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Published at 1st of May 2020 04:55:04 AM
Chapter 1077: 1077

Chapter 1077: I’ll do something shady

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The glint and flash of cold steel brimming with killing intent . The pressure from those Foundation Building cultivators surged with the battle, forming a low atmospheric pressure in the air . The fierce sword intent and the sharp edge of the sword collided, sending out a loud slamming sound .

The surrounding trees were slashed by the sword intent, causing their fluids to splash on the ground . As their fighting became more intense, a bloody smell also permeated the air .

“Whoosh! Bang! Bang!”

A loose Foundation Building cultivator wielded his fierce sword . The blade infused with powerful spirit energy surged with a stream of air visible to the naked eye . Its freezing cold sword intent rushed toward Song Ming at lightning-quick speed .

Sensing a crisis replete with the murderous attack was coming, Song Ming faced toward that direction . He was frightened at the sight . Since he couldn’t withstand the attack, he could only jump aside quickly to avoid it . However, his opponent was extremely fast . Even though he avoided the fatal blow, the strong airflow knocked him flying, making him crash to the ground a few metres away .

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He gasped and rolled over on the ground . The pain in his body made him look down .

He saw countless shallow and deep gashes of wounds from being slashed by the sword intent . Blood seeped from the wound . When he tugged slightly, his lips snarled with the pain . He gritted his teeth and glared at the loose repair who was watching him contemptuously .

“Pft!” He spat the blood in his mouth, wiped the corners of his lips and went up again with the sword in hand . “It was a good thing I dodged quickly, or I’d have been split in two . ”

His steps went from slow to fast while holding the sword . His other hand was twitching as if there was something in the arm . A ferocious aura permeated from his body . “Do you see me, your Grandpa, as one who is easy to bully? Wait until I slaughter you, you’ll know that your Grandpa isn’t a pushover!”

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“Little kid! You’re looking for death!”

Another cultivator came forward wielding his sword . However, before he came near Song Ming, he saw Song Ming’s left hand was raised . A cold light came out with a whizzing sound . It’s a sleeve arrow that went straight through the cultivator’s heart and pierced another man behind .


The cultivator and the person behind him didn’t anticipate being shot all of a sudden by the arrow . Their bodies froze and fell backwards . At this time, the sleeve arrow that shot at the cultivator’s chest flew back with a whoosh, as if it possessed spiritual energy and automatically stuck inside Song Ming’s sleeve .

“Heck! Why didn’t you use this treasure earlier? You have to wait for someone to kill you before you use it?” Ning Lang looked back and stared at him . He was not as strong as the other few, but he relied on his many treasures to dodge people’s killing attacks . Therefore, he was the one with the least injuries .

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Another cultivator kicked Luo Fei when he was attacking another person . After staggering a few steps back to steady himself, he rubbed his stomach which had taken the brunt of the assault and stared indignantly .

He cursed angrily in his mind: So many people are bullying just the few of us, right? Good! Then don’t blame me for doing things the shady way!

He quickly retreated to Ning Lang’s side and shook out a strange mask from the space and handed it to him . “Put it on!”

Ning Lang took a look and asked, “What can this do? To prevent others from hitting one’s face? ”

“When I say to put it on, just do it . Don’t ask so much nonsense . It won’t hurt you anyway . ” Luo Fei said angrily . He took out some more masks and threw them to Song Ming and Duan Ye . At last, he wore one himself and took out something from his space .

Not far away from them, Feng Jiu’s eyes jolted at this scene…

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