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Chapter 99: Sweeper (1/2)

Translator: Strivon

From Luo Nan's perspective, the Human-Faced Arachnid was a chaotic mass and a mystery.

Luo Nan's Dynamo Core had gained a new function ten days ago. It had begun to analyse the Human-Faced Arachnid. Despite making repeated breakthroughs, reaping gains, and gaining several reference points, he was still unable to get pass seven percent in the analysis. Even so, there were probably only a few people more knowledgeable about Human-Faced Arachnids than Luo Nan.

Even Luo Nan, with his understanding of the Human-Faced Arachnid, found it difficult to have a even an outline of the core inner structure of the Human-Faced Arachnid. The closest he had come towards understanding it was during the process of his Wraith Sign consuming the Bloodflame Order's Human-Faced Arachnid.

Luo Nan had believed that he had seen the mysteries of the Human-Faced Arachnid's inner structure at the time. However, in retrospect what he had seen was merely the projected mold of  the Bloodflame Order's Bloodsoul Temple. It was a sacrificial vessel prepared ahead of time for the sake of this order.

Therefore, Luo Nan was still in playing the guessing game when it came to the inner structure of the Human-Faced Arachnid. Occasionally, he would get a bit of an outline but overall, he was still lost in the shroud that was like a fog that covered a mountain.

Right now, Luo Nan would be forced to say a word of admiration regardless of their positions if the enemy—most likely the Order of Justice—was able to take out the inner structure of the Human-Face Arachnid and make exhaustive changes to its operational rules over energy and information.

However, Luo Nan really didn't see such a scene before his eyes.

The Human-Faced Arachnid had been molded by the mist’s complex operational structure of information and energy. It now looked refined and complicated. Following the structural layout, the Human-Faced Arachnid would now be able to use the Siege Hammer and other methods to stimulate and consume negative emotions.

But upon closer inspection, there were too many places that seemed correct that were actually wrong. The theory was correct, but to no surprise, the theory was excessively shallow.

From Luo Nan's perspective, the strongest aspect of the Human-Faced Arachnid was the fact that it possessed an innate tyrannical instinct even though it lacked all intelligence. It could completely rely on its instincts to produce astonishingly precise responses.

This sort of instinct should be established upon a foundation and inner storage that were robust and faultless. Like an AI System, effective ‘judgments’ could be produced from vague conditions when possessing a sufficiently large database.

The inner data stored within this Human-Faced Arachnid before his eyes was far too lacking. Though this was a realistic emulated model, Luo Nan deduced from some of the surface patterns that it was just a padded out object. It was similar in shape and appearance but the spirit was different.

"After so long, only an imitation is formed. Or in other words, it's an 'exoskeleton armor' on the mental plane. In this case, a powerful instinct is out of the question and there will certainly be issues with its judgment."

Luo Nan analyzed this Human-Faced Arachnid layer by layer, lifting the foundation out into bare air. Ultimately, he was able to confirm that the so-called flawed components were actually the entire structure. In the end, these were the effects. "Since it is an exoskeleton armor, a person is needed to control it. The problem is, a blockhead who is hard to change in a short period of time was chosen. Not only that, he is completely unsuited to the mental world. They really messed up bad, didn't they?"

He cast his gaze towards Huang Bingzhen, who laid stark naked within the pile of people. Luo Nan wanted to laugh. Right now, the facts were clear. Huang Bingzhen really was in an out-of-body state. Additionally, he did so by having his soul don the Human-Faced Arachnid Exoskeleton Armor.

All right. This was a good invention. At the very least, it allowed Huang Bingzhen to experience the supernatural for a moment… Oh, wait a minute!

An idea flashed across Luo Nan’s mind at this very moment. It took his train of thought and twisted it into a different direction. "Though this sort of structure is extremely lacking, it still gives one the capability to travel on the mental plane. Additionally, one only needs the relevant materials and methods to achieve it. It definitely could be mass-produced. If someone like Huang Bingzhen could obtain one ten thousandths of the Human-Faced Arachnid's strength and could recklessly come and go and run amok… This is such a great temptation for an ordinary person who lacks the gift for the supernatural!"

Luo Nan looked at the Human-Faced Arachnid model as he thought of this. He looked at the flawed components housing Huang Bingzhen's soul and his expression suddenly changed. "Could this be the secret behind the divine and holy powers of this secret order?"

Several consecutive thoughts spun in his mind, causing him to feel a bit spellbound. At this very moment, a group of people came into the room through the door. They were all wearing police uniforms but they weren't allocated with exoskeleton armor.

Luo Nan couldn't help but crease his brows when he saw the group of people rush inside. He cast a glance at Cat Eyes—it seemed that this negotiator was useless. A Human-Faced Arachnid was being rectified in the room right now. A series of supernatural powers like the ability user society and secret orders were involved. This group of people were late and useless and they were just clogging up space right now.

The head of the group of police officers had a medium build and a lean physique. He looked intelligent and capable. He came in and reproached, "Old Xue, not only can your special forces team solve cases, they can find cases… You guys are so capable!"

It looked like Guo Ju had come with the bad intentions, but Xue Weilun did not really say much. This was because these people all were the public security police that should have come out to scene of incidents. There really was suspicion that Xue Weilun's team—the special forces—had gone beyond their authority by taking action.

Moreover, the person who had arrived was the chief of the Fudong Department Branch. Frost River Reality was really part of his administrative domain. Xue Weilun’s actions were extremely taboo.

"Guo Ju, the situation occurred abruptly. These were just temporary preparations. Do not blame me. " Xue Weilun was the type of person to give face when it was due. However, there were urgent matters of high priority that had to be handled at this time.

His gaze cuts towards Cat Eyes, who he had finished negotiating with. He was filled with complicated thoughts. His gaze then swept to Luo Nan's face in the close distance. In the end, he made a firm resolution. "Guo Ju, there's some matters I need to talk about. We suspect that there has been a Darksider life form roaming about here just a moment ago.…"

"Darksider life form? I know. Someone made a report."

Guo Ju held a very calm attitude. From his perspective, Darksider lifeforms were on the same level as a common thief, a gang member, and so on. He felt that they were no different. His chin nodded towards the glowing mist within the projection area.

"This falls out of our scope of responsibility. The military will arrive soon to take over. They are the true professionals."

A problem for professionals being resolved by professional people was a method that Xue Weilun approved. The problem was that there was clearly already a professional person by his side.

Cat Eyes's attire did not instill confidence but the strength that she had displayed earlier and the connections she had mentioned in their conversation already caused a sense of trustworthiness to be formed.

"Guo Ju, I have already verified with headquarters…"

"I too, have verified. So, I have come to clear the scene."

Guo Ju waved his hand and robotic electronic sounds rang out from outside the door. Frost River Reality were allocated with their own multipurpose robots. Like hard-working worker bees, the robots entered the room one after another, following their preprogrammed procedures. They locked onto the familiar figures within the projected mist.

"I have received orders to first ensure that the innocent masses won't be affected. Those who need to be sent to the hospital will be sent there now to avoid any mishaps that may happen. After all, a long night is fraught with dreams. We will make up some illness for those without symptoms to get them out fast… Right, Old Xue, you can withdraw your team now."


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