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Published at 30th of April 2020 04:55:07 AM
Chapter 1074: 1074

Chapter 1074: We haven’t seen any other people

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In the middle of the branches in front, caught by the vine and its clawing branches, seemed to be a… person?

“It looks like a woman?” Song Ming observed .

“Impossible! How could there be a woman in this place? I’d believe only some female demons exist here . ” Luo Fei remarked, thinking that it couldn’t be a woman .

“Whether it’s a man or a woman, that must be human . ” Duan Ye instinctively looked at Feng Jiu . “What to do? Would you like to take a look?” He’s thinking inwardly that there should have been some trouble ahead with a person hanging down at this kind of place .

“Help me…help me…”

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At this moment, the person over there seemed to wake up . From the weak cry for help, it really sounded like a woman .

“I said it was a woman . ” Song Ming strode to the other side . “It’s one thing not running into it . However, once we meet one, we have to take a look . What about saving her?”

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows . She was silent, with a ghost of a smile on her face .

“Song Ming, are you not afraid of being tricked?”

Ning Lang cried out . He was cautious, worried about getting tricked . Besides them, there was no one else in this place . However, a woman was hanging here, and her essence and blood weren’t drained by those tree spirits last night . He didn’t think it’s normal .

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Hearing the words behind him, Song Ming paused his steps . He looked back at them . Seeing them stood still, even Feng Jiu also smiled wordlessly, he could only scratch his head and look at Feng Jiu . “There shouldn’t be any tricks, right?”

“It doesn’t matter . Save her if you want . ” Feng Jiu raised her chin, indicating that since he wanted to save, he shouldn’t have any scruples . Anyway, if there’s any trick, it would be a lesson for him to learn .

When those other people nearby heard this, they were slightly shocked . “We’d really help? Is that okay?”

“It’s the same, regardless if there’s trouble or not . Anyway, aren’t we here to gain experience? All kinds of unexpected things can happen and they can’t be prevented, so sometimes you have to follow your heart . Of course, the premise is that you have the ability to cope with all kinds of changes . ”

Their eyes moved at her remarks . It meant that if they wanted to do something, she wouldn’t stop it, but they would have to bear the consequences and risks themselves .

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Song Ming looked at the woman calling for help in front of him with some hesitation . He stepped forward and took out his sword to cut off the vines and the clawing branches . When the woman fell down from the air, he caught her in his arms .

“Are you alright, Miss?”

He asked the pale-looking woman . The person seemed to be in her twenties, wan and dishevelled, without any serious problems except for being weak .

“Miss, why are you hanging here alone? Where are your companions?” Luo Fei asked with a smile .

“I am a cultivator, coming here to gain experience with my clan . Last night, I went to the toilet . Afterwards, I accidentally lost my way and my torch died out . I was caught on my own by the tree spirit . ” The woman told them weakly . After a sigh, she went on . “The tree spirit scratched me and caused a wound from where it sucked my essence and blood . I was so weak that I couldn’t even save myself . ”

She faced several of them and thanked them gratefully . “Thank you so much . Thank you for rescuing me . ”

Hearing this, their eyes moved . Luo Fei told her, “We haven’t run into any other people in this area . ”

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