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Chapter 1320 He Is in Trouble, Not My Business

Just half an hour later…

Tens of millions of people browsed Fang Qiu’s Weibo post about the evidence.

On the Weibo…

All the netizens who saw this post forwarded and shared the post and it soon spread like wildfire.

After netizens learned the truth of the matter…

In a flash, their anger, which had accumulated for more than ten days, finally erupted.

Numerous people crowded into the official Weibo account of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and left all kinds of abusive remarks.

“Shameless rubbish! These people are worse than beasts. They carried out sordid moves and kept slinging mud at others to vilify their reputation!”

“Shame on you. How could such a company survive in this era? The Food and Drug General Administration should investigate this company thoroughly. Since they could even slander the Foundation, they must have dared to do other stuff. Perhaps, all the drugs produced by this company are inferior!”

“Tell your boss to go to hell right now. He even had the guts to frame Three Billion Foundation! It is a non-profit organization that is doing everything for the citizens’ health. How could you attack such a kind organization and brazenly frame it? How could a company with ill intentions be qualified to sell medicine?”

“Fuck, I’ll never buy any of your products from now on.”

“A bunch of bastards! All your conscience must have gone to the dogs. It’s an insult to my eyes to look at you!”

All sorts of abusive remarks flooded the official Weibo account of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company.


In the chairman’s office of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company…

“Mr. Luo, bad news.”

The secretary rushed in and said, “Our company’s official website has been hacked. All the previous contents are gone. We can only see three words.”

“What are they?”

Mr. Luo asked with a gloomy face.

“Heartless Drug Maker.”

The secretary said, gritting his teeth.


Mr. Luo immediately accessed the official website using the computer on his desk. As expected, the official website had been hacked. There were three large, black words on the page: Heartless Drug Maker.

Aside it was an animated image.

It was a picture of a person’s heart being gnawed by a dog.

It was a mockery to show that the conscience of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company had gone to the dogs!

At this time…

“Mr. Luo.”

Another person burst in and reported, “Something big happened. A lot of unknown netizens have accessed our company’s official Weibo account. Their messages and comments are all very vile. Our official Weibo account is nearly frozen. The network publicity department has turned off the functions for comments and reposts. But various posts against our company have appeared in the major online communities. Some people have posted our company’s inside information. Now, numerous calls that keep flooding in have nearly blown up our company’s phones.

When Mr. Luo heard the news…

He barked furiously, “What’s the point of me paying you? Suppress this matter immediately, no matter how much it costs.”

As soon as he finished speaking…

“Hello, Mr. Luo.”

Another startled cry was heard.

A middle-aged man darted into the office in a fluster, holding a laptop that showed the stock market’s real-time situation. He strode to the desk, put the laptop on it, and said, “Our company’s stock hit an all-time low!


Mr. Luo shivered all over.

He suddenly grabbed the laptop and took a closer look at it. In an instant, his eyes filled with panic.

“Get lost! All of you, get out!”

Looking at everyone in the office, Mr. Luo stood up and ordered, “Do what you should do. Don’t just stand here. Do not enter my office before this crisis is resolved!”

He didn’t want his subordinates to see him in such a sorry state.


He already looked so pathetic.

All the others walked out.

Mr. Luo fell back limply onto his chair. Then he hurriedly snatched up his phone on the desk, opened the WeChat group, and sent a message, “What should I do? My Weibo account has been closed because of the overwhelming insulting remarks. Hackers have shut down my official website, and my stock price has plunged to the limit. What can I do now? Tell me, what should I do next?”

He sent his message.

One minute went by. Then, three minutes… And five more minutes passed by.

There was no notification of any new messages in the WeChat group.

Mr. Luo could only hear the sound of the antique mechanical clock in his office.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock…”

The series of monotonous sounds made him extremely nervous and edge.

Ten minutes slipped by.

Still, there were no replies.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock…”

The clock still ticked away.


In a great rage, Mr. Luo suddenly roared, seized the cup, and violently hurled it at the wall clock.

The large clock fell to the ground with a loud thud.

But its ticking sound still continued.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock…”

The awful sound didn’t go away…

It antagonized Mr. Luo further, driving him mad.

He suddenly shot up and stormed to the clock and trampled on it violently. Only then did his office quiet down.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock. It sounded like a death knell for me!”

“Damn. We agreed to share the hardships! We’re in this together!”

Grabbing his phone, Mr. Luo turned on the voice recording function and shouted into the phone, “My company is in trouble. Are you just going to stand by and watch?”

His message was delivered.

In the group chat, all the companies’ bosses saw it.


They didn’t know what to do for the moment.


They did not respond because they were waiting. Would Fang Qiu wipe out all of them or only attack Qiming Pharmaceutical Company?

They waited for a long time.

After the Foundation announced the problem with Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, it took no further action.

In addition, after publishing the evidence against Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Fang Qiu did nothing else!

It seemed…

This time, Fang Qiu only intended to bring down Qiming Pharmaceutical Company and did not target their companies.

After they confirmed it…

The other drug makers in the group finally heaved a sigh of relief.

