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Published at 25th of March 2020 03:10:07 PM
Chapter 1003: 1003

Chapter 1003: Offended Who?

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“The evidence is all here, what more is there to investigate?”

Ancestor Liu snorted heavily: “Don’t think about protecting this woman . We can spare her two sons because her sons have your Song family blood running through their veins . But if this woman doesn’t die today, us Lius will not let it go!”

“No, where did this evidence come from? Is it reliable? Why did this evidence appear now? Haven’t we investigated in the past?”

Master Song asked with doubt in his heart . If Bai Lian was still the delicate beauty that would tug at a man’s pity and affection, on top of the years of feelings, he wouldn’t just let her suffer and hide helplessly .

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But now, she was white haired and old with wrinkles on her face, not a hint of beauty in sight but just an old woman . Even though there were some feelings in his heart and he felt a little affection, at this point in time when he looked at this old woman, he didn’t feel any pity .

He was however puzzled . Where did the Liu family get the evidence from? The evidence record was so precise that even he was shocked . Everything that she had done was recorded and not left out . Amongst them, some he knew about and some he didn’t .

But where did the evidence come from? Who had given the evidence to the Liu family and chose to do it at this time?

“Where could it have come from? It must be you, woman, who has offended someone . Otherwise how could it be that evidence that our two families could not find but has been recorded so precisely by someone else?” Ancestor Liu said as he stared at the startled woman . The more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed .

When Ancestor Liu had said his thoughts out loud, everyone from the Song family also had the same thought . Whether the evidence was fake, they would be able to tell just by looking at it . Those events and matters were investigated by the Liu family and Song family but to no avail, so why had it landed so easily into someone else’s hands?

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Bai Lian must have offended someone, otherwise the person wouldn’t have exposed everything she had ever done . Moreover, the evidence hadn’t been sent to the Song Residence, but the Liu Residence as once the Liu family found out about all this, they wouldn’t have allowed Bai Lian to live .

Everyone present wasn’t a fool . It didn’t take long for everyone to come to this conclusion, and when they did, they were shocked .

Who was that person to have such a great ability? The consequences would be terrible to make an enemy out of such a person…

“No, no, I didn’t, I didn’t… . . ”

Bai Lian shook her head and cried . She seemed to have thought of something suddenly and was startled, she couldn’t finish speaking as her body shook uncontrollably and her eyes widened in disbelief .

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Was it those three people? Those three young boys? She had done many things over the years, but only within the family and never outside of the family . She had rarely made enemies on the outside . However, after her son had lamented to her yesterday, she had sent men to deal with the three of them, to poison them so that they would die without a trace .

When she had awoken this morning, she was flustered at her overnight aging and wasn’t able to think calmly . Only now that she was confronted by the Liu family with the evidence did she realise that the two Golden Core cultivators she had sent to kill the three boys last night hadn’t returned…

“No, no, how could it be, how could it be… . . ”

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