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Chapter 1933 - Time Reset

"That dog is barking loudly, do you want the bones to eat?"

In the darkness.

Long Fei slowly walked out with Bai Lian.

Everyone was startled.

"Long Fei!"

"Brother Fei!"

"Hahaha... We're finally back! "

The three great reverends were shocked. They first saw a lotus flower rising from beneath Bai Lian's feet, then saw the holy buddha's light that was emitting a strong aura from Long Fei's body.

Tian Jue slightly said, "This aura …"

Tian Chong looked at Tian Jue, his voice trembling with excitement: "The … .The aura of the son of god?"

"Long Fei is a son of god?"

"What about the tian shu s?"

"Could it be that we are protecting the son of god?"

"My god!"

They were extremely excited, and the excitement was incomparable. They could not stop it at all.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Long Fei you son of a bitch, you're finally back!" Jiu Tianmo slowly stood up, his cracked body once again condensed and fused back into its original state, perfectly fine.

He had never thought of defending himself.

As he stared at Long Fei, his eyes flashed with excitement.

Jiu Tianmo was even more excited than the three great monks.

"I've waited for you for an entire month, and now you've finally appeared. Hahaha …" Jiu Tianmo laughed madly once again. He clenched his fists tightly and said: "Right now, kneel down and surrender. This way, you will suffer a little less physical pain."

Long Fei slightly raised his eyes and said: "You want me to kneel? "It seems like my strength was a bit weaker just now."

As soon as he finished speaking.


Long Fei's figure disappeared.


Streams of black lines fell as Long Fei's figure appeared in front of Jiu Tianmo. Clenching all five of his fingers, a fist exploded out as he punched forward.


A violent explosion sounded out.

The void exploded.

A fist landed on Jiu Tianmo's chest, directly blowing him up. Jiu Tianmo's body exploded outwards and a towering tree several hundred meters away was directly smashed apart.


Jiu Tianmo kept spitting out blood from his mouth.

He had an ugly expression on his face.


However, he continued to laugh and said disdainfully, "Long Fei, is that all you have? Too weak, it's not enough at all! "

"Silver Star Fourth Order?"

"Hahaha... This kind of power, it's too weak! "


Jiu Tianmo's body suddenly shook, and he stood up. The chest that was pierced through was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it recovered in a few seconds.

Long Fei took a glance at them, and then looked at the surrounding twelve holy generals, and frowned slightly. "An immortal body?"

"Hahaha …"

Jiu Tianmo laughed wildly and said: "Not bad, you actually know that I have an indestructible body that Master Fate bestowed to me. Long Fei, tell me, are you still able to fight with me?"

"Can you still fight with God of Destiny?"

"Are you worthy?"

"Hahaha …"

Mad laughter.

How could he kill someone with an immortal body?

Yan Nantian said: "Not only is he immortal, Jiu Tianmo's cultivation has already reached the Gold Star Peak Realm, he is extremely strong. He is different from the twelve holy generals, he does not have the body of a Real Face, no matter how we kill him, he will not die."

wang tai said: "Brother Fei, you must be careful of this guy."

Bawang Hua asked: Long Fei, who is that woman?

Women were always the most sensitive animals.

Looking at Bai Lian, she couldn't help but say, "She's so beautiful."

She was as pure as a white lotus on a snowy cliff, and … She walked on tiptoe, one step at a time.

Bai Lian smiled faintly and said, "My name is Bai Lian."


Bai Lian walked forward and said, "Let me try!"

Long Fei warned in a low voice: "Be careful."

As soon as he finished speaking.

The white lotus exploded on the ground.


A white line shot out.

With a move of his fists, the evil spirit's power surged out. "Six Paths of the Eight Trigrams!"

An enormous gossip appeared out of nowhere.

Jiu Tianmo looked at it and laughed coldly: "You overestimate yourself!"


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His pure strength suddenly exploded and rushed forward.

There was no defense, the strong power of destiny was violently surging towards Bai Lian, and Bai Lian also had no defense, crashing down heavily from the sky.

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz …"

They were constantly going berserk.

The two forces clashed together, causing Jiu Tianmo's body to sink, and his entire body to be smashed into the ground.

At the center of the Eight Trigrams, a lotus bloomed.


It smashed down vertically.

It heavily landed on Jiu Tianmo.

Everyone's face was filled with shock, "Such powerful strength."

"This girl is amazing!"

"Wow, who is this?"

"There doesn't seem to be such a person in holy buddhahood."

"Moreover... Why is the power that she released a little evil? "

He didn't understand Bai Lian.

They also didn't know that Bai Lian was once a Evil Spirit Tribe, but now, she was a cultivation martial buddha.

Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart, "What a strong power."

However, Jiu Tianmo laughed madly, not the least bit afraid as he said: "Come, come and kill me, quickly come and kill me."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The white lotus descended.

It directly pressed down on Jiu Tianmo's head.

The top of Jiu Tianmo's head exploded.


Bai Lian coldly disdained, "I've never seen anyone who wants to die like you."

His head exploded. In this sort of situation, he could not be any more dead.

Bai Lian also felt slightly relieved.


Right at this moment, Jiu Tianmo's body instantly reconstructed, not giving Bai Lian any time to react. Both of his fists moved, and the powerful energy of destiny assaulted him like a landslide.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister as he shouted, "Be careful!"

As soon as he landed, he rushed out.

Bai Lian's reaction was quick. She had already reacted when he felt the fluctuation of a peculiar aura behind his back, but she had never imagined that Jiu Tianmo could actually revive.

Even an evil spirit couldn't do this.

She had never seen such a person in the Universal Large World.

The Laws of each level.

A hundred thousand planes were controlled by the main temple.

They are the ones who master the law.

Thus, different worlds, different powers.

Then again.

The rebirth that Jiu Tianmo talked about, the remodeling of the body, was only a puppet.

Just a little bit of consciousness.

Bai Lian was stunned for a second.

One second … To the powerhouse, that was something that could change everything.

Jiu Tianmo's attack was about to land.

Bai Lian was certain that she would not be able to hold on.

It was too fast!

Long Fei was too far away from her, even if she used all her strength to catch up, it would be too late.

Everything was too slow!

Bai Lian's pupils rapidly changed.

She relaxed, she did not think that she would die after coming to Long Fei's world, it was too tragic to look at.

"Be careful!"

"It's too late, it's too late!" Long Fei was secretly anxious in his heart, suddenly, his forehead twitched, and he bellowed out, "Time …."



A halo of light enveloped them, causing all the images to retreat rapidly, as if they were retreating.

In that instant.

He returned to his original position.

Long Fei slowly walked out from the dark Devil Temple with Bai Lian …

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