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Chapter 96: Summoning a Holy Object (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

The stifling feeling flashed, which made Liu Tao's brain vacant for some time. The fingers on his wristband instinctively moved and worked. His wristband silently vibrated and started its video recording function.

Liu Tao eventually came to. By this time, he did not have any thoughts of changing things. He saw the magical spell projected around Huang Bingzhen tremble and rotate. Huang Bingzhen even reached out his hand to touch the virtual, fake lines of the structure as if caressing the tender skin of a beautiful woman. His face was completely intoxicated.

"Just look! This is the holy space!"

Everyone else in the room was dumbfounded. They were completely unable to follow this lunatic's thought process.

Huang Bingzhen found great pride in seeing everyone's expressions, yet he was also a bit frustrated at their lack of appreciation. As such, he was happy to spend some words to give all these ignorant fools an explanation. "Do you know what I've built? Do you know what it's used for?" 

Huang Bingzhen continued to gesticulate about, regardless of whether they wanted to listen. "The holy space is a mystical domain to realize the 'exchange'. In here, you can relinquish something and use it to exchange for something else of equal value. Through this mutual exchange, the most perfect, most exquisite balance in the universe can be obtained… Such a marvelous domain, supported by modern technology, just needs one thing in order to be established. What is that thing? What is it?"

Huang Bingzhen pointed his finger at Hu Huaying, at Liu Tao, and the others one after another. None of them were neglected but no one interacted with him. Everyone was still in a state of stupefaction.

"You morons are beyond redemption! You're supposed to say 'magic spells!' Aha! well that's wrong! It's a seed! a seed!"

Huang Bingzhen was able to have a great time fooling around by himself but Hu Huaying and the others felt like that they had been suddenly pulled on stage while watching a preposterous play. They were now awkward participants.

Huang Bingzhen did not have any self-awareness in regards to this. "We just need to obtain a 'seed' to build a foundation upon. We sprout the seed utilizing the fixed system mold and the holy space is built. The holy object can be sustained within."

"Now where do we get the seed? Taoster, you must know the answer!"

He was actually called upon… 

Liu Tao really wanted to slap Huang Bingzhen’s face to see if he'll wake up from the blow but when faced with those eyes, Liu Tao felt a bit of terror. He could only laugh awkwardly.

"My mind is a blank at the moment."

"Stuuuupid. You've plucked these seeds before."

Huang Bingzhen was just like a musical conductor radiating with passion. With a wave of his arm, a video appeared clearly in front. It showed the thugs deliberately provoking and starting the brawl. He swept his hand across the projection and grasped, seemingly seizing something out from the void. He waved his fist in indication towards Liu Tao. 

Liu Tao was able to approximately guess what Huang Bingzhen was saying. The so-called ‘seed’ was obtained from the brawl just now... What the heck was this thing!?

Liu Tao admitted that he really could not follow what Huang Bingzhen was thinking.

"His brain is messed up on drugs! What the heck are you guys up to!?"

Even Hu Huaying, who was in a state of stupor, felt that something was off at this moment. His gaze swept towards Liu Tao. From his perspective, Liu Tao had come here before him. It was easier to talk with Liu Tao and Liu Tao ought to know more about the situation.

Liu Tao hesitated for a moment. It was very clear that he did not want to talk. He just spoke vaguely, "A group of people made him suffer previously. He's not mentally well. I don't know what kind of wild thoughts he's having!" 

"Him, suffering? He'll make his way back. What's he being tormented over? Who did who offend?"

"That person isn't sufficient to make things this bad."

At least in Huang Bingzhen's mind, there was no concept of Luo Nan as a ticking time bomb. Only God would know why Huang Bingzhen chose to do things in this manner than to use simpler and more direct methods.

Come to think of it, if he was actually able to understand Huang Bingzhen's thought process, wouldn't that make him crazy as well?

Liu Tao shrugged with a look of frustration.

