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Chapter 524: 524
Chapter 524 Solutions Are More Numerous Than Difficulties

Lan Mengdie sighed sadly . Although she couldn’t announce her departure resolutely like Pan Xiangyun, she still turned around and could not bear to see this .

But after being together day and night, she really regarded them as her true friends, which made it difficult for her to see them degrade to such a miserable extent with her own eyes .


The sudden screeching of breaks had made everybody numb at this time . They just habitually looked at the person who was coming, thinking to themselves that there were already lots of people here, so who was it this time?

Even Gong Qiang looked back automatically and scolded in secret . “It’s just a few people, and I could defeat these guys all by myself, so why did so many people have to be dragged in?”

But when everyone saw the girl in cheongsam coming out from the car, the crowd fell into a dead silence . And then, the silent crowd began to gossip . The whispers became louder and louder… It ended up into thunderous cheers .

“Jiang Yimeng, it’s Jiang Yimeng . ”

“Oh my god, it’s really Jiang Yimeng . When I heard that the program invited Jiang Yimeng to be a judge in the semis, I didn’t think it was true . ”

“Gosh, this season of Campus-star Competition is really grand . They actually invited Jiang Yimeng to be the judge . ”

“Oh, my goddess! I love you Jiang Yimeng!”

“Jiang Yimeng, Jiang Yimeng!”

“My goddess, I love you, Jiang Yimeng!”

Jiang Yimeng smiled and waved to the cheering crowd while being escorted by the staff .

However, she blamed her assistant in a low voice . “Didn’t I enjoin you to keep this schedule a secret? How could so many people be waiting here?”

The assistant was also innocent . “I don’t know either . Your schedule is definitely confidential . How could these guys get the schedule and wait here in advance?”

Sister Lan, Jiang Yimeng’s agent, seemed to realize that something was wrong . She said pensively, “It seems that we just ran into these people by chance . There are no journalists at all, and these people don’t seem like your fans . ”

“So what’s going on? Someone needs to go and inquire . ”

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Jiang Yimeng frowned and ordered, with a professional smile on her face .

“Got it!”

The driver quickly blended into the crowd and asked someone about the situation .

When Jiang Yimeng neared the entrance of the hotel, the driver had clearly understood . He immediately came over and quickly whispered in her ear the basic situation .

Jiang Yimeng’s mouth opened wider and wider as the driver explained . She said with an incredulous face, “You mean that two of the three promising candidates have quit the competition because of a man?”

“Yes, that’s what they said . ”

The driver responded firmly .

“Nonsense, these girls are up to mischief . If you wanted to stay in showbiz, your dignity would mean nothing . But these entertainment companies such as Tian Hai went too far . How dare they let some slackers riot? Don’t they still have a sense of shame?”

Jiang Yimeng spoke discontentedly . She had learned about those three promising groups in advance . She personally expected the Huan-Le Combo to win, and she thought that Pan Xiangyun was full of spiritual nature . Their quitting would also overshadow her being a judge .

“It’s not just about us, Yimeng . Don’t be nosy . The program will find a way to straighten it out . ”

Sister Lan saw Boss Zhou far off in the crowd, and there was a glimpse of pleasure in her eyes . They were both golden agents, so the infighting and the enmity between them had lasted for more than one or two days . The withdrawal of the two groups would severely decline Zhou Fang’s reputation . Sister Lan would be delighted by such a result .

Jiang Yimeng suddenly trembled . She stopped and stared in a certain direction in astonishment . The doubt in her heart was gone suddenly . It was him . It was not surprising . There was no one else except him who had such charms that could make two groups quit the competition for him .

“Yimeng, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that Jiang Yimeng suddenly had stopped, Sister Lan’s heart sank immediately . She thought that Jiang Yimeng would be nosy .

“I see an acquaintance . I’ll go over and say hello . ”

The corners of her mouth were significantly raised up . She ignored Sister Lan’s intervention and quickly walked to Ding Ning .

Ding Ning was taking in the grand scene of the appearance of a celebrity, then he caught a glimpse of Ye Huan, her sister, and Pan Xiangyun’s envy, which showed in their eyes .

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He couldn’t help questioning himself . “Was it right to do so?”

Although Ye Huan and her sister and Pan Xiangyun resolutely announced their departure for his so-called dignity, it was undeniable that they were still eager to become celebrities in their hearts . Otherwise, they would not have rehearsed painstakingly to take on this competition in the beginning .

His enforced intervention was like changing their lives and fates . They didn’t express their grudges, but weren’t there any ill feelings in their hearts? Would they begrudge him when they recalled these days so many years in the future?

He couldn’t burden other people’s lives . Ding Ning suddenly felt upset . He didn’t know whether this kind of result would be good for them .

“Childe Ding, what a coincidence . We meet again!”

A soft and tender voice interrupted his thoughts . Seeing Jiang Yimeng smiling at him, Ding Ning smiled lightly and reached out to her hand . “Yeah, men may meet, but mountains never, right?”

“Childe Ding, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Yimeng pretended to be innocent and answered with a blink .

Ding Ning inwardly thought, “Stop pretending, you really believe that your inquires were so traceless?”

Thinking of her scheming ideas, Ding Ning suddenly didn’t want to talk to her . He said lightly, “Nothing . ”

Jiang Yimeng tensed up, realizing that she had done too much . She wanted to grant him a favor, but she ended up using tricks habitually .

