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Chapter 688

688 – Sun God Empyrean Flower

“That’s the Sun God Empyrean Flower, a miraculous treasure born from the essence of countless suns! By ingesting the entire Sun God Empyrean Flower, you might be able to break through the god-man boundary, which will propel your soul aptitude to inferior level-9 from superior level-8!”

Yang Feng looked at the magical flower in the center of the beam of light with a fanatic look in his eyes, then his figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light shooting in the direction of the Sun God Empyrean Flower .

Miraculous treasures that can enable people to break through the heaven-man boundary are beyond rare in Cangzhi Plane . As for miraculous treasures that can enable people to break through the god-man boundary, they are as rare as a Phoenix’s feather .

The Sun God Empyrean Flower takes more than 50,000 years to form in a special environment . Once born, it will attract countless people to compete over it .

“Sun God Empyrean Flower!”

“That’s the Sun God Empyrean Flower, a wondrous treasure that can break through the god-man boundary!”

“To be able to see such a rare treasure like the Sun God Empyrean Flower, I’m really lucky!”


Inside Sun God Shrine, outrageous geniuses from different planes gazed at the sudden appearance of the Sun God Empyrean Flower with excitement in their eyes . They blurred into motion and turned into streams of light shooting towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower .

The Sun God Empyrean Flower is located in the center of Sun God Shrine . This is the place where the Sun Emperor used to live, and it is the most dangerous place in Sun God Shrine .

In the past, no one would approach this dangerous place . But under the attraction of the Sun God Empyrean Flower, these Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses coming from different planes turned into streams of light and flew towards the center of Sun God Shrine .

A male Warlock shrouded in flames, wearing a blue Warlock robe and a necklace radiating light, quickly flew to the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine .

At the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine, you can clearly see that the center is littered with large caves similar to giant nests .

Around the large caves, there are fierce stone statues engraved with special runes . The stone statues depict fiends, devils, high elves, dragons, Fenghuangs, and various other powerful existences .

The male Warlock had just approached, when numerous runes appeared on a 1,000 meter-tall stone statue depicting a giant, the petrification effect on the giant disappeared in an instant, and it opened its eyes . It radiated red light from its eyes and exuded tyrannical Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power .

The stone statue of a giant stepped forward, grabbed a wolf tooth club with teeth as large as small mountains beside it, and slammed the wolf tooth club towards the male Warlock .

“A mere giant from ancient times wants to fight me, you’re overestimating yourself!”

The male Glorious Sun Warlock snorted coldly, his figure blurred, and he entered an alternate space .

Only if you use a spatial disruption spell, or the essence of power of the law of power to smash the space, can you attack the male Glorious Sun Warlock in the alternate space .

As if it hit empty air, the wolf tooth club passed through the male Glorious Sun Warlock, hit the ground, and blasted open a huge hole .

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At the moment when the male Glorious Sun Warlock sneered, a pal-sized Four-winged Void Lizard emerged in the alternate space and bit the male Glorious Sun Warlock in the foot .

Black aura suddenly rose from the male Glorious Sun Warlock’s foot and spread quickly .

The Glorious Sun Warlock’s necklace suddenly lit up, and green light enveloped him and stopped the black aura at his lower body .


A Sun God Arrow tore through the void, crossed the alternate space, and instantly shot the Glorious Sun Warlock in the head and blasted his head apart .

The body of the Glorious Sun Warlocks suddenly shattered like paper, and then an afterimage appeared 1,000 meters away and changed into the Glorious Sun Warlock’s true body .

The Glorious Sun Warlock has just become corporeal, when a dreadful dragon breath blasted into him . The dragon breath that can burn anything engulfed his flesh and soul .

Suddenly, a bead shattered, and the Glorious Sun Warlock collapsed, and then reappeared more than 10 kilometres away .

The Glorious Sun Warlock had just escaped, when he saw dozens of fearsome existences exuding Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power rushing towards him . Various attacks blasted into the Glorious Sun Warlock and shattered him to pieces again .

