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Published at 23rd of May 2020 11:26:02 AM
Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055: Teachings

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After hearing this and looking at the expressions of the three of them, Luo Fei felt strange . Even if they have been persuaded by Feng Jiu, surely they wouldn’t react this way? They mean to say that after a year they would be reluctant to leave him?

Although he was puzzled, he didn’t ask any more questions . Instead, he nudged Ning Lang and asked: “Where are the snacks my mother prepared? Give me some to eat!”

Ning Lang smiled and said: “I thought you didn’t want any? I thought you couldn’t eat anything?”

“I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening . If you give me a big meal right now I will be able to finish it all . Hurry up, stop dawdling . ” He said impatiently .

Seeing this, Ning Lang brought out two boxes of snacks and some snacks for Luo Fei: “Eat up! After all the food came from your house . ”

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The four of them sat with each other and chatted while they ate . They told each other how they were abducted by Feng Jiu and Luo Fei was secretly pleased: So it wasn’t just him who had been treated like so, the three of them were also taught a lesson by Feng Jiu .

His original grievance eased up as he talked and laughed with the three of them… .

In the evening of that same day, they alighted the airship . After Feng Jiu kept her airship, she didn’t take them into the forest . She said to them: “We will rest here tonight and discuss what will happen after we enter the forest . Go and prepare the firewood and hunt some game nearby to roast for our dinner . ”

She continued with her instructions: “The four of you will be split into two teams . From now on, you will practice the division of labour and cooperation with your teammate . ”

“Who will I team up with? Do I choose my teammate?” Ning Lang asked .

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Feng Jiu looked at the four of them and assigned the teams: “Duan Ye and Luo Fei will be on the same team . Song Ming will be in your team . I am your team captain . Duan Ye and Luo Fei will go and hunt game now . You two will pitch the tents and gather firewood and make a fire . ”

“Got it . ” They responded and set about their tasks .

They had finished their tasks before the sky got dark . After they prepared the game, they put it on the fire rack to roast . They said around the firepit and chatted .

“Once we go inside, you will forget your identities . Don’t mention your identities over the slightest matter . You need to understand that the people who enter there are very strong and ruthless . You must be careful . If you reveal too much, you will only become a target of assassination and looting . Do you understand?”

They nodded their heads at Feng Jiu’s instructions and replied seriously: “Understood . ” Their lives were at stake and while they were in a dangerous place such as Hell Mountains, they had to be cautious .

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She glanced at them and gave them more instructions: “One more thing to remember, don’t get lost, don’t stray too far away from me . Otherwise, if you are in danger, even I won’t be able to save you . ”

“Yes, we understand . ” The four of them responded again .

“This is the distress signal, just in case . ” She gave the four of them a distress smoke bomb each: “Make sure you keep your belongings on you . Remember, don’t reveal your wealth . Just put some essential items in your cosmos sack on your waist and make sure you hide your dagger in your boots . ”

The four of them sat by the firepit and listened to everything Feng Jiu said . They remembered and acted accordingly because they knew that over the next year, their lives might be saved by remembering his teachings at this point in time .

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