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Chapter 95: A Small Exchange (2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Liu Tao stood outside the door of a room in Area A that was second only to the VIP floor in luxury. He hesitated for a moment but in the end, he still pushed his way inside.

The lighting in the room was dim. It seemed that not all of the lights were turned on; only one wall lamp was on in the corner of the resting area. Two scantily clad women were lying there in a daze. Flesh overlapped with flesh. They seemed to be sleeping but were not. Clearly, they had taken drugs. 

Liu Tao's brows furrowed deeply when he saw this scene. "You stupid idiot. You said you didn’t want to mingle here any longer? Did you really believe that Yin Le's running a brothel?" 

He thought again from a different angle. Huang Bingzhen really did have a bit of intellect for not bringing these two girls to the VIP Area.

 Liu Tao tried to use this reasoning to convince himself but then he turned around. His eyes had already adapted to the dim lighting of the room, making the fuzzy human silhouette in the operating area distinguishable and clear. He was instantly struck stupid by the sight...

He absolutely should not have counted on this moron! 

Huang Bingzhen was wearing a tactical helmet and waving his arms in the dim operating area. His body staggered and swayed as he went around in circles at the center. This son of a b*tch was completely naked! Besides his helmet...

"This guy's done for!"

Liu Tao always felt that playing with women and finding fun all the time was to be expected for people like them, pampered rich kids born with a golden spoon. But there had to be a limit. This was already absurd and reckless beyond this planet. A fellow that constantly thought of greater thrills beyond his limits was bound to not live a long life.

People like Huang Bingzhen were addicted to alcohol, taking drugs, and playing with women of all sorts. Additionally, these people always spend money on the newest and latest things. If left completely unchecked would mean tormenting oneself to death sooner or later... In fact, Huang Bingzhen was pretty much at this stage.

Ever since this fellow joined some order within the Mystic Arts Research Society, he was able to find some sense of ‘eternity’ from his own absurdly degenerate lifestyle. He was fine most of the time but once his lips tasted alcohol and drugs, his brain reverts back to a realm of complete inhumanity.

If the Huang Family did not have such a high investment stake in the Mystic Arts Research Society, if this guy did not have an iron ballot to discuss business—especially in the crucial moment in the bidding competition over Gear—Liu Tao would not even be involved with this guy. It was very ball breaking for Liu Tao.

Liu Tao was wondering whether or not to call out to this madman when Huang Bingzhen called out first with an "Ah". Huang Bingzhen kneeled entirely on the ground and kowtowed over and over. Then he laughed oddly. The sound of his laughter squeezed out from his helmet. The stuffiness of the sound was quite agitating.


Liu Tao was quite startled by this shout, jumping a small step back. Because of this, Huang Bingzhen discovered him. This guy was kneeling on the ground as he turned to look at Liu Tao. The visor of the pitch black helmet blocked his face. It was both comical and eerie.

"Taoster, can you not come up with such a clever plan? These fellows are all being hauled away one by one!"

"Huh?" Liu Tao had yet to process his words.

At that moment,  the operating area was illuminated by the rays of a projector, displaying a few images. It was the situation inside an escorting police car. Within it, Liu Tao was able to see a few faint familiar faces of those who had the contention with Huang Bingzhen just a moment ago.

These were all captured by the camera on the body of some thug, allowing Huang Bingzhen to follow the entire process of the conflict from beginning to end. This sort of method was learned from Li Xuecheng.

However, from Huang Bingzhen’s perspective, he had yet to reach Li Xuecheng's level of methods.

Liu Tao thought of Luo Nan when he saw the situation, his mind getting tangled in a knot. He replied indifferently, "What you wanted was to have them separated. Right now, there are a few young ladies left behind, right? Whatever happens next is your business; it has nothing to do with me."

Though he said these words, when he saw that Huang Bingzhen was not eager to make a move and do some nasty things, he let out a hidden breath of relief.

"Bull crap, they're not alone. Their brother follows them around like a shepherd... Hey! What happened to the others?" Huang Bingzhen finally discovered that Liu Tao was by himself and was rather unhappy.

Liu Tao rubbed his wristband unconsciously, laughing. "They all drank themselves silly, how could they possibly come over?"

"Who says we're not coming over?" The door behind Liu Tao was opened with great force. Hu Huaying and a few others came stumbling and bursting in. He blurted, "You two are so sneaky. What the heck are you up to?" 

"Crap...." Liu Tao felt sick all over. He had snuck his way over here, hiding it from Hu Huaying and the others. He did this for the sake of hiding the fact that Luo Nan was involved in these matters. He needed space to work and save the situation.

But these drunkards came crashing over. It would be bad for Liu Tao to change his stance. How could he control the situation?

Huang Bingzhen glanced at Liu Tao's face with suspicion in his mind but soon became excited by the sudden increase in the number of people in the room. He did not look into Liu Tao too much,

"It's all good now that y'all are here, you sons of b*tches. You guys always say I research those weird and mystical things. Let me tell widen y'all's knowledge right now, just who will be the true master in the future era! The bull crap you have now is nothing! They should have long been swept into the trash!"

Hu Huaying, in his extreme excitement, completely disregarded the boos from Hu Huaying and the others. He already started speaking nonsense as his arms and legs danced. "And over there, the two over there..."

He was referring to the two drugged up girls. The problem was that they were really out of it. How could they respond?

Huang Bingzhen cursed and ran over. He hooked his arms beneath them and forcefully hauled the two girls over under Liu Tao's and the other's incredulous gazes. He placed them on the two left and right sides of the operating area.

"It can't be. He has this much strength from taking drugs?"

Liu Tao was stupefied watching. The two girls had to weigh eighty to a hundred kilograms total. And they were half unconscious. They did not know how to coordinate. They could only act as dead weight. But this weakling Huang Bingzhen was actually able to carry one girl in each hand and forcefully haul them over. If he had this strength during the conflict with Luo Nan, the situation back then would not have been that bad right? 

Liu Tao also noted that Huang Bingzhen had placed the girls down with particular attention. Each one had their own coinciding corner; it was not a random placement.

Huang Bingzhen's actions were very clear. Even though Hu Huaying was drunk, he was able to see it. Someone laughed. "Oh hey! What are you up to? Gonna play some ritual? I've heard that there's a certain someone who still can't draw a complete magical spell even though it has been many years since he entered the society."

"All you amateurs shut up! In this era, how stupid is it to play around with drawing and strokes? Having this is enough for me!"

Huang Bingzhen waved his hand and the video of the police car was cleared away. Then he snapped his fingers and a large projection instantly covered the center of the operating area. Triangles, pentagrams, hexagrams, circles, and various mystical and enigmatic symbols were joined together to form a three-dimensional figure. It was like an enormous cake that was made from several layers that instantly enveloped everyone within. Snow white, hidden indigo, dark green, dark gold, and various colors were projected blurred in front of everyone's eyes.

Liu Tao was able to see what seemed to be the figure of gears in front of him. They were joined together and turning. The feeling they engendered was indescribable.

"What are you playing at?" Such an intense light had lit up the dim room, making Hu Huaying feel dazzled by the sight. He adjusted his drunkard eyes by squinting and was a bit confused.

"Playing? Fine, I guess I am playing. Let's play with a small exchange experiment. For preparations of the holy exchange in the future!" 

Huang Bingzhen took off his helmet, exposing a face that was completely flushed red. This color even permeated his pupils. Mixed with the blurred colorful glow of the surroundings, those eyes appeared mottled and devilish.

Meeting Huan Bingzhen’s eyes made Liu Tao shudder.

This kind of mottling was the same kind as Luo Nan.

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