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Chapter 9: A Large Terror (Part 2/2)

There were many people in the surrounding and the area was cramped as well, so Li Xuecheng didn’t use much strength, only enough to make Luo Nan stumble. And Li Xuecheng nearly lost balance himself; he just barely corrected his balance. He wanted to rush at Luo Nan again.

And also at this moment, Luo Nan suddenly turned around.

It’s strange even speaking about it. The two people’s eyes crossed and paired. All Li Xuecheng felt was an inexplicable nervousness in his mind. He unconsciously stopped moving.

Since Lian Yu had already calmed down, Li Xuecheng’s action attracted everyone’s attention.

Obvious Li Xuecheng’s conduct was inappropriate, but Luo Nan wasn’t part of their circle. This group of rich kids had no duty to intervene in a fight. And needless to say, there was still a portion of people among the group brooding over the Pot of Destiny in the Phantom flying car.

Even if there was a 99.9% chance that the pot was Xie Junping’s, as long as there is a 0.1%, or 0.01% chance that it was theirs, they would pass on their resentments onto Luo Nan’s body.

Everyone watched with indifference. Lian Yu could feel that it would be hard to step in and intervene from this wretched group’s stances. She was raging at the side with an ashen face.

Of course, Li Xuecheng knew where his companions stood and he really did have the intention to approach Luo Nan once more. But for some unknown reason, even though Luo Nan’s face was ashen-white like that of a dead person, even though Luo Nan looked as if he would topple from a gust of wind, even though Li Xuecheng’s heart was raging and burning with a nefarious flame of malintent, against all reason Li Xuecheng was unable to make a single step forward when faced directly with Luo Nan’s eyes.

It wouldn’t have been a problem if it were just a second or two, but three-four-five-six-seven seconds had passed with him being completely motionless. Most particular was that this was a dueling pose!

The surrounding scoundrels clearly saw something was going on. They had already begun laughing beneath their breaths.

Li Xuecheng was further humiliated. He had naturally felt himself to be higher than a bodyguard, an attendant, and so on in this previous matter. Who can really understand firsthand the uncomfortableness he was feeling right now? He was flying into anger from the humiliation gradually and inevitably. Then he discovered that Luo Nan’s notebook was right under his foot. He directly vented his anger by stomping down dead-center on the notebook.

The thick notebook caved downwards in an instant. The tiny sound of shattering rang out, permeating out through the crevices formed from paper pages.

Right in front of Li Xuecheng, Luo Nan was struck still in an instant.

As soon as Li Xuecheng saw Luo Nan’s expression, Li Xuecheng quickly understood that he had truly threaded into the fortress of Luo Nan’s heart with this foot. He immediately felt a great pleasure that even erased quite a bit of those bad cowardly feelings. 

He increased the strength of his foot downwards and carefully grinded the notebook around in a circle. At the same time he stretched his tone and expressed by singing with undulations and rhythm:

“Oh my~ Terribly sorry……”

Actually, Li Xuecheng’s actions were quite tasteless and quite beneath him. But this was only one perspective. Quite a few of the surrounding people jeered in laughter. It was all a matter of opinion whether how many were helping or how many were bullying.

With momentum rising on his side and with ample confidence, Li Xuecheng raised his hand and pointed on Luo Nan: “Kid……”

As soon as the sound left his mouth, his throat suddenly choked shut. This was because he saw that Luo Nan was walking straight at him.

The entire room wasn’t even twenty square meters in size. It was absolutely jam packed with twenty people stuffed inside. The distance between the two was seriously within two steps away.

Li Xuecheng’s heart and mind inexplicably palpated. At the same time he faced Luo Nan’s eyes once again at close distance.

Luo Nan’s external appearance was quite delicate and pretty, but Luo Nan’s eyes weren’t beautiful at all, at least from Li Xuecheng’s perspective. The pupils were mottled with what seemed to be a circulation of grotesque and variegated colors. This all ultimately coupled with Luo Nan’s icy and dark fundamental nature. 

Li Xuecheng inexplicably recalled a memory of when he was in one of his best friend’s garden, to when he saw a hunting collection:

The head of a blood-thirsty life-seeking mutant.

That savage and ruthless beast had a height exceeding five meters and a strength like a mountain. Li Xuecheng looked straight at this mutilated beast through the heavy electric cage that trapped it and he could not help but have his heart be in a state of war; he was intimidated, his air weak.

Naturally Luo Nan’s physique was incomparable to that of a gigantic mutant. But the problem is that there was still a stronger-than-steel glass wall separating the savage beast when Li Xuecheng had encountered it. There were even a high voltage fence and deadly mechanisms ready to be unleashed at any times.

And now there was nothing separating them at all…...

Nothing at all!

Li Xuecheng’s heartbeat sped up. His pupils dilated. He opened his mouth to shout, but even he didn’t know what to shout at all. The problem was that he had clearly opened his mouth, yet not a single sound came out of it.

