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Published at 8th of April 2020 05:00:19 AM
Chapter 1032: 1032

Chapter 1032: Let’s run away

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The indignant voice carried a fierce killing intent reverberated through the air . Driven by anger, the Nascent Soul cultivator’s voice boomed like thunder, jolting the airflow in the sky and causing fluctuations in the air .

While being pulled away to escape, Duan Ye looked back and saw that his Flame Lion was still surrounded by the flame on all sides . He yelled hurriedly, “Flame Lion, run away!”

The two Nascent Soul cultivators were on their tails, one was chasing the Flame Lion while the other was chasing Duan Ye and Ning Lang . Hearing Duan Ye’s shout, she snorted coldly . “Take care of yourself! Don’t worry . When you die, your contract beast will follow behind!”

Seeing the Nascent Soul cultivator speed up and closing the gap between them, it seemed that she was going to reach them in the blink of an eye . Duan Ye gritted his teeth . “Ning Lang, let go of me, I’ll fight it out with this old witch!”

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“What do you mean by ‘you’ll fight it out’? That old witch is a Nascent Soul old monster! You and I are just Foundation Building cultivators . Even ten of us joined together, we still are not the opponents of that old witch . Run, don’t dilly-dally . ”

Ning Lang, the little fatty’s running speed wasn’t slow . He wiped his sweat as he ran . His face was filled with tension and his heart was haunted with fear, he didn’t dare to slacken his pace . He ran while pulling Duan Ye with the old witch hot in pursuit .

He looked back and remarked while panting heavily . “Luckily…luckily I didn’t learn anything else but this escaping skill . Duan Ye, you, you should thank me . Otherwise, you would have been caught by that old witch already . When you get back to your house, you should remember to send some gifts to my house . It’d better be valuable things . Otherwise, gold coins are okay too . So that my efforts to pull you away are not in vain . Huff, I’m dead tired…”

Duan Ye also realized that his escaping speed was not slow at all, as if their feet were well-oiled . He ran at a speed no slower than his, but this was not the way to go .

“The old witch is catching up . Ning Lang, please let me go, or both of us will die . ”

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“What do you mean by letting go? Am I such an ungrateful person? ” He looked back and scolded, but when he saw the old witch was five metres away, he cried out in alarm . “Ah! The old witch is catching up! ”

“Shut up, you damn fatty!”

When she heard the two people calling her old witch, the evil Nascent Soul cultivator’s face reddened with anger . She looked at two people in front viciously while her palm condensed a powerful airflow and suddenly struck out at them .

“Shut up forever for me!”

The two men looked back in shock . They wanted to evade it but due to inertia, they weren’t able to change direction . When they saw that the powerful airflow was about to hit them, their hearts sank, knowing that they couldn’t dodge it . They gritted their teeth, preparing themselves to block the blow .

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But just then, there was a loud roar . As soon as they looked, they could only make out a white figure slamming against them . Because of the disrupted airflow, the two men rolled nearly ten metres away . They got up quickly and saw that the figure was Feng Jiu’s Cloud Devouring Beast .


The majestic Cloud Devouring Beast had now transformed to its original magnificent body . Its mighty pressure and imposing figure was revealed and it looked lofty like a tiger with the semblance of a lion . It stood there majestically, in an arrogant and overbearing manner, protecting Duan Ye and Ning Lang .

“Cloud Devouring Beast!”

The two called out excitedly with an unconcealed surprise and delight .

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