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Published at 8th of April 2020 05:00:19 AM
Chapter 1031: 1031

Chapter 1031: Tear you into pieces

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Just as they retreated, the sword came attacking again . They saw a flash of green light in front of them and the sword intent burst out . They were injured by the sword intent and felt a chilling cold penetrate into their marrow and their whole body started to hurt .

“Hiss! This damn Feng Jiu!”

Under Feng Jiu’s ancient pressure, the three women couldn’t even get close to her . After a few moves, they were hurt by her sword intent . While the three felt humiliated and bitter, they saw that the mountaintop had been lit aflame . Seeing the flames started to spread widely, their killing intent rose .

“You’re destroying all our efforts! I’ll kill you! ”

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The Nascent Soul mid-stage cultivator’s body burst out with the mighty power without holding anything back . A red-blood sword materialized in her hand and the very next moment, she swept forward . She condensed the spirit energy on her sword and struck at Feng Jiu with the power that could crush heaven and earth .

The Nascent Soul mid-stage cultivator’s pressure burst out and her strength soared . Suddenly, an airstream cascaded like a waterfall and contended against Feng Jiu’s pressure . Sandstorm and smoke suddenly swirled up from the ground . The airstream from the pressure whizzed, taking the shape of a violent wave and turned into two dragons fighting in the sky .

The red robed Feng Jiu and the scantily clad Nascent Soul cultivator fought from the ground to mid-air . The mighty pressure started to spread from the air to more than a hundred metres away . The crowd fighting at the foot of the mountain were also crushed under the pressure as their blood bubbled furiously inside their body . They retreated rapidly as they were unable to fight any more .

In the heat of battle, the Silk Tree Sect’s disciples who inhaled the smoke seemed to have lost their strength . They were unable to fight and collapsed on the ground helplessly .

When they saw this, Duan Ye and Ning Lang joined hands . They took those people’s lives while the drug took effect .

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Halfway up the mountain, the two Nascent Soul early-stage saw the mid-air battle as well as the scene below . They could only gasp fearfully .

“How, how did this happen?”

They had just established the sect for a short period and had spent a lot of effort to train their disciples . All they had worked hard for had been destroyed at this very moment .

“Damn you all!”

The two Nascent Soul cultivators roared out with rage . If they couldn’t take part in the mid-air battle, they would kill the two at the foot of the mountain first! Their killing intent surged to the sky, their hearts started stirring . The two figures swept toward Duan Ye and Ning Lang who were at the foot of the mountain .

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Ning Lang was following Duan Ye harvesting the lives of the evil cultivators . Their education and training as heir to influential families were different from those of ordinary people . It was not their first time killing and they would not hesitate to slay those evil cultivators .

However, at this moment, they suddenly felt a chill behind their back . Their survival instinct made them feel the crisis of death and looked back quickly . The sight made Ning Lang scream in fright .

“Ah! It’s bad! Duan Ye, run quickly . The two old witches are coming!”

Without caring to take the lives of those evil cultivators on the ground, Ning Lang pulled Duan Ye away in a panic and ran away . The two of them couldn’t beat the two Nascent Soul old witches . If they didn’t run, only death would await them .

Duan Ye looked back, seeing the two Nascent Soul old witches swept down from half-way up the mountains . Their eyes were filled with chilling glint and carried a suffocating murderous pressure . Before he could react, he was pulled by Ning Lang to escape . The speed nearly threw him to the ground .

“You can’t escape! Destroying my mountain and killing my disciples, hmph! I will surely tear you into pieces! “

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