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Published at 25th of March 2020 03:10:07 PM
Chapter 1001: 1001

Chapter 1001: Vixen

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The Western Courtyard in the Song Residence was currently in chaos .

Song Ming had rushed into the Second Madam’s Western Courtyard with a longsword in his hand . However, before he could get near, he was stopped by his half brother, by the same father but different mother . He had never liked his half brother much because his existence reminded him that his father had betrayed his mother .

“Come out! Bai Lian! Come out!” Song Ming pushed him aside and snarled: “Number Three, you better step aside . Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Elder brother, what is wrong with you?” He was not Song Ming’s opponent and was pushed aside by him easily . He felt that even though he didn’t like him or treated him as his brother he still wouldn’t kill him as their father’s blood flowed through the both of them .

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However, he had underestimated the fierceness in Song Ming’s rage . When Song Ming opened the door and strode inside, he saw his brother leap towards him again . He threw his sword and aimed it at him and shouted: “Bai Lian! If you don’t come out I will kill your son!”

“Ssss! Elder brother!”

The sharp blade flitted across his arm and blood flowed out . He sucked in a cold breath in pain as he couldn’t believe it .

The faint smell of blood permeated through the air . Not only the Third Young Master was in shock, but the surrounding guards were also stunned at what had just happened . They didn’t think that Eldest Young Master would really hurt the Third Young Master, but Eldest Young Master’s sword actually went directly towards the Third Young Master!

Perhaps it was the threatening words from Song Ming, or maybe it was the cries of pain from her son that brought Second Madam running out from inside . However, when she appeared, everyone couldn’t help but take a breath .

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“This is Second Madam?”

“Yes, yes, Master got a shock when he woke up this morning . He called the doctor to the residence to check on Second Madam . The doctor said that Second Madam had an aging disease and it happened overnight . ”

“It’s unbelievable! Second Madam is so beautiful and overnight she has turned into an old woman? Is it a disease? Or poison? Can she be cured?”

“It is said to be a disease as the doctor didn’t detect any poison in Second Madam’s body . It’s difficult to say whether she can be cured . ”

Song Ming was also startled by the old woman who ran out . He glared angrily at the person in front of him, dressed in an elegant dress but had white hair and wrinkles like a hundred years old . It was impossible to comprehend .

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If he hadn’t heard the whispers of discussion between the guards, he wouldn’t have believed that the person in front of him was actually Bai Lian .

“Bai Lian, you evil woman, you poisoned my mother, now the heavens are giving you your retribution! Hahahaha! Overnight you have become this ghostly looking person . Bai Lian, you think the old man will still want you when you look like an old hag? Hahahaha… . ”

Song Ming shook his head as he laughed, his voice fierce and full of gloating as he pointed the sword in his hand at her: “From the moment you came into the family I couldn’t stand you, you’re a vixen who only knows how to seduce men and you dare dream of being the mistress of our Song family? Hmph! As long as I, Song Ming is around, you will never get the opportunity!”

When he heard those words, Third Young Master was dumbfounded . Ignoring his injured hand, he looked at Song Ming in shock: “Big, big brother, what are you saying? What do you mean my mother poisoned your mother? How can that be?”

At this point, after Second Madam heard what Song Ming said, her whole body turned cold from her heart to the outside, and her body started to tremble from the cold… .

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