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Chapter 99: Sweeper (2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Xue Weilun watched the multipurpose robots unfold stretchers and enter the scene one after another. He squinted his eyes for a moment. "What's to be done about the scene of the incident?"

"Technicians have already taken pictures and saved them for records. The Darksider life form is a class III mutant. With it hiding and the military about to enter the scene, how can we have the space to handle this case… Is the ambulance here yet? Ship them all out. Have all unrelated personnel leave the scene."

Guo Ju responded with these simple words and his orders were subsequently transmitted down the chain of command.

Immediately, the multipurpose robots entered the operating area to move the unconscious bodies. Two of the robots were in charge of tidying up the scene. They separated the pile of human bodies and moved them onto stretchers. The rest of the robots departed like a running assembly-line. They took the unconscious Hu Huaying and the others and sent them off one after another. They handled things quite cleanly.

Several special forces officers were looking at Xue Weilun. Xue Weilun indicated with his hand to withdraw from the room first. In any case, if there was really a Darksider life form hiding here, the special forces would not be much use.

Xue Weilun did not remove himself from the scene. Though the reasoning behind Guo Ju's order to directly clear the scene was passable, there were some subtleties to the timing. The way things were going was quite suspicious.

In clearing the scene, Guo Ju did not just want the unconscious bodies to be taken out, he also wanted the others to go outside as well. The special forces had all left the room and the only ones left were Luo Nan and Cat Eyes.

These two people did not move an inch.

Luo Nan had his mind on some other things but when Guo Ju and the robots came into the scene one after another, a change had occurred within the projected glowing mist. It drew his attention over once again and he fixed his gaze onto the projected mist, his expression showing his utter concentration.

Cat Eyes scanned the situation with interest due to the sudden liveliness of the room.

Neither one of them took Guo Ju's appearance seriously. That was until the police personnel followed Guo Ju's request and appeared by their side, asking them to leave the scene.

Luo Nan's observations were interrupted once again and he became a bit annoyed. He cast his gaze towards Cat Eyes, his meaning clear—this is the result of your negotiations?

Cat Eyes gave him the middle finger. "The nature of things has long since changed, all right? Wait and you’ll see the notification from the Society in due time. Right now the issue with the Human-Faced Arachnid is no longer that of hunting a Darksider life form. Instead, it involves contention with some Secret Orders… Oh, don't get too close."

She pushed away the innocent and ignorance police officers by her side as she walked to Luo Nan.

Meanwhile, the police officers in charge of vacating the scene saw Luo Nan and that he was still a teenager. They were not really rough. They just wanted to grab Luo Nan by the shoulder and drag this bizarre kid with a drifting expression out of here.

Cat Eyes made a police officer stumble a few steps and collide into his coworker when she arrived.

Luo Nan was ignorant of the situation occurring outside his body. However, he approved of Cat Eyes words about Secret Orders from the bottom of his heart. He already had an understanding of the circumstances with the Bloodflame Order. The minds behind this Human-Faced Arachnid before his eyes was absolutely not just the Bloodflame Order. Let alone today's Order of Justice, there were at least two to three secret orders operating in this field.

It seemed that over the course of the night, the Human-Faced Arachnid had become a precious treasure fought over by the world's Secret Orders. At the very least, it was a rare target worth hoarding. Guo Juo had appeared and he had a direct relationship with some medium to small scale Secret Orders. These orders had a commonality—a lack of sacrificial vessels. 

It was unknown where the information that the Human-Faced Arachnid could act as a sacrificial vessel had come from. Even within the Bloodflame Order, this matter was kept hush and secret. It was never directly mentioned.

Relatively speaking, the sudden involvement of the colossal giant that was the Order of Justice was a bit unexpected for Luo Nan.

From what he could understand from the current situation, the Order of Justice seemed to be engaging in some sort of ‘emulation research’ of the Human-Faced Arachnid. Were they developing a new ‘Faith Product’?

In this moment, the atmosphere within the room suddenly turned taut.

