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Published at 11th of April 2020 04:45:06 AM
Chapter 1037: 1037

Chapter 1037: The crafty Luo Fei

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When he was aware of their gazes, he smiled sheepishly and waved his hand repeatedly . “No, no . I’m just telling you about it . Don’t worry, I won’t go there . ”

“There is an inn in front, let’s go and have a rest first!” Duan Ye pointed to an inn in front of them .

“Mm . ” Feng Jiu agreed, then turned to Song Ming . “Don’t cause trouble again . We’ve been here long enough . ”

“I got it, I know . ” Song Ming responded, rubbing his head, and followed them sheepishly to the inn .

They rested all night until the next morning . Several of them got up to eat some light breakfast on the first floor . When they heard some guests in the inn talking about the burning mountain, they looked at each other and ate quietly .

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“That place belongs to an evil sect . I heard they had caught many people in the past and even the nearby town forces had no way to fight them . I heard there are three Nascent Soul old monsters guarding there . Each cultivator is equipped with charms so that those with willpower and good people won’t be able to walk out . ”

“Yes, I’ve also heard about it . It’s said that it’s a branch of the Silk Tree Sect . Some forces saw that the evil sect was guarded by three powerful Nascent Soul cultivators, thus kept to themselves without interfering . This time, I don’t know who it was, but they cleaned the Silk Tree Sect until there’s none left overnight . ”

“Yes! It’s really intense! The sea of flames has lit the mountain since last night till now . Many people went over, drawn by the inferno . It is said that everything in it has turned to ashes . ”

“It’s getting rid of evil for the benefit of common people . I don’t know which heroes did this exceptional thing, doing good things that no one else can do . ”

“I don’t know . Those who have been rescued are probably still in shock . Let’s wait for a few days . They will naturally tell us what happened at the time . ”

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“Mm, it’s also true . It must be the work of the righteous and powerful . ”

“That’s for sure . ”

Listening to them, apart from Feng Jiu, the other three were secretly rejoicing . They were happy inwardly, but it was invisible in their expression . Only, they were eating with their lip corners curved up, revealing their cheerful mood .

Feng Jiu looked at them with a smile and ate her breakfast quietly . She was indifferent to such things and didn’t think much of it . But, they were in their teens . It was probably the first time they had done this kind of thing . It’s inevitable that they were happy to be praised like this for the first time .

“Feng Jiu, do you have Luo Fei’s information? That guy’s crafty . How are you going to take him away? ” Duan Ye asked, looking at the person sitting opposite him .

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“Mm . I’ve read the information about all four of you . ” She said, glancing at the three of them . “All of you are trouble-makers . ”

“We can take that as a compliment . ” The three of them grinned . They felt both familiar and at ease with each other .

She put down her chopsticks, wiped the corners of her mouth, and said leisurely . “It’s a good thing to be cheeky . That, a competent person can’t do . Alright, eat quickly! After eating, we will leave and arrive at Luo’s home before evening . ”

Hearing this, the three of them looked at each other . They were looking forward to seeing what kind of method she would use to take Luo Fei away . They knew that Luo Fei had the reputation of being crafty . His heart was likened to a lotus seed head, having many minds . He’s cunning as a fox, couldn’t easily be abducted and sold by others .

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