Hu Huaying saw that he would not be able to get an answer from Liu Tao, so he stumbled forward to pull Huang Bingzhen by the shoulder. "Junior Huang, don't make things so abstract. If you have something to say, speak it plainly. If there are things to be handled... Frick!"

Hu Huaying had come up to Huang Bingzhen with good intentions, yet Huang Bingzhen pushed him away. It was impossible for Hu Huaying to maintain his balance in his state. He immediately fell to the ground on his butt and was stunned on the spot.

"Hey Huang Bingzhen, there's no point in you acting like this!"

Another drunkard wanted to do something for Hu Huaying; they had a good relationship. However, Huang Bingzhen's mottled and devilish pupils swept over and stared dead straight at his face in the next moment.

"Silence! Though the experiment is small, it is still holy!" were the noisiest one out of all of us just now.

Hu Huaying struggled to get up from the ground. He shouted, "This fellow has overdosed on drugs! Grab him! Wake him up!"

Everyone had similar family backgrounds but Frost River Reality could be barely considered Hu Huaying's domain. He was the owner, so it was best to listen to him. 

Several drunks began rolling up their sleeves, eager to take action. They took the chance to howl as they charged up. Liu Tao hesitated for a moment before following behind them,

Though Huang Bingzhen's strength right now was unusually great, there was a limit. It was impossible for him to withstand several people working together. Arms flailed in the air. Legs sprawled out in a mess. There wasn't a place to get good footing. Eyes seemed to drip with blood. 

In the end, he had no choice. He could only yell hoarsely, "Please Holy Object! Please Holy Object!"

Nobody cared for the so-called holy object. The correct course of action was to wake this kid up. Hu Huaying turned his head looking all around. "Do we have any suppressants? This kid doesn't care about his life at all... Huh?"

Hu Huaying's voice suddenly cut off. Liu Tao, who was the most sensitive, quickly turned his head towards the sound.

In the center of the magical spells, Liu Tao saw marvelous black and white lines intertwine and weave. They assembled together into a construct. A structure gradually formed. It was similar to a  classical hanging balance scale and was half of a person’s height.

The scale contained a black pan and a white pan, each settling to its respective side. A smooth arc appeared in the middle of the support frame, balancing the pans together. Right in the center was what appeared to be a carving of a western crown. It was unknown what flower it was based on but eight sharp engraved leaves spread open in a ring. Atop the center of the crown were six gems arranged into two rows, each gem was a different color with dark dues. The overall shape looked bizarre yet beautiful.

At this time, the structure was divided into three sections. The center frame, the black pan with its black connective chain, and the white pan with its white connective chain. The pans were hoisted up, even subtly swaying in the process. It was as if the structure was real.

"I think I've heard of this before?" Hu Huaying scratched his head.

"It's must be the Scales of Truth." Liu Tao knew a little bit about it. This so-called ‘Holy Object’ was not only quite influential in the Mystic Arts Research Society, it was also quite famous in the wealthy circles of Xia City.

However, Liu Tao was just not interested in these mystical and mysterious things; he never truly tried understanding them before. Looking at things now, it seemed like he really did look down on the Scales of Truth... In any case, this object had at least some ability to make an ordinary person retarded. 

Huang Bingzhen grew even more crazed when he saw the Scales of Truth appear. He shouted as he struggled. "The fairness of the world!The truth of fairness! The requirements for the daily exchange of goods has been satisfied as defined by the holy command! Perform the exchange! Perform the exchange!"

"Can you calm down!?... Oh frick!"

One of the drunkards had slapped Huang Bingzhen on the cheek quite heavily but Huang Bingzhen bit him with a growl. The drunkard shrieked and blood was spilled. He started to curse very angrily when a sudden jolt went through his body. He lowered his head and was met with the sight of sharp arthropod limb piercing out through his chest. It was unknown whether this sight was virtual or real. 

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