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Chapter 660: 660

Chapter 660 An Enormous Number of Live Streaming Viewers

The next morning, the medical conference was going on as usual, with discussions on all kinds of issues and speeches .

At the end of the morning’s conference, many of the 32 representatives on the stage gave Fang Qiu a look when they left the stage .

It could be said that it was the first time that traditional medicine had appeared at the medical conference, which represented not only Fang Qiu himself, but also Huaxia, Huaxia Chinese Medicine, as well as all the other traditional medical skills in the world .

Undoubtedly, if Fang Qiu made an excellent speech in the afternoon, next year’s medical conference would certainly have some issues related to the traditional medicine . But if he did not give a good speech, the traditional medicine issues of the conference might be postponed for many years .

Whether traditional medicine could improve a little or not depended on Fang Qiu’s speech in the afternoon!

Although this was what they thought, when everyone looked at Fang Qiu, they could not help shaking their heads .

Fang Qiu was still too young!

Some people hoped that traditional medicine could develop, while others looked at him in disdain .

All these people thought that Fang Qiu would not be able to give a good speech at all . And he just came to the medical conference on behalf of Huaxia to make up the number . Therefore, they did not hold any hope for Fang Qiu!

In Huaxia, the live streaming platform had begun to be publicized wildly .

On the front page of the platform, there was not only a banner, which read “7:30 p . m . , we’ll show you the medical conference . Let’s see the Chinese Medicine doctor deliver his speech to the world”, but it also posted advertisements all over the major forums, Weibo, and post-bar .

Seeing this, the people from the other live streaming platforms were all envious .

They had asked about it so many times, but the streamers of their platforms were not so powerful . Because of the long distance, it would be too late even if they wanted to go to Switzerland to do a live streaming .

Of course, they also tried to poach Luo Jialong, but they failed eventually .

Now, the only thing they could do was to watch their opponent’s popularity rise!

The referral traffic of the platform would definitely be enormous . And the future traffic would inevitably rise . At that time, all kinds of investments, advertisements, chain stores and so on would definitely take shape quickly .

In this way, this live streaming platform which was the only platform that could broadcast Fang Qiu’s speech would be directly listed this year!

In the live streaming platform’s company, “Manager, now there are a lot of advertisers who have called to request to advertise on our platform . All the online advertisements have been confirmed and the only place left for them to advertise is the broadcast room . ” A subordinate reported .

“Turn them down . No ads allowed in the live streaming room . ”

The CEO of the platform gave the order directly .

This was a live streaming . Although advertisements could be inserted, it would have a great impact on the referral traffic of the platform . How could a normal person be willing to use a platform which would have advertisements popping up in the middle of the live streaming?

Although he knew that the advertisement fees would be huge, he could not help but reject it, for the development of the platform .

More than half of the online advertisement spots had been sold . All kinds of game advertisements, business cooperation and so on were under negotiation . Although all the profits in the live streaming belonged to the streamer, the income of these advertisements and the referral traffic of the live streaming were the real gains!

At seven o’clock in the evening, many people began to wait in the live streaming room .

All the relatives and friends of Fang Qiu’s family also came to Fang Qiu’s home . Fang Qiu’s cousin directly installed a live streaming software on the smart TV of Fang Qiu’s home and waited for the live streaming .

As a result, all their neighbors gathered together in their house .

The last time that everyone gathered in the house like this was to watch the final of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor a month ago!

No one could imagine that Fang Qiu, who was still participating in the competition in the country a month ago, would make such a great achievement a month later . He rose from the domestic competition to the international conference and was about to make a speech at the conference .

It aroused everyone’s envy .

There was no doubt that this time, Fang Qiu had become the so-called trophy child again!

When it was 7:20 p . m . , Jiang Miaoyu, who had been chatting with her parents, looked at the time and then ran straight back to her room to watch the live streaming . When they saw Jiang Miaoyu running back to the bedroom with her mobile phone tuned to the live streaming, her parents exchanged glances . No one knew what they were thinking .

As the holiday began, Jiang Mengjie, who returned to her hometown from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, was also alone in the bedroom, waiting for the live streaming to start, with her mobile phone in her hands .

Jiangjing .

At the foot of a secluded and deserted mountain on the outskirts of Jiangjing, there was a newly-constructed factory .

Zhao Shanlin, the keeper of Yaowang Mountain, sat at a small wooden table with Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian . They prepared a meal and stared at the projector in front of them as they drank and ate .

Of course, the factory was built by public expense and so was the projector .

After all, since they had to research into Chinese medicinal herbs, the projector was indispensable . It was a very useful thing . Anyway, since they had bought it, it was not a big deal to use it to watch the live streaming .

“Fang Qiu’s star is really shining . It’s so sad that the three of us and Mr . Zhao have to stay here . ”

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With a peanut in his mouth, Zhou Xiaotian mumbled .

“You can go and change positions with him . ” Sun Hao said with a smile .

Zhou Xiaotian glanced at Sun Hao and said, “I will . But no one invited me . ”

“Do you think Fang Qiu is comfortable?”

