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Published at 30th of April 2020 04:55:07 AM
Chapter 1076: 1076

Chapter 1076: You can rob them in return

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Only Ning Lang’s eyes were bright . He was so excited that he wasn’t aware of the possibility of getting killed . All he could think about was: how many valuable things were in these people’s cosmos sacks?

If these people made their living by robbing others, there must be a lot of precious treasures and spirit herbs on them . Feng Jiu also said that she was not opposed to robbing those who plotted against them .

So, in other words, if they meet those with similar intentions later, they could always loot their valuables in return?

“Mm, if they don’t provoke us, we also won’t provoke them or plot against them . But those people who mess with us, whatever we can rob from them belongs to us . ”

While speaking, she smiled with her eyes squinted . She patted Ning Lang on the shoulder and gave him encouragement . “You have to work hard . At a glance, these people seem to carry a lot of precious treasures in their bodies . ”

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Ning Lang clenched his fists tightly . His chubby face was serious, while his eyes flickered with excitement . “Mm, please rest assured, I will not let you down . ”

Hearing this, a few people nearby reminded Ning Lang, “There are more people on their side than us . Their strengths are at the Foundation Building mid and peak-stage, with two Golden Core cultivators among them . ”

“It’s nothing . We have our leader with us . What are you afraid of!” Ning Lang raised his chin and looked at Feng Jiu with confidence .

“I won’t make a move . I’ll just watch you fight . ” Feng Jiu told him . While Ning Lang was dumbfounded, she took Cloud Devouring Beast with her and withdrew behind them . She lifted her vital energy to sit at the tree branch and watch them .


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Ning Lang was struck dumb . He was too focused on the excitement so that he didn’t realize that Feng Jiu wasn’t going to assist them . In his mind, Feng Jiu was so strong . Not to mention two Golden Core cultivators, if there are two more of them coming, they’re still not her opponents . However, she didn’t intend to make a move here .

“What do you mean by ‘ah’? Didn’t you hear him say it was for us to gain experience?” Duan Ye patted Ning Lang’s head angrily . “Don’t look silly . If you don’t do well, you will die . ”

Ning Lang restrained himself . Looking at those twenty or so people in front of him, he gulped . Finally, he knew that things were very serious . Even his forehead was sweating because of his tense mood .

“I’ll fight, then! For their heaven and earth bags, for those treasures, I, I will stake my all! Ah!”

As soon as he uttered these words, he suddenly hollered . After taking his sword, he rushed towards those people in front, making Duan Ye and the other two jumped in fright .

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“This lunatic! He started fighting without telling us first . ” They gritted their teeth . While lifting their vital energy, they drew the long sword and swept towards those people .

“These men aren’t sick in the brains, right?”

After hearing what they said, those twenty or so people were shocked . They were trying to rob them with just a few people? And one of them wasn’t going to participate in the fight? Could they not see that their strength was above these youngsters? Didn’t this mean they’re getting themselves killed?

“Kill these reckless guys!”

A Golden Core cultivator commanded with a cold voice . Those twenty or so loose cultivators released their killing intent immediately . They took out their swords and swept forward . Even the previously weak-looking woman took the medicine and then lifted her sword for a kill .

The four men were surrounded by those twenty or so people . Seeing them unable to withstand the attacks, being wounded with blood gushed out from their injuries, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed . While watching quietly, she grasped several silver needles between her fingers .

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