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Chapter 810

810 – Floor Lord of the 666th Floor of the Abyss Warren

As soon as the Crown of the Floor Lord fell into Yang Feng’s hands, it transformed from real to illusory, turned into a stream of light, and sank into Yang Feng’s body .

In an instant, Yang Feng felt as if the entire abyssal force in the 666th floor of the Abyss is under his control . He clearly felt that he is able to mobilize the power of the 666th floor to boost his strength for a short period of time and suppress enemy .

Even if a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse enters the 666th floor of the Abyss, they would be suppressed by the power of the floor lord authority . While Yang Feng can display Warlock Monarch rank battle prowess for a short period of time under the buff from the floor lord authority .

Thanks to both the buff and debuff, if a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse comes to the 666th floor, Yang Feng will be able to vanquish them .

“The floor lord authority is rather formidable . But it also has weaknesses . The first weakness is that I can only exercise the floor lord authority on the 666th floor . The second is that the floor lord authority can only suppress one person . If two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses come, I will be in trouble . ”

As Yang Feng sensed the power of the floor lord authority, the optical computer network performed various analyses .

After the analyses were complete, Yang Feng opened his eyes, took a step forward, and entered the core palace of the City of Depravity .

“Greetings, lord!”

When the abyssal lords that remained in the City of Depravity saw Yang Feng and sensed the floor lord authority emanating from him, their expressions changed greatly, and they knelt on the ground and said respectfully .

Yang Feng walked to the throne and sat down . Like a god overlooking all living beings, he said coldly: “From today on, I, Warren, am the floor lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss . ”

“From today on, I, Warren, am the floor lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss . ”


His voice spread throughout the 666th floor via the floor lord authority . All abyssal fiends on the floor heard his voice .

The irrational abyssal monsters were branded by Yang Feng’s floor lord authority . As long as Yang Feng meets them, then no matter how powerful they are, they will become his subordinates with just a word from him .

Once an abyssal lord swear allegiance to Yang Feng, Yang Feng can use the floor lord authority to claim their life with a single command . They won’t have any power to resist .

“The 666th floor of the Abyss has a floor lord!”

“Warren, this name doesn’t sound familiar? What are his origins?”

“Isn’t the floor lord of the 666th floor the Succubus Empress? She was dead set on winning the 666th floor, what’s going on?”


At the moment when Yang Feng announced that he is the floor lord of the 666th floor, the Abyss’s abyssal grand dukes were shocked . Powerful spirit senses filled with surprise and apprehension pried on the 666th floor .

The floors of the Abyss are originally from the same source, and can be divided as well as merged . If two floors of the Abyss merge, they will produce a stronger floor .

However, the fusion of floors consumes countless precious treasures, many of which are extremely hard to come by .

In the endless Abyss, there are many abyssal grand dukes, but most of them are the floor lords of a floor . They were not interested in becoming the floor lord of this floor . Of the abyssal grand dukes who were interested in the 666th floor, some of them gave the Succubus Empress face . This is why there were so few abyssal grand dukes fighting over the floor .

Yet now Yang Feng has become the floor lord of the 666th floor . The abyssal grand dukes are full of interest towards him . Some of the abyssal grand dukes, who are close with the Succubus Empress, are full of killing intent towards Yang Feng . However, Yang Feng is on the 666th floor . The abyssal grand dukes who want to kill him don’t dare to lightly step onto that floor . If they are careless, they will be vanquished .

In the depths of the Astral Boundary, there is a vast and boundless expanse of white shrouded in thick fog .

The space outside the area distorted, and Yang Feng’s true body appeared and looked towards the area .

Yang Feng took a deep look at the area and mused: “It’s really a remote place . If Xue’er hadn’t given me the coordinates, it would be nearly impossible to discover this place . ”

These years, Yang Feng’s mechanical legion has been searching the Astral Boundary for valuable planes with intelligent life forms .

However, although there are countless planes in the Astral Boundary, but after millions of years of exploration performed by human Warlocks, many planes with intelligent life forms have been divided by major forces . It is hard to even find grade 9 planes .

Yang Feng’s mechanical legion found thousands of abandoned celestial bodies and started mining their resources . But they didn’t find any ownerless plane with intelligent life forms .

In the depths of the Astral Boundary, the almost endless area shrouded in dense fog is very weird . As soon as the battle robots Yang Feng dispatched entered that area, their connection with the optical computer network was severed . This kind of place is most dangerous and weird .

