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Chapter 1036: 1036


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A miserable shriek ripped the sky and reached the clouds as it rang throughout the heavens…

A burst of red splashed out in the air . Blood rained down the sky like ink being poured out . With the death of the last evil Nascent Soul cultivator, the stream of air and mighty pressure was also dispersed . Everything returned to a calm .

Mid-air, the red figure stood against the wind with the Qingfeng sword in her hand . Her clothes were fluttering and her jet black hair flying with some devilish aura . Her imposing and majestic aura was fully revealed .

Feng Jiu gazed down and her sight fell on the three men . She then put the Red Armillary Sash and the Qingfeng sword away and appeared before them .

“Feng Jiu! You are amazing!” Ning Lang looked with admiration . It was clear that she was the same age as them, but her fighting power was so strong . She was really much stronger than him .

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“Of course . Don’t you see who I am?” She imitated his previous posture and lifted her chin with a triumphant air .

“Hahahaha, of course, I know who you are . You’re Feng Jiu, the Ghost Doctor . But, outside, people only spread your skills in potions and medicinal pills . They don’t know that you can also fight!” Ning Lang laughed . On the chubby face, a pair of eyes narrowed into a line . He seemed to think of something and patted his thigh with a loud cry .

“Ah! I have to harvest their valuables! Find out if there is a treasure trove in it! ” As soon as he said this, he started running quickly .

Feng Jiu shook her head and smiled . She looked up at Song Ming, “Have you brought those people out?”

“Mm, don’t worry . I took them to that little path and sent them back safely . They were all from the vicinity . Once they’re out, they can go home . ” Song Ming grinned, showing a happy smile .

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It’s the first time he’d done such a big thing like killing an evil sect . It’s really exciting to think about it .

“You’re not hurt, are you?” Feng Jiu’s eyes hovered at the two men . She saw that they had no major injuries except for some small wounds, so she was relieved .

“None . These small injuries don’t pose any problems at all . ” They answered .

“Alright . The fire starts smouldering inside . First, plunder all the valuables clean and then set this mountain base on fire . ”

While speaking, she joined them in searching through the evil cultivators’ cosmos sacks, ransacked the valuables on their bodies, as well as draining the sect’s storehouse .

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In the evening, when several of them walked out of the mountain, the Flaming Lion had already returned to Duan Ye’s space and the Cloud Devouring Beast had shrunk to its mini pet shape . The mountain behind was ablaze, contrasting with the evening glow, like a hot cloud of volcanic ash, burning at the end of the horizon .

They found a place to change their blood-stained clothes . Then, before it was quite dark, they hurried to the nearest town…

It was not until four hours later, when the sky had darkened, that the four of them reached the nearby town .

Several of them were walking along the street, looking around . Feng Jiu was looking at the roadside stalls for some local snacks . Duan Ye was looking at which inn was better, Ning Lang was at the businesses here, and Song Ming was looking at the red light district with surprise .

“It’s not a big town, but it seems that there are a lot of them!”

Hearing this, the three people took a look at him and followed his gaze to see that brothel . Their faces turned gloomy .

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