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825 Three Slashes, Extermination (4)


The black-bearded Daoist’s face stiffened.

He didn’t dare.

As a sword cultivator, he knew how powerful Han Muye’s swordsmanship could be.

How could he challenge such a figure who suppressed the Eastern Sea with a single strike?

“Hmph, what’s the point of saying such sarcastic words? There are so many people present today that even Qian Yiming’s army doesn’t dare to stop them.” He straightened his neck and snorted coldly.

The people present were all experts of the Dongnan Dao Sects, and every one of them was at the Heaven Realm.

So many people were here to see what Qian Yiming’s army would do after they entered the Central Continent.

“Alright, stop arguing. Let’s wait and see how the army moves.” In front, a white-robed old man waved his hand, and everyone quietened down.

Divine Lord Yuan Cheng, a great cultivator of Daoism, a great cultivator who had entered the Dao, a Half-Sage.

No one dared to disobey this person.

In the entire Heavenly Mystic, there were only a few people who had entered the Half-Sage Realm in the Spiritual Dao.

Among these people, nearly half of them stayed in the Imperial City and were under Wen Mosheng’s command.

There were only a few Half-Sages in charge of the Dongnan Dao sects.

Divine Lord Yuan Cheng was considered one of the experts.

The Songyuan Dao Sect behind him was also one of the three great sects of the Dongnan Daoist Faction.

This time, the various Daoist sects in Dongnan had secretly gathered experts to watch. It was the Songyuan Dao Sect who had called for Divine Lord Yuancheng to personally preside over it.

“Divine Lord Yuan Cheng, I’ve seen Han Muye twice. He cultivates deeply in the Confucian Dao and can confer deity titles with a single statement. His Sword Dao and Alchemy Dao are also extraordinary. He’s no different from Wen Mosheng back then.”

Beside Divine Lord Yuan Cheng, a ruddy-faced old man in a black robe spoke softly.

To be able to stand side by side with Divine Lord Yuan Cheng, this person’s cultivation was naturally not bad. At the very least, he was a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

In the Land of Dao Competition, the Divine Transformation Realm was the peak. Those who possessed the power of the Divine Transformation Realm were the top experts in the world.

“Fellow Daoist Yuyan is right. If Han Muye is really an ordinary person, Wen Mosheng won’t let him inherit the realm.” Divine Lord Yuancheng nodded and looked at the blood essence spiritual light in the distance.

“In this round, we can only brace ourselves and compete with him.”

After Divine Lord Yuancheng finished speaking, his eyes shone brightly as he stared at the blood tiger formed by his qi and blood.

In the sky, a 10,000-foot blood tiger took shape. With a roar, it rushed into the mountain range.

“It’s… the Nanyuan Dao Sect!” someone exclaimed.

Divine Lord Yuan Cheng gritted his teeth, and his aura surged. “The Nanyuan Dao Sect is a firm and independent sect in the Dongnan Dao Sect. Both Fellow Daoists of the Origin Valley are ethereal.”

The black-robed old man beside him nodded and said in a deep voice, “The Nanyuan Dao Sect has a high status in the Daoist Faction. The mountain gate’s Nanyuan Mountain has a protective array. The two fellow Daoists are both Out of Body realm cultivators and there are three Heaven Realm cultivators. I hope…”

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light screen had already risen above the distant mountain range.

The mountain-protecting array.

They were all cultivators of the Dao Sect. When the array was set up, everyone could determine the protective power of the array.

“We can withstand attacks from cultivators below the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm. As long as we can hold on today, we’ll quietly provide support,” Divine Lord Yuan Cheng said in a low voice.

Behind him, everyone nodded silently.

After the Nanyuan Dao Sect resisted the army of the Southern Wasteland for a day, they would secretly provide support and delay the army here.

Three to five days later, even if the Nanyuan Dao Sect was destroyed, the morale of the army would be depleted.

If that was the case, they only needed seven or eight sects to work together to hold the army at the Dongnan border for three to five months. Could the new minister really not enter the Imperial City for three to five months?

Actually, it wouldn’t take long. As long as the army suffered a setback and the new minister lost face, the Dongnan Daoist Faction would win this round.


Explosions sounded in the sky.

Several spiritual light phantoms appeared in the protective formation of the Nanyuan Dao Sect.

“This poor Daoist greets Commander Qian from Yuan Valley. May I know why Commander Qian has brought an army here?” A 1,000-foot-tall figure cupped his hands and said indifferently. His voice resonated for thousands of miles.

At this moment, everyone within a thousand miles turned their gazes in the direction of the Nanyuan Dao Sect.

“It’s the Nanyuan Dao Sect!”

“Qian Yiming’s army has returned and chosen the Nanyuan Dao Sect as their first stop. Are they really going to attack?”

“The Nanyuan Dao Sect is a large sect in Dongnan. There are many experts in the sect. Qian Yiming might not be able to win this battle!”

Some were excited, some were worried, some were indignant, and some were looking forward to it.

After all, he was just an outsider watching the show.

At this moment, the one who had to make a decision was the commander of the Southern Wasteland, Qian Yiming.

Qian Yiming, who was standing above the Blood Tiger phantom, pressed his long saber with a cold expression. Killing intent flickered in his hands.

“By edict.

“Exterminate disobedience.”

The long saber was slowly unsheathed. Qian Yiming’s voice matched the sound of the long saber being unsheathed.

Killing intent overflowed!

“When has our Nanyuan Dao Sect ever disobeyed—” another figure shouted. Before he could finish speaking, Qian Yiming’s long saber had already slashed down.


One word!

He came here today to kill!


The blood tiger roared and crashed into the light array ahead.

The golden light screen trembled. In just a breath, it was shattered into pieces.

In front of the 800,000-strong army, the Nanyuan Dao Sect’s protective formation was not much stronger than a piece of white paper.


“The lock—”

Above the Nanyuan Dao Sect, the two Out of Body cultivators shouted at the same time. The spiritual light in their hands turned into ropes and chains that enveloped the Blood Tiger’s head.

Qian Yiming’s figure flashed as he flew down. The long saber in his hand carried the force of a collapsing mountain as he slashed down!

The saber light attracted the power of heaven and earth and instantly collided with the 1,000-foot-tall shadows of the two Out of Body cultivators.


Cut in half!

It was a simple saber technique.

After the attack, the two Out of Body cultivators quickly retreated with fear on their faces.

Qian Yiming, the commander of the Mystic Sun Guards, who was not famous in the Central Continent and was completely suppressed by Butcher Lu, could actually break their Primordial Spirit phantoms with one slash?

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