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Published at 2nd of April 2020 08:38:00 AM
Chapter 1019: 1019
Chapter 1019: Virgin
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When he saw her exposed body, shouldn’t he shift his eyes away from her? Why, why was he staring at her exposed body?

She only saw the young boy in red in front of her staring at her exposed body with a look of appreciation and admiration in his eyes . The unwavering stare made her uncomfortable . She was just about to pull her corset back up when she thought about the young boy in front of her again, and glanced at Feng Jiu with a shy expression .

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“Master Feng…”


Feng Jiu coughed lightly and turned her eyes away pretending to have not seen anything at all . At a quick glance, you could tell that this woman’s figure was better than the average .

Her skin was white and supple and without touching, it was obvious that it would be very smooth . Her waist was thin and soft, even slimmer than a water snake . And that chest……

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If it were a man who had just seen this, even if he didn’t burst into flames, he would also have had a nosebleed . This woman was endowed with such a body, if she had wanted to entice a man she would no doubt succeed without much effort . She couldn’t help but wonder if it had been the philandering Song Ming instead, would he have leapt forwards?

“You better put on your clothes! I will wait for you up ahead . ” After speaking, she walked forwards without waiting for the woman to respond . Upon seeing that, the woman froze in shock, nearing biting off a silver tooth .

“Unpassionate fool . ” She muttered under her breath . She had already removed all her clothes and he just walked off in the other direction . She was absolutely infuriated .

She adjusted her clothes and calmed down before she started walking ahead to join him .

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Further up ahead, Song Ming under the guise of looking after her, was taking advantage of the situation . Plus after the woman had woken up, her intentional or unintentional agitation let Song Ming take it a step further .

Even so, he also only took advantage of what was at hand, filling his eyes with the sight of her . When the woman had woken up, she remained in his embrace, her arms wrapped around his waist, promising herself shyly to him . At the same time, she undid his belt, Song Ming was startled and pushed her to the ground then walked out of the tent .

“Ah, scared me to death!”

After he stepped out of the tent, he exhaled softly and patted his chest . He looked back and when he saw that the woman hadn’t followed him, his breathing calmed down . Although he was a bit of a philanderer, he only liked to take a little bit of advantage on what’s on hand, he wasn’t interested in more .

In addition to his rebellious behaviour, he had wanted to do more discreditable things on the outside to smear his father’s reputation, that’s where his philandering ways had come from . So when he saw a beautiful woman, he would take slight advantage of her, but other than that, he hadn’t done anything more . After all, deep down in his heart, he knew what could be done and what shouldn’t be done .

However, no one would believe that the young and handsome philandering eldest young master of the Song family who regularly visited brothels was actually a virgin .

It was too humiliating to say it . It was fine just him knowing about it, but he couldn’t tell others about it .

When the old woman saw him leave the tent, she couldn’t help but shift her eyes to him . She stepped forwards and asked: “Master Song, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, I was just feeling a little warm and have come out for some fresh air . ” Song Ming waved his hand and smiled at her . He saw Ning Lang and Duan Ye coming back from a distance and walked over to them .

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