And it was then that…

Someone replied in the WeChat group.

“Make a statement and say you’re the victim of a frame-up!”

In the office…

As soon as the notification sound of WeChat messages came…

Mr. Luo, who had collapsed onto the chair, suddenly shuddered with excitement and grabbed his phone to check the message in no time.

However, after a glance…

His face was instantly filled with intense rage!

“Fang Qiu has the evidence. What’s the use of denying it?”

Mr. Luo strongly condemned the others, “Is it right for you to look on so coldly? When Fang Qiu dealt with me, he started a general war against us. I’m the first one. After this, none of you will get away scot-free. Fang Qiu will never let you go.”

Leaders of all the major Chinese Medicine companies in the group saw it.

They all snorted at his remarks.

Every one of them was sure that…

Fang Qiu would never dare go against all of them.


All the others could ensure their safety — they had asked the local leaders of officials to back them up. To avoid terrible consequences, they put pressure on the local government to protect them. Therefore, how could they believe Fang Qiu would act on impulse and sacrifice all parties’ interests?

No one replied.

With intense resentment in his heart, Mr. Luo said, “If Fang Qiu knows about the news released in Honggang, I won’t be the only one who will be in trouble!”

After that…

In the group chat, all the major pharmaceutical companies’ bosses were shocked.


Without any hesitation, they hurriedly withdrew the various bits of news that slandered the Renyi Group.

Once Fang Qiu noticed the news, no one knew how many more of the companies’ deep dark secrets would be disclosed.

And most importantly…

Fang Qiu alone was a real headache for them. At this critical point, they wouldn’t be so foolish as to make an enemy of the Renyi Group. For one thing, the group’s mysterious chairman might be a high-ranking official. For another, Yang Ningyuan and Li Qihua, the seconds-in-command of the Renyi Group, were not people to be trifled with.

Therefore, it was best to remove those slanderous pieces of news as soon as possible.

More than ten minutes later…

All kinds of news about the frame-up were removed.

Once they knew that the messages had been recalled, those drug makers in the WeChat group were slightly relieved.

For them, one thing was certain.

They would not provoke Fang Qiu any further for the time being.

After all, none of them knew how much evidence Fang Qiu had. What if he had proof against all of them? In this case, Fang Qiu might not avenge himself in a big way. But if he chose to defeat them one by one by exposing their dark secrets, they would scarcely be able to cope with the situation!

“Humph, you’re starting to destroy all the incriminating evidence already?

Seeing them quickly removing all the news that slandered Fang Qiu, Mr. Luo threatened them again. “I’ll give you some time. Hurry up and give me some solutions. We’re in the same boat. If you don’t help me out, don’t think that your businesses will remain unaffected by all this.”

Everyone saw this.

They were all scared as they feared that Mr. Luo would expose their evil deeds.

After all…

Mr. Luo, one of the members who made this big plan, had even hosted several meetings. Thus, he might have kept some videos and recordings, not to mention that he was a vital witness.

When Mr. Luo was forced to a dead end, he might fight at the risk of mutual destruction. Then, it would be a disaster for all of them.

“Mr. Luo, don’t act on impulse.”

“Yes, yes, yes. There’s no need to be impulsive. We’re facing the same challenges. How can we stand by and do nothing to support you? Now we’ll help you find a way out.”


Everyone began to look for ways and means to solve the crisis.

At the sight of these promises…

Mr. Luo’s gloomy face finally softened a little.

After a long silence…

“Mr. Luo, well, given your current situation, you will have to sacrifice some minor things to save the major ones. How about you learn from Fang Qiu? Stand up and take all the blame, then announce that you will conduct a rigorous investigation. Then, you can tell the public that someone in your company had secretly done the deed. Find a scapegoat and get him to bear the responsibility!

They all agreed on this.

This method seemed the only way to save Qiming Pharmaceutical Company from destruction.

But just as everyone animatedly echoed the view…

Mr. Luo raised a question.

“I’ve suffered such a heavy loss. Aren’t you going to make up for my loss?”

After he sent out the question…

To his disappointment…

Of one accord, they overlooked his request.

“This problem requires urgent action. You should make haste to launch a public relations campaign. We’ll talk about the rest after your company stabilizes.”

“That’s right. At this time, the most important thing is to react quickly. You must solve the problem first. The longer you delay, the more easily you’ll arouse suspicion. In the end, the impact of negative news against your company may last for a long time.”

“Go ahead and do it. Seize every minute to save yourself and your company!”

They urged him.

In this situation…

Although Mr. Luo felt uneasy about their answers, he could only act on their suggestions.

After a while…

The official Weibo account of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company released a statement.

“First of all, our company would like to sincerely apologize to the public. Before this, we did not know some of our employees were involved in this matter. At the same time, we are grateful for Three Billion Foundation’s supervision and Fang Qiu’s reminder. Our company has now joined forces with the police to conduct an internal investigation. We have made a vow to find the real criminals. At the same time, our company will willingly compensate the Three Billion Foundation for all their losses and bear all legal responsibilities!”

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