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Chapter 94: A Bad Mind (2/2)

Translator: Sarah

Luo Nan saw Hu Huaying and Hu Huaying also saw Luo Nan. His enthusiasm still had not subsided. He immediately staggered forward and clung to Luo Nan. "Junior Nan, what's wrong? Is it not fun playing by yourself? Good thing I brought a group of brothers over. We can all play a match together. Want to play Ten Days in the Wilderness? Or do you want something even more stimulating?”

"No, Senior Hu. Something happened with my friend and he asked me to go down. I'll be leaving first." Luo Nan excused himself politely, not wanting to be involved with the group of drunkards. 

Hu Huaying blinked, he was still not thinking clearly. "Tell your friend to come here. Everyone's close to one another, normally we'd play together with Junping!”

He lifted his hand and was about to introduce each one of his friends. However, Luo Nan grabbed onto his arm, made eye contact and said softly, "No need, Senior, maybe next time.”

"Uh..." Hu Huaying was suddenly lost for words. He said "uh" quite a few times before responding. "Ok then, alright."

By this time, the rest of the drunkards in the entrance of the elevator had already sized up Luo Nan. The majority of them were not interested in him and were more interested in the two pretty guides instead.

Luo Nan nodded in greeting to Hu Huaying again and tilted his body to squeeze past the group. There was a person who stood sluggishly in the middle, most likely stoned from drinking too much. This person staggered after colliding with Luo Nan's shoulder. He widened his eyes and was about to lash out but was dragged to the side, clearing the path.  

The person who dragged him was not Hu Huaying but another acquaintance.

Luo Nan's gaze scanned the area and saw the bespectacled Liu Tao, who looked gentle and quiet. Luo Nan could tell that he was the soberest out of the group.

After he saw Luo Nan look over him, Liu Tao gently readjusted his glasses and tilted the corner of his lips in greeting. His expressions were a bit stiff; it seemed as if he had not decided whether to acknowledge him or pretend that they did not know each other.  

Maybe it was because Liu Tao was not sure whether Luo Nan had recognized him.

On the warship that day, his introduction of concepts such as Darksider life forms and Shadow Fog, as well as the less than pleasant encounter at the restaurant two days later, had unknowingly left a deep impression on Luo Nan. Luo Nan's impression of him had already surpassed the conflict with Lian Yu and Li Xuecheng.

But since he was so torn, Luo Nan decided to just pretend that he did not recognize him.

One of Luo Nan's questions had been solved after seeing Liu Tao here. No wonder he was bumping into so many drunkards tonight. As expected of a group of affluent second generations, there were not many people in Xia City who could treat the Frost River Reality as a drinking establishment instead of a gaming center.

Hm, however, Huang Bingzhen was nowhere to be seen… 

Luo Nan entered the elevator and greeted Hu Huaying with a nod once again. The elevator closed slowly along with the farewells of the beautiful guides.

After Liu Tao saw the metal doors of the elevator close and confirmed that Luo Nan could no longer see him, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He had not even been that drunk but any drunkenness he had escaped along with his breath.  

He turned his head to ask Hu Huaying ‘what that guy was doing here’, but found the latter still waving his hand stupidly at the elevator doors. He cursed inwardly and pondered for a bit. Then he raised his wrist, preparing to contact someone.

However, at this moment a sound rang out and the elevator doors that had just closed suddenly opened again. Luo Nan was by himself in the carriage that should have gone down. His gaze swept across the faces of the drunkards outside the elevator.

Liu Tao's heart started to beat rapidly and his raised wrist froze in place.

Luo Nan's gaze eventually landed on Hu Huaying as he broke into a shallow smile. He raised his wrist, stepping forward. "Senior Hu, give me your contact details. ”

Hu Huaying was baffled and slapped his own head after hearing Luo Nan’s words. "Ah, my brain. Come, come, come. Add me as a friend. In school, you should contact me often about anything in the future!" ”

The two touched wrists and added each other as friends on their wristbands. Hu Huaying had graciously accepted Luo Nan's intentions and patted him on the shoulder quite a few times.

Luo Nan smiled in acceptance and idly withdrew from him. His gaze swept across the group once again and ineffably landed on Liu Tao's face. 

At this moment, Liu Tao looked straight into Luo Nan's eyes. 

As his gaze met the unclear irises, Liu Tao's heart seemed to have stopped abruptly. He clearly knew that his reaction was too obvious and wanted to show a more natural pose. However, how could one control the instinctive responses of the body?

Liu Tao did not know what his expression looked like; he could only see that Luo Nan's gaze was locked onto his face. The smile that was sent to Hu Huaying was still in place; however, he felt that something was not right. 

Luo Nan's looked down after approximately half a second.

It was as if Luo Nan's eyes carried a magnetic force as Liu Tao also looked down, only to see his raised arm. He instantly retracted said arm as if he had touched burning red metal, letting it hit his own chest.

This downright horrible reaction was met with Luo Nan's unwavering voice. "Senior Liu, could you add me as well?"

"Huh? Ah! Oh, okay..."

Liu Tao did not even know what he said and watched as Luo Nan moved his arm forward. He also rigidly moved his shoulder forward like a marionette.

A gentle vibration indicated that the two had successfully added each other. On the other side, Hu Huaying snapped out of his daze and mumbled, "You guys know each other?" 

Having heard this question, Liu Tao froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

However, Luo Nan acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened and backed into the elevator. He simply responded, "I met him a few times last week… See you seniors.”

The elevator doors closed again and the numbers indicated that the carriage had gone down.

At this moment, the three others that Luo Nan had ignored started to snap out of their daze; they were both baffled and annoyed. Someone even said, "This guy's quite arrogant, huh. Who does he think he is? ”

Liu Tao did not listen to Hu Huaying's response to his friend as he was caught in a trance. He lifted his wrist and Luo Nan's name was still displayed on the contacts interface. Scrolling back a bit, there was the person he was trying to contact just now. 

At this very moment, the extremely light wristband seemed to be crushing his wrist.

"No, no, no. Honestly that guy is nothing special..." In order to get rid of this laughable pressure, Liu Tao thought back with all his might to the restaurant last week. Thinking of how embarrassed Luo Nan looked after being casually roasted by Yan Yongbo.

However, all the images eventually returned to the otherworldly cold colours deep within Luo Nan's slightly motley eyes. He felt as if he was suffocating. 

Liu Tao could not help but hit his head hard. "Crap, what's wrong with my brain? You think you're so smart, huh!”

"Taoster? What are you doing?" Hu Huaying looked baffled. "I didn't know that you knew Luo Nan, did you guys also meet through brother Ping?"

Liu Tao opened his mouth but did not know how to respond.

After that, he raised his wrist again and the contacts on the screen scrolled up and down along with his eye movements, flipping between two names.

While he meandered about, one of the names suddenly enlarged; as if filling up his entire eye socket.

Huang Bingzhen.

The call connected. The idiot with half a brain scattered and the other half full of hallucinogens slurred, "Taoster, come quickly. Come everyone, I'll let you all experience what supernatural power is!" 

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