snake hissed loudly as it chased after them .

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“Ah! Quick, run! Run!”

The cultivators in front were shocked by what they saw and their hearts shuddered . The breath of death enveloped them suddenly and they were even more frightened and shocked .

At this moment, some of the cultivators who couldn’t stand the pursuit of the snakes screamed and fled to the sides hoping to escape a horrible death .

However, not long after they had fled, screams were heard .

The screams attracted the attention of the other cultivators . It turned out that thousands of snakes had surrounded the whole area . Not long after those cultivators had fled to the side, they were tangled up by flocks of snakes and soon became the object in the snakes’ bellies……

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