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Chapter 1053: 1053

Chapter 1053: Carried Onto The Airship

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They followed Feng Jiu out of the city and watched as she waved his arm and a luxurious airship appeared in front of them . Their eyes widened with astonishment . Ning Lang’s eyes lit up and he ran forwards quickly . He touched the luxurious airship as he marvelled at its splendour .

“Oh my god! This airship is beautiful, even the one my family owns isn’t as luxurious as this . Feng Jiu, where did you buy this airship? It’s so beautiful!” He touched the airship while he exclaimed in excitement . As he couldn’t see the layout of the airship, he turned his head and looked back at Feng Jiu .

“Feng Jiu, can we go in? You’ve been holding back on us, you’ve had this treasure all this time but never took it out before now . ”

She smiled lightly: “Let’s go!” She walked forwards carrying the Cloud Devouring Beast .

The rest of them followed her quickly and boarded the airship . Luo Fei who was being carried, unable to speak, only struggled and kicked his legs as he stared .

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Was this their method to take him away? He had previously promised to stabilize him first and then think of another way after they left . He hadn’t expected them to carry him out of the city just like that . He had even brought out this airship, he wasn’t going to take him home, was he?

Outside the city gates, there were people about to enter the city . When they saw such a large airship outside the city, there were a lot of discussions and speculations as they tried to figure out, which family the airship belonged to? Who would have such a large and luxurious airship?

When some of the influential families in the city heard about this, they sent men out of the city gates to find out more and report back . However, by the time they got there, Feng Jiu and the rest had already left… .

In the Luo Residence, Master and Madam Luo who heard about the large luxurious airship were discussing it in the courtyard when the steward came running in .

“Master, Madam, Madam’s family has sent a letter . ” After the steward handed the letter to them, he left the courtyard .

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“It must be a letter from Mother-in-law to you . You should read your letter my wife . ” Master Luo smiled as he spoke and passed the envelope to her .

“Alright . ” Madam Luo smiled as she took the envelope . When she opened the envelope, she saw that other than a letter, there was also a portrait folded up . She gave the portrait to her husband and read the letter .

“It’s a letter from my father, he’s sent us a portrait of the Ghost Doctor . He said that all the heads of influential and powerful families have a copy of the portrait of the Ghost Doctor . ”

“Portrait of the Ghost Doctor?” Master Luo was startled . He opened up the folded portrait hurriedly to take a look and was shocked by what he saw: “Isn’t this Young Master Feng Jiu?”

Madam Luo turned her head to take a look: “Oh, it really is Young Master Feng, how is he the Ghost Doctor?”

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The husband and wife looked at each other in surprise, the carefree young boy in red was actually the Ghost Doctor? But how did the Ghost Doctor become a teacher at the Two Star Academy? Could it really be as he had told them, he was a student at the Six Star Academy who had gone to the Two Star Academy for the competition, but because he had advanced while he was there, he became a teacher at the Two Star Academy?

“Our Fei’er is really blessed this time!” Master Luo said with a smile .

“Yes, that’s right . ” Madam Luo agreed with a smile, extremely happy .

On the other side, on the airship, Luo Fei was finally able to speak and his blocked cultivation strength was also unblocked by Feng Jiu . However, he stared at Feng Jiu in anger .

“How could you do this? You took me away like this, my father and mother will be worried when they can’t find me . ”

“Don’t worry, we have already informed your father and mother early this morning . Besides, they also agreed to this . ” Feng Jiu said with a dismissive smile .

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