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Published at 1st of April 2020 05:03:57 PM
Chapter 1014

There were a few men in black chasing after two fine young women . The two women were protected by a few guards and an old woman . Even so, they suffered quite a lot of injuries and their clothes were torn by the branches on the ground while running away . Their pale skin could be seen through their torn clothes .

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Upon seeing the exposed skin of the two women, there was a gleam of light in Song Ming’s eyes, but he said with a straight face to Duan Ye: “We’ve come across someone in trouble, should we help them out?”

Duan Ye glanced at him and replied with indifference: “I don’t even know them, I’m not going to bother saving them . ”

Having said that, he turned on his heels to walk away when Ning Lang grabbed his hand: “Don’t go! What if they are two helpless women, how can we call ourselves men if we don’t help them? Come, come come . ”

Before Duan Ye could respond, he was dragged forwards and he heard him shout out: “Let go of the two women!”

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It seemed that the guards had abandoned the two women and the old woman seeing that they were unable to fend off the men in black and were wounded by them instead . Just as the men in black had captured the two men, Song Ming jumped out pulling Ning Lang along .

Duan Ye with his somber baby-face was dragged into a fight he didn’t want to get involved in . However, when he saw the men in black charge towards them with their swords, he glanced at Ning Lang and with reluctance, he drew his sword to attack the men in black .

The few men in black were Foundation stage cultivators, if it were one against one, Duan Ye was not afraid . However, he was a little overwhelmed as there were a few of them attacking them at the same time . He had let his guard down slightly and was wounded .

He backed away in embarrassment and looked around for Song Ming . He was so angered by what he saw that he nearly vomited blood .

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“Ladies, are you okay? Don’t worry, those men won’t be able to hurt you with me around . Oh look, your hand is bleeding . ”

Song Ming held on to one of the women as he talked about her wounds, but his gaze was on her chest .

“Thank you mister for coming to our rescue . ” The voice of the women he held onto was soft and gentle and timid . Her beautiful face was pale with shock and there were tears in her eyes . It made one feel pitiful for her .

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, nothing will happen with me around . ” He patted the woman’s back lightly and held her in his arms, taking advantage of the opportunity .

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The woman was either shy or scared as she didn’t pull away from his embrace . Even the other woman didn’t seem bothered by what she saw, and the old woman looked at Song Ming gratefully .

“Song Ming you pervert! Come over and help me!”

A furious Duan Ye shouted angrily at him as he swung away a sword from one of the Foundation cultivators and stepped back to avoid the next blow . His voice full of anger was so loud that Feng Jiu and Ning Lang in their tents on the other side of the mountain road could hear him .

“Don’t you worry, I will go and help him . Nothing will happen . As long as I am around, I won’t let anything happen to you . ”

He seemed to have transformed into another person after meeting the beautiful women . He only had those two women in his eyes, even his voice had become tender and affectionate . Duan Ye was so angry he could die .

“Song! Ming!”

“I’m coming!”

Song Ming responded eagerly . After he had appeased the two women, he drew his sword from his waist and put on a chic swordsman look as he attacked the men in black .

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