Relying on one secret treasure after another, the Glorious Sun Warlock escaped seven times from the dozens of ancient freaks before finally being torn to pieces .

On their own, these ancient freaks are no match for that Glorious Sun Warlock . But when faced against dozens of them who have different extraordinary powers attacking together, the formidable Glorious Sun Warlock genius could not resist .

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When that human Warlock was torn apart, a black cave opened and swallowed his flesh, soul, and Glorious Sun Core .

Shortly after, a lifelike stone statue of the human Warlock slowly formed in the center of Sun God Shrine . At the same time, the stone statue absorbed the surrounding sun force .

When the human Glorious Sun Warlock died, as if some mechanism was activated, the stone statues in the center of Sun God Shrine shone with runes and came to life .

The figures of those ancient freaks that appear to have woken up from their sleep flashed, and they hid in the nest-like caves in the center of Sun God Shrine .

Whenever anyone approaches their nest, these ancient freaks will attack and eliminate the enemy one by one .

“These ancient freaks possess Glorious Sun Warlock rank battle prowess . Against dozens of them joining forces, even a freak-level Glorious Sun Warlock who has formed a small world inside them may not be their opponent!”

Yang Feng sent 50,000 drones towards the center of Sun God Shrine, and saw the ancient freaks madly fighting with Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses who entered the center of Sun God Shrine .

In addition to human Warlocks, there are many powerful existences capable of using Sun God Fire that entered Sun God Shrine . After a cursory analysis, Yang Feng found out that 15 gods who have the divine authority of Sun God are fighting with those ancient freaks .

The promotion of gods can be described as both very simple and very difficult . If a god can consume the godhead of a higher-level god with the same divine authority, they can easily evolve and become a higher-level god . However, it is very difficult to increase the level of the godhead through other methods .

Many feeble divine force rank gods spend tens of thousands or even more than 100,000 years without being able to promote to a higher level . This is the limitation of gods .

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In Sun God Shrine, if these Sun Gods can consume enough Sun God Fire, they may be able to comprehend a higher-level law of the sun and raise the level of their godhead to intermediate divine force grade . This will greatly improve their position in their respective pantheons .

Additionally, intermediate divine force rank gods are qualification to establish their own small pantheon and become the primary god of said pantheon .

The primary god of dark elves Lolth is just an intermediate divine force rank god . Even so, she has grasped the belief of the dark elves spread across countless planes and has become a revered existence . Even human Infinity Warlocks will treat an intermediate divine force rank god as an equal . After all, as long as the intermediate divine force rank god stays in their divine country, then even human Infinity Warlocks will die when they enter their divine country .

The number of the ancient freaks is far greater than that of powerhouses who entered Sun God Shrine . Under the siege of the ancient freaks, one powerhouse after another died .

“That’s Ba Xun, Lan Ba, Jiang Qi!”

Yang Feng glanced at a holographic projection, and saw the three outrageous geniuses contend against freaks at the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine .

Standing on the head of a 500-meter-tall Diamond Giant, Ba Xun’s figure alternates between corporeal and incorporeal . Whenever his figure turns corporeal, he will destroy the core of an ancient freak and kill them .

Jiang Qi wanders among the ancient freaks, his body enveloped by a mist-like gauze . As if blind, the ancient freaks don’t notice him .

Lan Ba is riding a carriage pulled by a Three-headed Golden Dragon . Standing in front of him are nine giant ogres from Evil God Plane exuding a fierce aura .

The nine giant ogres are all equipped with secret treasures exclusive to giant ogres . They roared wildly, channeled powerful ogre force, and killed the ancient creatures that blocked their way one by one .

At the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine, from among Cangzhi Plane’s human Warlocks, only the three of them seem to be most at ease . The Glorious Seven Stars and former Moonlight Seven Stars channel the power of the virtual world inside them, perform powerful offensive secret methods, and eliminate the ancient creatures one by one . The rest of Cangzhi Plane’s human Warlocks struggle to fight the ancient creatures .

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