His tongue, throat, chest, and even the muscles of his body had become paralyzed in an instant due to some unknown reason. It was as if he had fallen completely into a nightmare. He was aware and clear-headed, but he was unable to escape no matter what he did.

He could only look helplessly at Luo Nan walking closer to him, at Luo Nan extending an arm, at five fingers lightly fastening themselves to his throat…...

The fingers really were quite light; Li Xuecheng could not feel any sort of strength. But the air in his lungs rapidly sucked out and depleted at this moment. His nose, mouth and even the pores all over his body were forcefully sealed. It was like he had been forcefully wrapped with a thick and airtight plastic membrane. Internal air could not escape. External air could not enter. He could not even emit sweat.

His heart-rate rapidly increased in speed. The oxygen content of his pumped blood was depleting more and more. The terrifying suffocating feeling was like the ocean’s tide on an embankment that slowly and steadily flooded his brain. 

Li Xuecheng tried his utmost to open his mouth, to breath, to beg for forgiveness. He exhausted all the strength in his body. Yet this only resulted in the bulging of his eyeballs, which practically protruded out of his eye-sockets. The color of blood soaked his field of vision bit by bit. His lacrimal gland was stimulated, forcefully releasing a whirlwind of tears. But the tears weren’t enough to wash away his muddy expression.

The last strands of thought in his mind collapsed to ruin. All that was left was pure survival instinct that caused him to struggle with difficulty:

Help! Help! Someone help me!

Actually Li Xuecheng didn’t know this himself, but he was still making a little bit of sound from his dead-locked throat muscle. The sound came from the depths of his throat and squeezed out from the tapered exit. A sound that represented the possibility of a last breath at anytime:

“*Gasp*, *Gasp*”

And at the same time his face turned from white to red, from red to purple, from purple to veins of blackness. His eyes were already bulging out from his sockets by a centimeter, exposing a great amount of the whites of his eyes. It seemed that his upwards surge of blood was going to split open his skull in the next instant.

All the rich kids in the room were struck dumb on the spot.

They were incapable of understanding the pain that Li Xuecheng was facing. All they saw was Luo Nan walking over, extending his hand, and gripping Li Xuecheng’s throat. Then Li Xuecheng was actually completely intimidated to blankness without a trace of resistance at all. This Luo Nan, who appeared to be weak and delicate, actually had a grip strength that was terrifyingly large. Right now it looked as if Li Xuecheng could go into shock from suffocation at any moment and even die immediately!

No one knew why Li Xuecheng was acting like such a coward, but Luo Nan’s relentless strength was even more of a factor in causing people to shiver from the depths of their hearts. In this moment everyone believed that Luo Nan was really going to choke a person to death.

There were those with clearer minds who felt that Luo Nan’s bodily actions had a certain unspeakable strangeness to them. Luo Nan appeared to be using strength, yet he appeared not be using strength causing Li Xuecheng’s pain to be completely sorry act. It formed a completely disharmonic setting.

But this wasn’t the most important factor that really caused people’s scalps to fry. The most important factor was Luo Nan’s expression.

Yep, look at his face. Originally Luo Nan’s face was pale and ashy like that of a dead person. But right now his face actually had a drunk-like red glow that spread layer upon layer, accumulating…… It was excitement right? Excitement right?

This emotion, this scene was like an invisible whip that lashed at all the surrounding people’s minds. It was needless to mention the feeling of their flesh; their minds felt waves of convulsions:

A death pervert. A homicidal maniac! This nature was hidden deep inside…...

“What are y’all looking foolishly for! Pull him away!”

Lian Yu’s sharp voice pierced through the near-congealed fear. She was the first to perform a stress response. She didn’t care or consider anything else and directly collided through the paralyzed bodies in front of her.

The group of people in front were unable to hold onto their balance. Most especially were the people in front. After all how far apart were they? Someone in front was about to be hit. This fellow was also a cowardly type; he actually screamed at the top of his lungs.

But who cares about the unwilling people up front. The sudden eruption of crowded chaos caused them to be pushed towards Luo Nan. The body weights of seven~eight people piled together. Even though these people didn’t use their complete strength, it was enough to make Luo Nan stagger just as before. The hand that had been stuck to Li Xuecheng’s throat actually slid away.

This scene gave quite a lot of people courage. There were people way up in front who yelled straightforwardly “AHHHHHH” with closed eyes and open arms; it was a completely irrational bear hug. They charged abidingly over. Once there was one person there would be a second. Over half the people swarmed over being driven by the crowd mentality. The room was a giant mess for a moment.

Luo Nan had been pushed and separated during the chaos, letting Li Xuecheng to fall heavily on the ground; Li Xuecheng had already passed out and lost consciousness. Traces of extreme terror were still remaining on his face.

Things are getting big now!

“BEEP BEEP BEEP!” A sharp alarm rang forth. The armed mechanical soldiers that had been acting as decorations suddenly activated, turned around, and pointed their anti-riot guns towards the chaotic crowd of people.

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