No matter how the level-4 optical computer network tries, it cannot analyze the white fog .

Yang Feng’s figure shook slightly, and he turned into a stream of light and plunged directly into the white fog .

As soon as he entered the white fog, Yang Feng felt that his sense of direction was blurred . He can hardly grasp his own existence . Moreover, the connection with the level-4 optical computer network was cut off immediately .

Yang Feng’s face flickered, and he slowly unleashed his tremendous soul force .

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The soul force was just unleashed, when it was completely swallowed by the strange white fog .

A cold ray flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes, then he pointed with a finger and operated the law of wind, and a five-meter-tall hurricane took shape, and then collapsed directly .

Yang Feng’s eyes shimmered gravely: “The weird white fog confuses one’s sense of direction . Additionally, it is practically impossible to operate elemental force and law force here .   Even if it is a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, I’m afraid that they will also be stumped by this white fog, not daring to go deep . However, I have two ways to deal with this white fog . ”

“Fate Algorithm!”

Yang Feng operated the unfathomable Fate Algorithm . Weird waves rolled out of his body and, under the guidance of fate force, pointed out the direction for him .

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose into a smile: “It is indeed the supreme secret method of the Eternal Continent . ”

Ten days later, a black ray gleamed, and Yang Feng flew out of the strange white fog and appeared in an endless starry sky .

In this endless starry sky, there are suns, moons, and various other astral bodies . In the center of the countless astral bodies, there is a blue astral body . Yang Feng can see the breath of countless lives diffuse from the blue astral body .

“What a beautiful astral body . It is about ten times larger than the Earth . I’ll have to go there if I want to learn the specifics . ”

Yang Feng’s figure shook, and he flew into the astral body’s atmosphere alike a meteor .

“There is no repulsion . Is this astral body a grade 4 plane or a higher grade plane?”

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“No, the concentration of life magic energy here is astonishingly low, even lower than that of a grade 9 plane . On such a plane, all kinds of extraordinary forces will be greatly restricted . What’s going on?”

“This is equivalent to a magic ban world . My life force is sealed . ”

“The laws of heaven and earth are different, how strange . What’s going on? Shouldn’t it be impossible for the laws of heaven and earth in the same universe to be different?”

As Yang Feng performed calculations, he fell from the sky uncontrollably like a meteor .

Chaoyang Spirit Mountain is one of the ten great spirit mountains of the Great Zhou Empire . Although the mountain is rugged and full of fierce beasts, but this is not really a hurdle for martial arts masters who have who have formidable martial prowess .

On this day, numerous martial arts masters from the Great Zhou Empire came here . Displaying their agility techniques, they climbed a precipitous cliff along a rugged path that poses even a challenge to monkeys and eagles .

On the Chaoyang Spirit Mountain, a fight between the Great Zhou Empire’s northern Martial World’s No . 1 swordsman Lightless Sword Li Wujian and the Great Zhou Empires southern Martial World’s Great Grandmaster Reverend Lingkong will take place .

Lightless Sword Li Wujian has defeated many renowned masters since his debut . In his most famous battle, he went to the lair of the 72 Bandits of Gobi alone and unleashed a massacre . In that battle, more than 100 bandits died to his sword, which cemented his supreme reputation .

The southern Martial World’s Great Grandmaster Reverend Lingkong is from the Empty Spirit Path, one of the three holy lands of the Martial World . At the age of 16, he has cultivated to the Innate realm; at the age of 20, he has entered the Grandmaster realm; at the age of 30, he has become a Great Grandmaster . The Elusive Seven Colors he created is really formidable . Since his debut, he has never been defeated . No one could force him to use the Elusive Seven Colors to the fourth color .

In order to further progress on his martial arts journey, Li Wujian chose to challenge the Reverend Lingkong, hoping to gain some insight in the battle and take another step forward . This is the reason behind today’s battle .

The battle between two masters recognized as the strongest in the Martial World has naturally attracted numerous martial arts masters to watch the battle, forming a rare martial arts event .

On the summit of Chaoyang Spirit Mountain, a swordsman dressed in black is sitting on the ground, overlooking the mountains and forests in the distance . The entire person seems to be integrated with the surroundings .

The swordsman dressed in black is not handsome by any means . His facial features can even be considered somewhat ugly . His hands are twice as big as those of ordinary people, and they are covered with calluses from martial arts training . His stature is not tall . But despite his unremarkable appearance, he has an unearthly temperament, which evokes a good impression in people .

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