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Chapter 97: Arachnid's Intermediary (1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan quickly walked through the reception hall and headed towards the VIP elevator. On the way, he entered the Society's special channel regarding the Human-Faced Arachnid and reported that there was a situation.

There had been many reports related to the Human-Faced Arachnid in Xia City last week. However, Luo Nan was one of the only four psychics of Xia City. He possessed special privileges within the Society. As soon as he finished the report, He Yueyin already came to contact him.

"Mr. Luo, I've already dispatched personnel to the coordinates you've shared. The closest personnel will be able to get there within five minutes. Please stay on standby until then and do your best to avoid frontal contact with the target. I will be there in around thirty minutes..."

"I'm verifying the status of the situation. Right now, I only have a conjecture, not a real confirmation." Luo Nan had learned some jargon and he spat them out one after another. 

"You're not suited to engage in relevant missions in your current physical condition. Therefore, please, your number one task should be to ensure your own safety." 

"I understand... I have a veteran special police officer by my side."

During the conversation, Luo Nan had already entered the VIP elevator. This time, he did not have Bai Xinyan's temporary privileges but this was not a problem. It looked like Frost River Reality had promoted the level of his account.

It seemed that Hu Huaying's reputation was quite useful; he had been quite comprehensive in helping out. 

Luo Nan really did not want to see something bad happen to Hu Huaying.

Xue Weilun silently followed him into the elevator. His identity as a police officer gave him privileges to move in and out of scenes of incidents.

The two were locked together in the closed elevator. Both wanted to speak, yet the elevator stopped at the VIP floor before one of them could.

The elevator door opened. The first thing that Luo Nan saw were the two guides, one with long hair and one with short hair. The two were quite astonished when they saw that Luo Nan had come back.

"Mr. Luo? did you forget something..."

The two guides soon saw the tall and bulky Officer Xue behind him. They immediately knew that something was off. They were speechless for some time.

Luo Nan disregarded their thoughts and directly asked, "Is Senior Hu still in the same room?"

The two guides looked at each other, hesitantly replying, "Mr. Hu and his friends have already gone downstairs."

"Downstairs? I didn't see them." Luo Nan estimated that the situation he had heard through the recording happened at least ten minutes ago. At that time, he was still at the guide stand of the large hall. The stand and the VIP elevator were not that far apart. How could a group of drunks boisterously come over without him noticing at all?

"They took a different elevator directly to Area A."

"Area A?" Luo Nan muttered to himself a bit and said, "Where's Huang Bingzhen's room? You two recognize this name right?"

"Mr. Huang?" It looked like the guides recognized him from the situation, "Mr. Huang didn't go to the VIP area today..."

"Area A then? Area A also has private rooms right? Can you help me look it up?"

The two guides revealed pained expressions, especially when they saw the giant behind Luo Nan. The two talked amongst themselves for a moment before calling another contact. They asked Luo Nan to answer.

"Hello, Mr. Luo. I am Yin Le."

"Manager Yin?" Luo Nan never thought that the two guides would directly bring this character out. However, this was still within the realm of reason. He thought about Yin Le's other special identity and was forced to consider things carefully.

Yin Le held a very calm attitude. "I am at Cloud City Water Village right now. I don't understand the situation over there. Mr. Luo can you explain for a moment?"

Luo Nan was stupefied for a moment. Was he just going to say, "Hey, so I discovered traces of a Human-Faced Arachnid and the Order of Justice in your territory. Can you folks from the Bloodflame Order cooperate with us and help us find them?"

Though matters of the Order of Justice had nothing to do with the Bloodflame Order, Luo Nan knew that things weren’t simple from his week's observation of the Bloodflame Order through the Wraith Sign's perspective. He was getting a bit of a headache now.

Yin Le still maintained her calmness even though Luo Nan did not respond to her immediately. She asked leisurely, "If Mr. Luo doesn't have any pressing matters, our business has a specialty team dedicated to handling troublesome matters. Mr. Luo can inform them of the situation. I believe that the situation can be properly settled..."

Luo Nan knew that Yin Le was trying to pass him over. However, right as he was pondering about what to say, Officer Xue held down his arm and inserted himself into the call.

"Hello, Manager Yin. I am Captain Xue Weilun of the special police group directly under the Police Department of Xia City. The police number and relevant evidence can be sent to you through the internet. Currently, I am at your site, where a vicious conflict incident has occurred. I suspect that this matter has something to do with your customer, Huang. I hope that your side is able to cooperate with the police and release the relevant privileges to make it easy for the police to handle this emergency. Thank you for your cooperation."

Xue Weilun was actually able to say such a long paragraph in a single breath and he said it with such toughness and determination. His words were distinct and recognizable.

Yin Le clearly went quiet before responding. "We will fully support the work of the police."

The call was then hung up.

Luo Nan understood that this time he had committed a great offense, equivalent to death towards Yin Le. However, he very much approved of Xue Weilun's method of using decisive action in this complex situation.

The two people no longer tarried. They followed the directions of the two guides to go through another non-stop elevator and entered Area A, where Huang's room was located.

In just a short minute, the police already took over Frost River Reality's monitoring system under Xue Weilun's command. They promptly locked onto the target.

Luo Nan and Xue Weilun arrived at the luxurious room. There were already five or six special police officers in position. They separated all the gawking customers from the surroundings and were poised for action. They were ready to break in at any time.

When seeing this scene, Luo Nan yelled "F**K" in his mind.

These special police officers were a little bit stronger than ordinary people at best, wearing their exoskeleton armors. However, if there really was a Human-Faced Arachnid arachnid involved, these special police officers would be completely useless.

There was also Xue Weilun in particular. How could Luo Nan watch Xue Lei's father face danger right in front of his eyes?

He unconsciously tried to squeeze his body through but he was stopped by Xue Weilun. Then a special police officer forcefully pushed him behind a restricted line.

Luo Nan struggled for an instant and saw the special police officers in front of him face Xue Weilun and perform a few hand gestures that he was unable to read. Xue Weilun then gave the order to breakthrough. The door to the room was pushed open and several special police officers came pouring in.

Luo Nan glared at the special police officer behind him and struggled free when the officer was distracted. Luo Nan headed inside the room.

Xue Weilun's brows furrowed when he saw Luo Nan charging inside. He did not say much about his actions; he just asked, "Take a look. Are all of them here?" 

Actually, Luo Nan did not need to look. He had long since used his mental senses to scan the situation of the room from the outside. He knew what was going on.

Hu Huaying, Liu Tao, Huang Bingzhen, three other drunkards, and two girls he had never expected to be here.

He nodded but he did not give a fixed answer. "Everyone I recognize is here."

Luo Nan's mental senses were constantly searching while he was speaking. However, he was unable to tell anything else from this pitch-black room.

There was not a Human-Faced Arachnid, which was the most key. There also was not the so-called holy space and the Scales of Truth; they had disappeared altogether. There were only eight human bodies in deep comas.

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