When Jiang Yimeng saw that Ding Ning didn’t answer, her eyes flashed and looked at Ye Huan and her sister with a smile . “You must be the Huan-Le Combo if I’m not mistaken . ”

Ye Huan’s eyes flashed, but her sheepish character made her smile shyly . On the contrary, Ye Le didn’t hide any of her worship and admiration for Jiang Yimeng, and she said excitedly, “Yes, Sister Yimeng, I really like you . ”

Jiang Yimeng smiled lightly, covering her mouth . Her beautiful eyes sparkled like waves and she said, “I’m looking forward to your future growth . Cheer up!”

The faces of Ye Huan and her sister became gloomy immediately . Ye Le spoke her mind freely . “Sister Yimeng, thanks for your compliment . But we have already quit the competition . ”

“Huh? Why?”

Jiang Yimeng showed her astonished face at the appropriate time . Even Ding Ning had to praise her acting skill .

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This woman really had some scheming means . She returned to the previous subject within just two sentences .

Ye Huan and her sister looked at Ding Ning hesitantly . When they were wondering if they should tell the truth, Jiang Yimeng’s eyes flashed and she said with a smile, “You are Pan Xiangyun, Right? You have quite good strength . You and the Huan-Le Combo are both big favorites to be the winner . ”

Although Pan Xiangyun was proud and aloof, she still couldn’t help being flustered excitedly in the face of a compliment from an idolized icon like Jiang Yimeng . She bowed deeply . “Sister Yimeng, thanks for your praise . ”

“You are all my most promising groups, why did you quit the competition? That would make countless fans disappointed . ”

Jiang Yimeng turned around and returned to the previous subject again . That made Ding Ning unable to figure out what this woman was thinking exactly .

Seeing Gong Qiang’s embarrassed face, Childe Lu, Zhu Xiang, and others became as gloomy as a dark pool .

Damn, things were becoming trouble . They would not have wasted their time by showing off and talking too much if they had known it before . No matter what happened, they should directly punish Ding Ning first .

They could not figure out how Jiang Yimeng knew this guy, and they seemed to be very familiar with each other .

Although they were dismissive of Jiang Yimeng, and they also saw some celebrities who were more famous than her, she was still an influential public figure .

If violence happened right in front of her, her hundreds of thousands of fans would start a public opinion wave as long as she commented about it on Weibo . At that time, they feared that they would not come to a good end .

Childe Lu winked at Boss Fan secretly, motioning for him to find a way to divert Jiang Yimeng, so she wouldn’t get in the way .

Boss Fan inwardly complained about it . Indeed, he was in Tianhai Entertainment, but Jiang Yimeng was the judge invited by the program, and she belonged to Tiangong Entertainment . As she was not his subordinate, what could he do?

But being the childe of his major shareholder, he had to do this if there was no trouble, and he had to do this after overcoming troubles if they existed . After all, solutions are more numerous than difficulties .

And it was not just his concern . It was engendered by all the three entertainment companies, so no one could ever keep out of the business .

Thinking of that, Boss Fan immediately got an idea . He murmured to Star Art’s Boss Zhou and Meteorite’s Boss Zhang .

There was only one basic idea . That figure had spotted four beauties . Now three had quit and only one was left, who could bear his rage?

So everyone needed to band together to coax those three beauties back . But how? That was so easy . Just divert Jiang Yimeng . Were these strong guys who they called for nothing?

The key to the problem was that this guy was supporting them . As long as they punished this guy, what else could these three women do? They could only go back to the competition honestly .

Hearing Boss Fan explaining the advantages and disadvantages eloquently, Boss Zhang and Boss Zhou inwardly scolded Boss Fan . “Damn it, this situation was all caused by Tianhai Entertainment . You didn’t remember us when you had good work, but you think about us when you need to clean up your mess . ”

They wanted to stay out of the business originally, but after thinking carefully, they found out that they truly could not stand by . Although it was Tianhai Entertainment’s trouble, Star Art and Meteorite could also be punished if they didn’t help him to coax the girls back . Tianhai Entertainment could just lodge a complaint and irritate that figure, even though Tianhai couldn’t make up for it .

Thinking of that, they were full of grievance in their hearts . But there was no other way; not driving, but driven in such a world . Boss Fan just controlled them with this thing, and they could only break their teeth and swallow them .

These three quickly reached an agreement . But they disagreed on who would communicate with Jiang Yimeng .

Boss Fan said that he was unacquainted with Jiang Yimeng, so there would be no effect if he went forward .

Boss Zhang said that they had no cooperation at all . Besides, it was not convenient for him to have a private conversation in public .

Although Boss Zhou didn’t have a conflict with Jiang Yimeng and they were familiar, her agent was his rival who wanted to finish him once they met .

Boss Zhang and Boss Zhou reached an agreement with their eye contact . They first flattered Boss Zhou and his reputation and capabilities .

When Boss Zhou pretended to be humble and couldn’t hide his complacence, these two crafty scoundrels dialogued with each other . Even Sister Lan could not compare with them . They believed that with the help of Boss Zhou’s capabilities, it would be an easy thing to get Jiang Yimeng laid .

Boss Zhou finally realized, but he failed to shed a tear . He always called himself a golden agent, and he was very sensitive about his reputation . Now that they were praising him, it would seem that he was unskilled if he refused again, especially because these crafty scoundrels mentioned Sister Lan every three words, as if he would not go there due to Sister Lan’s temper .

How could the arrogant Boss Zhou bear it? “Hmm, it’s just Sister Lan, I don’t believe that I can’t handle it . ”

Therefore, these two crafty scoundrels successfully tricked Boss Zhou to be the first one . Seeing Boss Zhou’s grand and solemn back, these two looked at each other and showed a mutual smile .

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