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Published at 17th of April 2020 05:05:07 AM
Chapter 1050: 1050

Chapter 1050: Let Go Of This Lord

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When they heard this, Master and Madam Luo felt strange but didn’t ask any questions . They knew that Feng Jiu and the other students wouldn’t harm their son and that was enough for them . Hence, Madam Luo nodded her head and smiled: “Then let me prepare some dried food and fruits so that you can eat them on your journey . ”

Feng Jiu didn’t refuse her offer and chatted with Master Luo while she waited . After an hour, Master and Madam Luo walked them to the door and they left the Luo Residence .

After they had left, Master Luo called the private maid within Luo Fei’s courtyard and questioned her . When they found out what had happened, they were stunned, and Master Luo was furious .

“That rascal! Always thinking of these wicked ideas . This time he’s landed in the hands of Master Feng, he won’t be able to go wild . It takes exactly just this kind of person to sharpen his senses . ”

“It can’t be, no it can’t be… . . ” Madam Luo was worried, how could he send him to such a place? Fei’er was out of line .

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“Relax! There won’t be a problem . Master Feng is a teacher, he will have a sense of propriety . He’s told me that Fei’er will return home after a year . Come on, let’s go back!” He said and led her inside .

At the same time, Luo Fei had already awoken in the middle of the night and when he saw the tulle over his head and only had pants on his body, he screamed . However, when he opened his mouth to scream, he realised that he had no voice at all, the strength within his body had also been blocked .

He wasn’t tied up, but he was locked in a room guarded on all sides . When he tried to escape, he was caught and brought back into the room . In the end, when he finally found out what sort of a place he was in, the expression on his face changed .

Brothel? How could he be in the brothel? He had instructed the guards to bring Feng Jiu here! How did he get here? And why couldn’t he speak? His cultivation strength had also been blocked .

Was the plan for him to lose his virginity?

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He thought about the place he was in, he was locked up here with only his pants on . At any moment he could be taken to see a guest . When he pictured that, goosebumps popped up all over his body .

It was too cold and cruel .

Why was he the one in this situation? Damn Feng Jiu! He must have had a trick up his sleeve . But at the moment, how could he escape his situation? Tell them that he was the Young Master from the Luo family? No one would believe him!

“Master Huang is here to inspect the goods, go, bring the young lad in the room to let Master Huang take a look . ”

When he heard the voices outside, Luo Fei’s face paled and he couldn’t help but retreat backwards . He wanted to escape, but all the windows and the door were sealed shut . If he had his cultivation strength he would have been okay . Now that his cultivation strength has been sealed, he was just like an ordinary person and there was no way he could escape .

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It’s over, he was really going to lose his virginity!

Damn Feng Jiu! If I lose my virginity I won’t let you off!

The door opened and two strong men walked in: “Come on, you’re going to see a guest!”

When Luo Fei saw this, he threw himself onto the bed and covered himself with the quilt, there was no way he was leaving the room .

Upon seeing this, the two strong men looked at each other . They then stepped forwards and picked up the boy in the quilt and carried him out .

Ahhhhh! Let go! Let go of this Lord! You dare bring this Lord to see a guest and I will skin you alive!

Luo Fei struggled and yelled, his mouth was wide open but there was no sound .

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