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Chapter 92: Multiple Options (1/2)

Luo Nan leaned back in his chair. His limbs were powerless for a time. When faced with the changing stimulation of the external world, his body still needed some time to adjust.

A hologram was set up in front of his body at this time. Videos were playing back in the center region. Several different perspectives showed the details of his movements at the Frost River Waterway. His very sorry state in them needed no further words. 

All sorts of digits and data appeared all around the playback videos. Most of it was jargon. Luo Nan did not quite understand it. Even if he did, he lacked something to compare it to. It was very hard for him to understand this event, which had been completely turned into data. In the end, he did not know what level this represented and whether he did excellent or poor.  

Luckily, he discovered that there was a simple summary at the lower center region of the hologram. "The challenger's body is weak but possesses remarkable sensing precision. He is a precision-slanted mentally enhanced but he lacks the appropriate information processing skill. He lacks control ability over his body and remains on an instinctual stage..."

Information processing skill? Control ability?

Luo Nan thought back to his recent experiences. He had received a lot of information but he was barely able to accept it. All of his nerve impulses and relevant reactions still followed his body's functions to advance in a prescribed order. Indeed, the so-called control ability was out of the question.

He was quite convinced by this evaluation.

Obtaining information was one thing—processing and controlling it was another.

Luo Nan knew that the control center for the body's temperature was located in the hypothalamus. He also knew of the relationships between the mutual inhibitions of the relevant control region, including the various neurotransmitters and neurons—as well as their characteristics.

He also possessed an appropriate amount of soul strength that was sufficient enough to interfere with the material plane. He could give his nervous system sufficient stimulation.

But Luo Nan really did not know how to control this. This wasn't something that could be understood just by thinking about it. If he were to truly give it a shot, how would he decide what the right steps should be?

It must be known that the hypothalamus was an important region of the brain that regulated the activity of hormones and internal organs. The problem with a bad stimulation would not be just failing the challenge; he might even kill himself on the spot.

Luo Nan sighed and watched a few replays of his sorry appearance before choosing to face the challenge again. Before all this, Bai Xinyan wanted him to try it a few extra times. He was given two hours of time and only about a quarter of that time had passed now. He still had to practice!

The problem was that the outcome did not change too greatly each time he entered the Frost River Waterway. The icy cold water of the Frost River Waterway was alright. The real headache was the rapid flow of water and the giant chunks of ice and other junk that came rushing down. Under the numbness caused by the cold, Luo Nan absolutely didn't have the leeway to dodge. He could only fail time after time. 

The depression in Luo Nan's mind was accumulating. He was not scared of failing but he was gloomy about clearly knowing his problem and the feeling of powerlessness that came from the impossibility of fixing it. 

Repeating it a few times, he collapsed at the first 500 meters mark each time. Each time had the same problem, what was the point of continuing to try?

This accumulation of emotions already caused his soul strength to go a bit out of control, so Luo Nan just simply chose to log out.

The sealed magnetic chamber opened up and the high-back chair was restored to its original luxurious state. Luo Nan sat on the chair and was distracted for a time. He heavily smashed the armrest with his fist and ignored the system notifications. He took off his helmet so that he could take some good breaths of air.

But the instant he took off his helmet, all the notification lights surrounding the high-back chair went out. The guide Nina disappeared without a trace and the lights in the room lit up instead. The atmosphere from before was completely broken and his wristband vibrated again with a system notification:

"You have spontaneously logged out of the system. Your temporary privileges have been revoked."

Luo Nan was stunned for a moment. He looked at the time; he had not even reached half of the two hours period. He had just wanted to catch his breath just now. He never thought that the system would close on him so bluntly.

This kind of privilege was far too deceptive.

Thinking about it from another perspective, Ms. Bai probably did not completely factor in the option of a halfway rest point for the user... From this perspective, Ms. Bai's temperament might be dreadfully hard to deal with!

A sense of alertness suddenly swelled in Luo Nan's heart, like that of a mischievous student facing a strict teacher. The most unfortunate thing of all was that this was his first assignment from his teacher. He had done very bad on it...

Perhaps he had already thoroughly destroyed her first impressions of him.

Luo Nan was a bit troubled but it was too late for regrets now. His temporary privileges were no longer effective. The illumination of the lights clearly showed a sense of estrangement. He could only leave.

The robotic platform swiveled over to his side at this time. The intent was to leave the special tactical helmet behind.

Thinking about the huge difference in experience made Luo Nan really hate to leave. This also further increased the growing regret in his mind.

Luo Nan hesitated for a moment. He did not return it for now and instead walked back to the scanning area. He picked up another helmet that was placed there. His hands held it in his grasp as he compared and compared. From the surface, he could not see much difference.

If he had not entered Hu Huaying's VIP room first and had his first unsuccessful experience, Luo Nan probably would not have thought that the equipment was different and that the experienced formed would be so greatly divergent.

But since he found where the problem lay, why not use a bit of effort to thoroughly and clearly find out where the difference between the two helmets laid in the end?

Luo Nan was unable to hold back his curiosity. He adjusted the precision of his senses to high and his soul strength penetrated the helmet. The field of precision electronics was all Greek to him but the structural design of the two helmets seemed to be identical. This gave him a standard of reference. 

This one comparison would really give him some good results.

He compared one region after another using his mental senses and he soon discovered that Frost River Helmet No. 3 had a chipset installed in a compartment area stuck to the location above the forehead.

The helmet he took from Hu Huaying's VIP room also had a similar compartment but there wasn't a chipset there.

It was very clear that this was where the difference lay.

Luo Nan put on the tactical helmet once again, his consciousness penetrating inside. This time, there wasn't a system boot but the more things were like this, the more likely it was for the most basic things to appear. He noticed the flow of energy and information within the chip under the on-state.

Looking at the material structure, the scale of energy and information was smaller by several magnitudes when compared to human cells. But the sensitivity the soul had towards energy and information was clearly very high. His soul didn't need to interfere with the material plane; he was able to clearly perceive and read the energy and information.

Thus,  Luo Nan was able to perceive and examine the processing method of energy and information of the chipset within the Frost River Helmet No. 3... It was a very familiar architecture.

It was extremely familiar!

Luo Nan did a brief recollection and was able to confirm the root of the familiar feeling:

Jack. The Dynamo Core. The Tower of Babel!

Even though the operating mode over energy and information was cruder and more rigid in comparison, this sort of mode of information exchange and transformation was undoubtedly displayed by the Tower of Babel structure by Jack that night... there was some link.

Even if this method was transplanted into a chip, making the structure that sustained the operation become greatly different, there was no essential difference over the operating modes of energy and information between the two. 

Ooh-wee, this really did come as a surprise.

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