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Published at 1st of May 2020 04:55:04 AM
Chapter 1078: 1078

Chapter 1078: Sending you to Hell

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What did Luo Fe want to do?

While she was thinking about it, she saw him shouting, “I will do something!”

As soon as his voice fell on their ears, he threw a fist-size object to his vicinity . After it landed, it scattered with a bang and a red and yellow smoke filled the air . When she smelled it where she was at, there was a pungent and a stinging sensation . Then she lifted her vital energy and jumped, changed her direction, and came to the windward side .

“Cough cough cough! What the heck is this stuff!”

“Hiss, I can’t open my eyes!”

“Damn it! Chop when you can see clearly! Don’t chop our own people!”

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For a time, while the smoke scattered, those loose cultivators’ eyes couldn’t open and their throats were so itchy to coughing fit so that they couldn’t fight . When they opened their eyes, their eyes got inflamed that tears involuntarily streamed down .

“Damn rotten kids! How dare you play dirty tricks on us! ”

Some loose cultivators cursed angrily at them while backing away at the same time . It’s not good for them to fight when they couldn’t even open their eyes or breathe . In particular, there was an invisible but audible smothered hum as well as the bloody smell in the air . Most likely, their people were being killed .

This battle was originally using their numerous members to cheat a few people . Therefore, the two Golden Core cultivators didn’t take part in the fight . In their view, it was easy for twenty or more Foundation Building cultivators to take down some mere youngsters . Unexpectedly, they saw their people fall down one by one . The youngsters suffered a lot of injuries, but none of them was fatal .

Seeing this scene, the two men’s faces turned gloomy . They had been standing a distance away and the smoke didn’t hurt them . When they saw their people fall down one by one, their eyes flashed coldly and glared at the masked people in the fog .

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“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The sound of the concealed weapon was covered by the sword . Without listening carefully, nobody would notice it at all .

When Feng Jiu, still sitting on the branch, saw the two Golden Core cultivators had shot concealed weapons one after another, she raised her eyebrows slightly and the silver needles in her hand also came out .

“Clang! Clang!”

The silver needles shot down the two hidden weapons and made two soft clanging sounds . The two Golden Core cultivators saw their hidden weapons shot down and their sombre eyes fell upon the figure in red sitting on the branch .

At the next moment, one of them lifted his vital energy and swept out . His hands clawed in the air, forming talons carrying fierce air currents rushing directly at Feng Jiu .

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Feng Jiu sat still . Only her fingers were rotating, fiddling with a few silver needles between her fingers that reflected out cold glints . However, before she could move, she heard a sharp and loud cry .

“Your opponent is me!”

Duan Ye lifted his vital energy and rose in the air . His sword flashed a fierce light at the Golden Core cultivator .

“Hmph! You overestimate your own strength!”

The Golden Core cultivator snorted coldly . His claws that targeted Feng Jiu earlier and turned to attack Duan Ye . The stream of air between his claws was as fierce as a sword; He blocked Duan Ye’s sword with one hand, while his other hand suddenly went to smash the boy’s throat .

The killing intent permeated the air and the aura of death enveloped Duan Ye . Under the terrifying pressure of Golden Core, Duan Ye’s body turned sluggish and his speed decreased .

“I’m sending you to Hell!”

Accompanying that grim and harsh voice, the loose Golden Core cultivator’s forceful claws started sucking Duan Ye towards him…

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