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Published at 22nd of April 2020 05:05:07 AM
Chapter 1059: 1059

Chapter 1059: Can Handle It

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“What did you just say lad? I dare you to repeat it!”

This guy was trying to stir up trouble, grasping at straws, refusing to back down and trying to take a stand for himself . The cultivators who saw through the act grimaced in contempt .

It was despicable using a young boy to prove his power and strength .

When he saw the cultivator approach him aggressively, Luo Fei asked angrily: “I said was I looking at you? Did I step on you or call your mother names? You think I’m easy to push around because I’m young don’t you? Do you want to fight? If you want to fight then say the word, I’ll fight with you!”

“You’re revolting! You dare talk to your elder like that!” That cultivator shouted angrily . One of his hands reached out to grab his hem to lift him up and the other hand had curled into a fist to punch him in the face .

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“You son of a turtle! I shall teach you a lesson today!” Luo Fei evaded his blow and struck out at the same time .

When everyone saw this, they came closer to enjoy the show . That strong guy was a Foundation peak-stage cultivator and the young boy was only a Foundation mid-stage cultivator, therefore the young boy was probably not a match against the strong guy . However, his courage against the strong guy took everyone by surprise .

Duan Ye and the rest were about to go and help him when they were stopped by Feng Jiu: “He can manage himself . ”

Although Luo Fei was only a Foundation mid-stage cultivator, his combat strength was strong . Moreover, she couldn’t step in everytime . Whenever there was an opportunity, she would let them clean up their own messes . This battle was inevitable .

Ever since the few of them arrived at this place, they had drawn unwanted attention to themselves . They thought that they were weak and could be easily bullied? In that case, they could only prove their own strength .

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That cultivator wanted to use Luo Fei, but Luo Fei was also quick witted and had the same idea as him . Rather than being picked on by others, why not take the initiative to attack instead . Besides, under these circumstances, he was only seen as defending himself .

The meaning behind this battle was obvious, as long as you don’t provoke me, no matter how strong I am, I won’t provoke you .

Therefore, he was not going to lose this battle, he would win . As long as he won, then he would get the desired effect .

“Boom boom boom! Swish!”

The sounds of fists banging sounded out and the violent airflow that passed between them surged . The Foundation stage pressure from them spread out accompanying their blows . Visible airflow that the naked eye could see also followed their fists as they threw punches .

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Both were Foundation Stage cultivators, one was peak-stage and one was mid-stage, with the latter being a teenager . When everyone saw the young boy fighting against his opponent without showing any signs of being inferior but having the upper hand instead, they were all surprised .

Some of the Golden Core cultivators noticed that though the boy was only young, he was extremely fast and his skills were ingenious . He definitely wasn’t just a boy with training from an ordinary family . Against a Foundation peak-stage cultivator, he didn’t show fear but instead displayed courage and was scathing fighting skills .


At this moment, the young boy flew up and turned, kicking the cultivator in the chest . He was thrown a few metres back by the blow . The strong man grunted and clenched his fists as he glared murderously at the young boy .

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