Zhao Shanlin looked at Zhou Xiaotian, shook his head with a smile, and said, “He is under a lot of pressure now . Do you know how many people in the country are watching him now? Or how many people in the world are watching him? It’s not easy for him . ”

Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng all nodded vehemently when they heard that .

It made sense after thinking about it .

That pressure must be terrifying . If it were them, they would be so nervous that they could not even sleep .

In the Northeast, after Xu Miaolin successfully called on Holy Doctor Chu’s father-in-law the last time, Xu Miaolin took Chu Yunyun back to Holy Doctor Chu’s home again .

This time, what Xu Miaolin wanted to do was very simple .

His student was going to show up at the international conference . As his master, how could he not come over and show off?

“Humph . ” Seeing Xu Miaolin stride into the house, Holy Doctor Chu gave a cold snort .

Xu Miaolin pretended not to see it .

“What kind of speech is Fang Qiu going to make this time?” Chu Yunyun asked .

Xu Miaolin said, “He’s young but really mature . He should know what’s important, so you don’t have to worry about what he’s going to say . As long as he does, it will be the biggest progress that the Chinese Medicine has made in the history!”

Chu Yunyun thought about it and agreed .

Fang Qiu was really mature for a young man .

Time flew by quickly .

In the blink of an eye, it was almost 7:30 p . m .

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As it was about time, all the students who were having a summer holiday, school leaders and Chinese Medicine practitioners, fans of Fang Qiu and people who were interested in this matter, began to refresh the page of the live streaming and looked forward to it starting .

In Switzerland, before it started, Luo Jialong had already arrived at the WHO’s headquarters and sneaked into the venue . The meeting had not started yet, but there were already a lot of people in the meeting hall . Since Luo Jialong was still in disguise and sat in the spot where he sat before, he did not attract any attention .

As soon as he arrived at the venue, the first thing Luo Jialong did was to put his mobile phone in place and then took a deep breath, ready to start the live streaming .

“According to the previous number of viewers, there will be at least five million people watching my show this time, right?”

While preparing for the live streaming, Luo Jialong secretly thought .

As he looked at the time, it was 7:30 in Huaxia .

The live streaming started!


In Huaxia, there was the same picture all over the country . The screen of the live streaming flashed . The originally dark live streaming room directly changed on the screen .

Then, he looked at the number of people in the live streaming room .

“1 million!” It was half an hour before Fang Qiu was due to come on stage to give a speech and the number of viewers in the live streaming room already reached 1 million as soon as the live streaming began .

This meant that before he started the live streaming, these people were already waiting in his broadcast room .

Luo Jialong had never had so many viewers .

But as time went by, the number of viewers in the live streaming room began to soar .

It rose from 1 million to 2 million, then to 3 million, 5 million, 7 million, 10 million, 12 million . Finally, it soared to 15 million, which was astonishing!

Looking at the increasing number of viewers, Luo Jialong suddenly felt his throat go dry .

The CEO of the live streaming platform was also shocked by this .

“Hurry up, add the servers quickly . Make sure the live streaming does not collapse because of the server overload . Add all the servers to the system . ”

The CEO gave his order urgently . It was only after some chaotic moments in the office that the live streaming was finally stabilized .

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After the staff fixed the servers, although the CEO kept wiping away his sweat, his eyes were filled with excitement .

He was fully aware that the current live streaming platforms would fake the number of viewers . It was normal for them to get 10 times the number . It was even not surprising to get 20 or 30 times the number . After all, these live streaming platforms needed funding, so it was not wrong to have good data .

There were even some small platforms that had increased the number of people to a hundred times more than the actual number . In order to cover up their guilty consciences, those platforms which faked the data also made the number become the popularity figure, so as to leave a way out .

But right now, the 15 million viewers on his live streaming platform were real!

Every one of them was a living person .

The data showed how many people were watching it, not how popular it was!

Undoubtedly, this number absolutely broke the record of the entire live streaming industry .

Fortunately, the backup servers stabilized in time and the system did not collapse because of this . Otherwise, there would be a huge problem .

In the conference hall, looking at the 15 million people leaving comments on the bullet screen in the broadcast room, Luo Jialong swallowed hard .

He knew that the number of comments on his bullet screen had been divided by the platform to the extent that he could control them . Otherwise, the comments of 15 million people could make his screen freeze in an instant . At that time, even 100 mobile phones would be useless, let alone 10 phones .

He took a deep breath .

After calming himself down, Luo Jialong officially started the live streaming .

“Hello, everyone . ”

Facing the camera, Luo Jialong said, “I didn’t expect so many people to come here today . Let me introduce myself first . My name is Luo Jialong, a streamer of Fire Dragon . I am 19 years old and like Fang Qiu so much, so I specially came to Switzerland to do the live streaming this time .

“Now, there is still half an hour before the meeting starts . In about ten minutes, each representative will enter the hall one after another . If you want to go to the toilet, hurry up . Don’t hold it till it is too late . ”

Everyone smiled .

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