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Published at 11th of April 2020 04:45:06 AM
Chapter 1038: 1038

Chapter 1038: Waiting for them

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At this time, they weren’t aware that Luo Fei, who was the smartest, had received the news for a long time . He knew that the two star academy had sent a teacher to teach them four troublemakers . Moreover, when he got the news, he sent someone to inquire about it . When he learned that Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming had been taken away, he already had an idea .

“What teacher? A student from a six star academy wants to be my teacher? Only those three idiots will be fooled . I don’t think they even know that the guy called Feng Jiu is a student from a six star academy? ”

He sat in front of the desk with his fingers tapping the table lightly, making a knocking sound . His eyeballs were rolling, thinking up already about a way to welcome this teacher .

“Young Master . ” The guard’s voice was heard .

“Come in . ” Luo Fei called out, looking at the incoming guard . “What’s the matter?”

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“Those people have already advanced towards our city and we expect them to enter the city in the evening . Please tell me what to do next . ” The guard said respectfully .

Luo Fei paused for a second and gave him an order . “Send someone to wait at a place one hundred metres outside the city gate . When you see them, you will come back to report . This Young Master will bring people to pick them up . ”

The guard stared blankly, looking up at him . He saw Luo Fei smiling like a fox . He immediately bowed his head . “Yes . ” Then, he left quickly .

After the guard left, Luo Fei walked in the room . After some thoughts, he went out and asked, “Where’s my father?”

“Master and Madam are playing chess in the courtyard . ” The young attendant outside replied .

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“Playing chess?” He stroked his chin and shifted his eyes, then stepped outside .

When he arrived at his parents’ courtyard, he saw them drinking tea and playing chess under the trees . He trotted forward with a smile . “Father, Mother, so, you are here!”

“Fei’er? What are you looking for us for? ” Asked the beautiful woman, gazing at her son fondly . The couple only had one child . They loved him when he was still small, but because they overindulged him that the child really gave them a headache when he grew up .

The middle-aged man looked up from the chessboard, glanced at his son, then looked back at the chessboard . “This must not be good news . Speak! Have you been in any trouble outside again? Do you want your old man to resolve it for you? ”

“Father, I, your son, am not a nuisance . How can I stir trouble all day?”

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He came forward with a pure and harmless smile and affectionately holding his mother’s hand . “Mother, I come to you to tell you . Anyway, you are idle at home, knowing nothing about soaking in the hot spring! I told someone to go down to the Yu Ming villa . Why don’t you stay there for ten days to half a month and then come back? What about you going there to relax?”

“Oh? Is this to drive your parents out? ” Luo’s family head snorted and his face turned gloomy . Looking at the son held by his wife, he asked, “What do you want to do to send us out?”

Madam Luo also patted her son’s hand and touched his forehead lightly . With a smile, she asked, “Fei’er, what do you want to do? If you don’t make it clear to your parents, we won’t do what you want . ”

Hearing this, Luo Fei smiled and scratched his head, looking both bashful and coy . “Actually, it’s nothing . I have some friends coming, so I want to entertain them myself . If Father and Mother are here, I think they would feel restrained at home and won’t play freely . So…”

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