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Chapter 1044: 1044

Chapter 1044: Peace Of Mind

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“Watch your tone . Is that the attitude a student should use when speaking to his teacher? You are getting more and more impudent!” Master Luo hollered in a deep voice, his somber expression was majestic as he stared at an angry Luo Fei .

“Father, we have been searching for him outside for over two hours, and he had actually come back to the house by himself . ” Luo Fei said angrily as he stared fiercely at Feng Jiu, his fake good-naturedness earlier had completely disappeared .

Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming stepped forwards and bowed: “Greetings Master Luo, Madam Luo . ”

At this point, Master Luo and Madam Luo’s gaze shifted to the three of them . When they saw Duan Ye and the rest, they smiled and nodded, then said: “Sit down, come sit down and have a rest!”

The three of them responded and sat down at one side . As soon as they had sat down, their eyes turned to look at Feng Jiu who was sitting in front of them stroking Cloud Devouring’s fur playfully .

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When they were unable to find him, they wondered if he had already come to the Luo Residence . However, even though they had guessed that was what happened, they didn’t inform Luo Fei, and found a place to sit down and drink a cup of tea instead . They watched on as Luo Fei searched the whole city over the next two hours, then returned to the Luo Residence with him .

Based on Feng Jiu’s character, he was unlikely to be at a disadvantage . Luo Fei wanted to make a fool out of him but in the end he would be the one who ended up looking like a fool .

“How may we address the three of you? Are you all students from the Two Star Academy?” Madam Luo asked with a smile as her gentle gaze fell on the three of them .

“Like Luo Fei, we don’t like to stay at the academy, so we have been home helping out . ” As soon as Ning Lang had said that, his foot was stepped on and he drew a breath in slightly . He saw Song Ming frowning at him and he turned to smile at Master and Madam Luo .

“Hahaha, it’s actually quite good staying home . My father and mother dote on me a lot . My father is called Ning Yuan . He is the richest man in Indigo Country . My name is Ning Lang . ”

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“Ah, so it is Indigo Country Master’s son . ”

Master Luo smiled, his eyes filled with admiration: “I have heard that Young Master Ning has been helping Master Ning earn money from a young age and often comes up with more ideas to make money, and that he’s a natural at earning money . Today I have the opportunity to meet Young Master Ning, exuding wealth and prosperity . I am envious of Master Ning having such a capable son . ”

Ning Lang was a little embarrassed at the high praise, and looked a little uncomfortable . He scratched his head and said with a grin: “Master Luo, you’re too kind . ”

“I am Song Ming, this is Duan Ye . We are all students from the Two Star Academy . We have followed our teacher to come out and practise our skills . ” Song Ming introduced them with a smile . He looked at an angry Luo Fei and smiled: “The few of us have been on this journey for a while now, we are just short of Luo Fei . ”

Master Luo’s eyes narrowed as he smiled: “With the few of you as his companions and Teacher Feng as your teacher, I am more than happy to let my son leave with you . However, this boy is a difficult person . I am afraid Teacher Feng, he will cause you trouble . ” He looked at Feng Jiu .

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Feng Jiu smiled lightly and said: “Master Luo you can rest assured that my specialty is to teach these difficult students . ”

“Hahaha, okay . Then I shall leave my son in your care . Thank you teacher for your trouble . ”

He chuckled and looked at his son: “Fei’er, why are you just standing there? Hurry up and pay your respects to your teacher and ask for his tutelage . ”

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