No matter how much Cat Eyes tried to play things down, the implications behind her words were extremely serious. Several police officers at the scene had their hands placed on their guns. They did not whip out their guns and fire on the spot but this was because Xue Weilun stopped them.

"Hold on, Guo Ju. They are important witnesses and they are experts with their privileges verified by headquarters and the SCA."

"There are so many experts nowadays that you could make a mountain out of them."

Guo Ju had an ugly expression but in the end he knew some internal information. Even though he was appointed as the man in charge, he could not go around stepping on mines and offending people. It was absolutely unacceptable.

The situation was tense and at a deadlock for a time.

Cat Eyes squinted an eye. Her overall meaning was, ‘What do we do now?’

Luo Nan was also puzzled over what to do in the current situation. In any case, there really was a bit of temporary quietness for now. He grew increasingly certain that he would not be able to control the situation. He might as well just give up and pour his full concentration to the technical side of things.

Little did he know that in the eyes of the others, his stance of completely ignoring the ways of the world and being soaked in his own world made him appear to be super arrogant… And dangerous.

Guo Ju's gaze had already swept away from Cat Eyes to land onto Luo Nan's face. He carefully observed the direction that Luo Nan was looking at and his expression turned as somber as water.

By now, Luo Nan's gaze had locked onto one of the multipurpose robots within the room. It was together with another robot; they were responsible for lifting people. After these robots had entered the room, they came and went from the operating area, moving responsibly and diligently.

Luo Nan had no complaints about the robots themselves. However, when the robot had entered the operating area, the stable operational structure of energy and information underwent a change within the projected glowing mist. A large flow of energy and information suddenly leaked down into an unremarkable external reception module upon the robot's body.

This sort of transfer of energy and information was hard to detect, even for people with astonishing extrasensory perception like Cat Eyes, let alone the common person. However, it could not be hidden from Luo Nan.

This was quite the eye-opener. This method took something that existed on the mental plane, completely transformed it into energy and information, and downloaded it into a special storage unit. It appeared to be inconceivable but it was actually quite logical. It was the reverse operation of the Tower of Babel structure.

The subtleties within really needed to be seriously researched.

Guo Ju had stayed hidden all this time until he suddenly appeared to vacate everyone from the scene. His intentions were very clear now. He was trying to retrieve a prototype after real testing and verification.

Luo Nan did not stop the process; he wanted to continue observing.

This was because he understood very well that there was a certain node that could not the bypassed. Although the Human-Faced Arachnid Exoskeleton Armor could be reconstructed, downloaded, and stored, the same absolutely could not be done to the soul of a human.

Layers and layers of the structure were reconstructed, transformed into pure energy and information, before being imported into the storage unit. The flawed component, Huang Bingzhen, that was concealed within the interior of the Human-Faced Arachnid Exoskeleton Armor were inevitably exposed.

A mass of fuzzy smoke suddenly separated from the framework of the operational structure of energy and information. First, it condensed into a cloud, bringing with it a brightness that could be barely seen on the mental plane. The cloud stalled in the air for a moment and then crashed into Huang Bingzhen's body, which was being prepared for transfer out of the grounds.

This was quite the good timing.

Luo Nan knew that this was Huang Bingzhen's soul. It seemed to be wrapped with a layer of special protection, avoiding the tragedy that came from a dropping crash. The Order of Justice's Faith Product plan was actually quite humane...

He had no intentions to interfere. He just observed with full interest.

However, things would always go wrong. After separating from the mysterious Human-Faced Arachnid Exoskeleton Armor, Huang Bingzhen's tiny soul made a mistake by habit… He was too close to the material plane.

Normally, this would not be a problem. Normally, all he had to do was get in range of the fleshly body and the soul and the flesh would unite as one. Everything would be okay. However, Luo Nan and Cat Eyes were both presently in the room.

Cat Eyes's mental senses instantly cut across upon suddenly discovering a suspicious target—she wanted to lock on for a scan. This was a very natural reaction but from the perspective of the weak structure of Huang Bingzhen's soul, this action was like a whip that heavily lashed down.

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