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Published at 23rd of May 2020 11:25:56 AM
Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: The Wolves Are Here

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Feng Jiu smiled slightly: “Fighting is unavoidable in this place, and the best way to advance your strength is through battle . You can’t avoid fighting, if you do encounter a fight, then go for it! With your strength, as long as you work together, it shouldn’t be a problem for you in this area . ”

Upon hearing this, they looked at each other and nodded, and said nothing more .

They were resting by the fire, and as the night grew deeper, faint sounds of beasts howling nearby drifted to their ears . The sounds of the howling beasts in the dark made them afraid and unable to rest .


Suddenly, although there was no wind that night, through the leaves in the forest came a rustling sound . Song Ming and Ning Lang who were keeping guard that night looked at each other when they heard the noise .

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“Sounds like there is something . ”

“I’ll go and take a look . ” Song Ming said and told him to keep an eye on their surroundings while he went in the direction of the noise to take a look .

By the fire, Cloud Devouring Beast who was sprawled next to Feng Jiu straightened its back and looked around, and then sprawled back down again . Feng Jiu’s eyes were still shut as she continued to rest, seemingly unaware of what was happening .

Ning Lang thought about it, Feng Jiu gave them the same task, and he was in the same team as Song Ming . Since he went to investigate the noise, he should probably go along with him in case something happened and he needed assistance .

Therefore, once he had made up his mind, he walked away quietly… . .

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Song Ming who was following the sound of the noise came to a dark place and when he saw a pair of green eyes like ghost fire in the night staring at him, he exclaimed in fright .

He covered his mouth with one hand and stepped backwards, all the while he could feel the hairs on his body raising . There were at least twenty pairs of green eyes staring back at him, and the body, hiss! It wasn’t actually that big .

Ning Lang who had caught up with him was approaching from behind when he saw him bent over stepping backwards . He couldn’t help but grin and slapped his hand on his shoulder and asked: “Song Ming, what are you doing?”


Song Ming jumped up in shock and exclaimed . His sudden movement and exclamation attracted the attention of the many pairs of green eyes . Those two dozen pairs of bloodthirsty brutal green eyes turned towards their direction .

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“Dammit! What are you doing?” He scolded angrily as he turned back and stared at him . If he could hit him at that moment he really would have done it .

“I was worried that you might be in trouble so I came to have a look . What’s wrong?” Ning Lang asked, not understanding what was the problem . He hadn’t hit him hard when he had slapped him on his shoulder, and his voice wasn’t loud when he called him either . Why was he so frightened?


When he heard the howling sounds behind him, Song Ming grabbed him immediately and started running: “What’s the matter? There are wolves! Giant wolves! Run!” Ning Lang was pulled along as he ran back .

Ning Lang who finally recovered from his shock was stunned when he looked back at the howling sounds . His face turned pale when he saw that the giant wolves were nearly a metre tall each . Their bodies were huge and they had dark green bloodthirsty eyes . They revealed sharp fangs as they made howling sounds when they chased after them . He was so shocked that he ended up grabbing Song Ming instead and dragged him with him as he ran, exclaiming: “The wolves are here! The wolves are here! Run! The wolves are here!”

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