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Published at 28th of April 2020 05:05:06 AM
Chapter 1071: 1071

Chapter 1071: We have lots of money, what do you want?

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They looked at him speechlessly and reproached him . ”Why did you send yourself to the tree spirit’s mouth? Do you want to get killed?”

Ning Lang looked at them with a grievance . “I didn’t pay attention for a moment, but when the danger was removed, I relaxed and forgot that the tree also ate people . ” He added, “I won’t do that in the future . ”

This place was a real hell . He might lose his life at any time because of carelessness . Even though he had gone through many personal experiences along the way, he still felt some fear .

Fortunately, each of his travelling companions was outstanding . Otherwise, he would have been sucked dry by the vampire bats .

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“It’s alright . Since we’ve all got in, let’s go! Follow the road ahead . Anyway, we have no specific goal . We don’t need to make haste . We should focus on safety . ” Feng Jiu told them while exhaling softly .

“Mm, we know . ” They answered . Their hand holding up a torch to illuminate the way and at the same time helping to keep the tree spirits away, unable to put their claws on them .

“I’ve just seen these trees eat vampire bats . Do these tree spirits like to eat people in addition to vampire bats?” His heart jumped to his throat at the thought of the scene when the tree spirit opened its mouth and attempted to gobble him up .

“There are many things here that we have never met before . It’s reasonable to say that trees should not eat human beings . However, these trees have turned into fiends and are probably the same kind as a man-eating flora . Compared with flowers that swallow the whole person, I think this tree spirit is absorbing a human’s soul as well as vital energy and blood . After all, its mouth can’t swallow the whole person . ”

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While saying this, Feng Jiu glanced at him . “Among the few of us, you are white and plump, looking very juicy . You should be careful . Here, not only the tree spirits eat people, but also the giant flowers or the fierce beasts would definitely like your type . ”

Ning Lang got absolutely horrified to hear this . “Don’t scare me . ”

“I didn’t scare you . I’m only reminding you so that you don’t pounce at a precious spirit herb . You should know that precious spirit herbs have fierce beasts guarding them, sometimes a viper or a fierce beast or something like poisonous insects . In short, when you see a precious elixir, you have to make sure that you’re safe before getting closer to it . ”

Several of them nodded at her words . Luo Fei, among them, spoke out . “In addition to this, from what I heard, there would be lootings . We should be on guard against outsiders . Whoever happens to come our way, we can only speak some parts . If there are good things in front of us, we must think twice . There is no free lunch in the world . The more beneficial things are, the more dangerous they are . ”

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After around two hours wandering inside, their surroundings grew extremely quiet, as if only their voices could be heard . There seemed to be no fierce beasts around nor any potential danger, so Song Ming suggested, “How about setting a circle of fire around here for a rest! It seems tranquil here . I don’t think there’s much danger here, except for the tree spirits . ”

“We might as well . Let’s get some rest . I don’t know how big the forest is . I estimate we won’t get out from here for quite some time . ” Feng Jiu told them . She and several of them laid out an encirclement of fire, forming a protective circle for rest .

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