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Chapter 97: Arachnid's Intermediary (2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Xue Weilun gestured with his hand to turn on the lights. His brows furrowed a bit further when he heard how fast Luo Nan had responded. "You can see?"


Luo Nan only just realized that he was too used to using his mental clairvoyance for convenience. His lips had been loose as well. He had actually answered Xue Weilun's question with all the lights off in the room's operating area.

It should be known that these special police officers were all equipped with tactical helmets that had night vision capabilities. Luo Nan did not have any special equipment on him whatsoever.

"I have good eyes… Cough cough!"

Luo Nan face went a bit red. He then had the urge to cough. He took this chance to be thick skinned and force over this issue while indicating to Officer Xue. "Uncle Xue, all the lights in the operating area were turned off. Seven or eight of the ten of them were opened as projectors. Did you see this when you came in here?"

"Nope," replied Xue Weilun in a simple manner. He thought that things were rather ridiculous. This fifteen, sixteen year old half grown kid looked way too cool and collected. This kid was simply taking buckets of unwarranted suspicion and pouring it on his own head, though this kid did not look to be a fool either.

This veteran special police officer was about to turn fifty this year. He could not help but have some mixed feelings. "Kids these days can endure much more than we could back in the day..."

Their conversation had served as somewhat of a reminder of that.

In the end, Officer Xue could not even make heads or tails of his own son. Additionally, Luo Nan did not reveal anything in his behavior so far to cause Officer Xue to feel ill will towards him. At the very least, Luo Nan was not an incurable good for nothing. 

Luo Nan did not notice Xue Weilun's good intentions. His mental senses covered the entire room for he was endlessly collection information. Of course, he paid particular attention to Hu Huaying and the other unconscious people. He wanted to first make sure that they were not in any life-threatening danger. 

However, their current states were indeed very bizarre.

When the lights were turned on, they were able to see the two females with their disheveled clothes compared to the eight other people. The girls laid further away from the others. They were practically on the edge of the operating area.

The six young masters were all collapsed and squeezed together in the center. Huang Bingzhen was stark naked without anything covering him at all. Hu Huaying, Liu Tao, and the rest were surrounding him in a circle. Their arms and legs were entangled with each other.

Luo Nan was able to surmise a few things from the recording and the scene before his eyes. Hu Huaying and the others were restraining the drug-overdosed Huang Bingzhen when the incident happened. The incident was sudden—happening in a flash—it had caused everyone to collapse.

Mutual fear of various intensities still remained on most of their faces. They were not at peace even though they were unconscious. It was as if they had sunk into a nightmare.

The only exception was Huang Bingzhen.

Although this fellows' face was buried within the pile of people, making it so that other's were unable to see him clearly, it could not be hidden from the clairvoyance of Luo Nan's mental senses. He could see the completely relaxed expression that Huang Bingzhen possessed. He looked like he was sleeping normally.

Was this the expression of someone that overdosed on drugs would possess?

Luo Nan, having increased the precision of his mental senses, was able to observe their breathing, pulses, eyelid twitches, and other external indicators. He had some suspicion to what was going on but he was not completely sure. He needed to carefully look at the details first.

Officer Xue reached out with his arm to block him. "Don't destroy the scene of the incident. Wait for the investigators to arrive."

Luo Nan tried to play dumb. "Aren't you an investigator?"

"We are the special police. We're just involved in action."

"Oh, but it seems like that there isn't anything wrong with their bodies?"

"I've already called an ambulance. They will go through some drug tests."

Luo Nan felt rather helpless. It looked like Uncle Xue may have felt that he was involved with psychotropic drugs. Luo Nan did not blame him though. The two exposed girls, let alone Huang Bingzhen, had clear indicators of being overdosed on drugs.

Returning back to the main topic. The two girls' appearances made Luo Nan more confident in his prior conclusion. This was the natural response of being overdosed on drugs. There was an issue with Huang Bingzhen's appearance no matter how he looked at it. Additionally, it was an issue he was very familiar with.

A light and serene coma.

The last person to have encountered such a problem was Luo Nan himself.

Luo Nan muttered to himself silently for a moment before suddenly accusing. "Uncle Xue, its the guy in the middle. He and I had a contention an hour or so ago!"

"Tell it to the people of the Public Order Division when they arrive," grunted Xue Weilun. But then he inquired, "They're not your friends?"

"Only one can be considered a friend..."

Luo Nan pointed at Hu Huaying, then his fingertips slanted towards the center and pointed. "As for this one, Huang Bingzhen, young master Huang, he is way above my status."

Xue Weilun's brows furrowed again behind the helmet. Was it a misperception? There was a subtle change within Luo Nan's speech. However, Xue Weilun was unable to concretely distinguish where the change was.

"Huang Bingzhen?"

"That's correct, Huang Bingzhen. He is from the second generation of a wealthy family and is famous in our school. He's garbage, trash." 

Xue Weilun shook his head. "There's no point in telling me such things."

I know okay... These words were not directed at you in the first place.

Luo Nan squinted his eyes. When the name ‘Huang Bingzhen’ came out of his lips, the sound waves only traveled a few meters on the material plane before they began to dissipate.

However, the corresponding information within the sound was spurred on by Luo Nan's intent through his soul strength. The information spread rapidly on the mental plane, spreading past the range of his mental senses in the blink of an eye. 

This trick was something he had learned a few days ago from Mo Lun of the Bloodflame Order. Mo Lun had used this method to call the Human-Faced Arachnid from far, far away. The covertness and exquisiteness that Mo Lun had displayed in this method exceeded Luo Nan's current performance by a hundredfold.

Right now, Luo Nan did not know how to conceal it.

Besides, what he wanted as a result was such a diffusion. Now it was time to see what the response was like.

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

A subtle tremor could be felt in his ear. A sharp, ill-willed voice cut in. "The heck are you yelling for? You bragging about being a mentally enhanced type? Half of Xia City heard you!"

The voice was familiar, yet it was not particularly familiar. Luo Nan was dumbfounded for a time before realizing that the words had come through the Psychic Wave Network of the HexaEar. He mentally looked around and discovered that an avatar of a cat eye gemstone had lit up in the encrypted channel setup exclusively for this operation, declaring who had spoken. 

In the end, Luo Nan finally remembered who this was. He did not respond until two seconds later due to some odd thoughts.

"Cat Eyes?"

Luo Nan's thoughts were suddenly stimulated before his voice could fade away. A clear and powerful response had broken into the range of his mental senses in an extremely crude fashion.

Ten meters of distance was not really that far. In the blink of an eye, the shadows of the void came seeping in from one end of the room's walls.

Luo Nan was facing Xue Weilun at this time and he deviated the angle of his gaze. Yet under the clairvoyance of his mental senses, he could see the situation that was unraveling as clear as with the naked eye... for it was occurring on the mental plane.

The shadow of the void had yet to completely permeate through but the mass of six different colored eyes in front and the ugly chelicera mouthparts had together formed the shape of a malevolent spider.

Then there was the constant waving of four arthropod limbs. Some were being waved excessively excitedly, occasionally hitting its own body. They stirred minute undulations on the mental plane that caused one to feel unease. 

A round plump stomach should have been protruding from the back but it had turned into the flat chest and body of a human body. The back even had the outline of human legs, but most of it was still submerged within a dark chaotic fog, making it look deformed and warped.

This form was like a giant spider with half of its body fused to the back of a human. Its heavy weight pressed and broke the back of the human, transforming an ordinary human into a crooked and mutated monster.

"Human-Faced Arachnid."

At least that's what it looked like on the surface.

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