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Published at 19th of April 2020 05:10:06 AM
Chapter 1052: 1052

They arrived at the brothel, but didn’t enter through the main entrance and snuck inside quietly instead . When they got inside, the found Cloud Devouring Beast sprawled on the roof, so it was obvious which room Luo Fei was in .

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When Cloud Devouring Beast saw Feng Jiu, it got up and went over to her wagging its tail like a dog expressing joy .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu took Cloud Devouring Beast into her arms . They lifted up the tiles on the roof and looked inside the room . When they saw Luo Fei dressed in ridiculous flowery clothes and tied up on the bed, they couldn’t help but smile in glee .

Under Feng Jiu’s signal, they knocked the two guards unconscious and opened the door . Duan Ye and Ning Lang stood guard outside while Feng Jiu and Song Ming went inside .

“Luo Fei, why are you here? What a good show you’ve put on!” Feng Jiu said and looked at him like she had searched for him for a long time: “We couldn’t find you when we woke up this morning . We thought you were hiding from us because you didn’t want to come with us . But looking at your situation now, maybe I was overthinking things?”

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As she continued speaking, her smile widened . She looked at the boy tied up like a dumpling, his face was red as he stared back at her angrily . She smiled happily and she looked at him up and down with curiosity asking: “Why are you dressed like this? This material is so thin, you might as well be not wearing anything . How can you go out to meet people dressed like this?”

“Hmm . You don’t seem to be able to speak . Or are you too embarrassed to say anything?” She smiled and her eyes narrowed: “You don’t have to be like that . After all, I am your teacher, you can tell me anything, you don’t have to be embarrassed . ”

At the side, Song Ming’s mouth twitched and he looked away as he felt a little sorry for Luo Fei’s current predicament . He was tied up in bed and dressed in weird tulle, one just couldn’t look directly at him because his image was utterly destroyed .

“By the way, we are leaving, do you want to follow us?” She asked with a smile as she looked at a speechless Luo Fei . She slapped her head and said: “I just realised, you can’t speak . But it doesn’t matter, if you want to follow us you can just nod your head . If you don’t then shake your head . Your head can still move, can’t it?”

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Your head can still move… .

When he heard this, Luo Fei was mortified, what did he mean by his head could still move? It would be disastrous if he couldn’t move his head . Besides, he refused to believe that he didn’t know why he was in this predicament . He’d thought about it and other than him, no one else would be able to do this to him . No he was actually consoling him and asked if he wanted to leave with them, that Feng Jiu was too shady!

“So, do you need to think about it? If you need to, I can give you some time…”

His underlying meaning was that if he didn’t agree to follow them, then they would leave without him . As for what would happen to him if he stayed here, that would be out of their control .

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Luo Fei gritted his teeth, unable to speak, he was indeed panicking . He started nodding his head frantically, afraid that they would leave without him . He would be in deep trouble if he stayed here .

“Leave with me?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows, but deep down she was not surprised at all . When she saw him nodding his head again, she revealed a satisfied smile and signalled to Song Ming beside her: “Take him along, let’s go!”

As soon as her voice fell, the dazzling red figure turned and walked away .

Upon seeing this, Song Ming walked forwards and lifted up the person on the bed then started to walk outside . This was no place to speak, they would find a place later and sit down to have a good chat .

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