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Chapter 89: Frost River Road (2/2)

Translator: Sarah

Luo Nan stood right on the boundary between Area C and the guide area.

In front of him was a reality region that was covered by virtual AR figures. Through the strengthening of his peripheral goggles, it was difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy, even though the external designs of the virtual images were a little cartoony.

Some high-level players may select their virtual guide. From virtual idols to gaming heroes, you could choose anyone. Therefore, the area in front of him became lively with real people mixing with virtual images, it would make one's head spin.

Luo Nan had talked as he walked, which made his progress very slowly. He had already lost sight of Mo Qiu and Tian Si who were in front of him.

He thought for a moment and decided not to enter Area C but to contact Octopus Bro through his HexaEar.

After one week of preparation, the Octopus had already begun full blown research in regards to Luo Yuandao's psychotropic drugs. He was very ambitious and he integrated Luo Nan's practical results and conducted comparative research with many groups of drugs. It seemed like he really became an eight-armed octopus, working with high intensity for days on end—even his sleep schedule was messed up. 

When Luo Nan contacted him, he was taking a hard-earned nap in the laboratory. He was still a bit groggy when he picked up. However, after listening to what Luo Nan had to say, he immediately shot wide awake.

"White Salt, Bai Yan returned to the country and contacted you? She wanted you to go to the Frost River Waterway?" (White Salt is pronounced as Bai Yan in Chinese)

Bai Xinyan's nickname slipped out from Octopus's mouth as he washed his face, hoping to fully wake up his brain. He pondered for a while and said, "I know of that Frost River Reality project. The government, the military, the Society, as well as many financial groups and companies all participated in it. President Ouyang is also the technical advisor for the project. Actually, it has been ported to our Psychic Wave Network platform. Of course, it's still not suitable for you. However, if you're talking about somatosensory stimulation, the corresponding dangers would be lowered a lot.

“Honestly speaking, White Salt's proposal is a bit radical but it is very fitting to Doctor Clay's style which is the ‘Reconstruction School of Thought’. Their school of thought relies on super top-notch neuroregeneration technology and they are extremely willing to test the endurance limits of the human body for every medical case. They then work on this limit, combining strengthening with regeneration into one; there are no other school of thoughts out there that could compare in their superiority in this field… Of course, you still need to take care and control the intensity.”

Luo Nan understood the gist of it. Since Octopus had explained it this way, it didn't seem like there would be any major problems. He thanked Octopus and hung up. He decided that he would act according to Bai Xinyan's instructions.

After that, he followed the instructions in the message about the key and downloaded the electronic key to his society privilege system. He obtained a temporary access privilege and connected to the Frozen Star System.

The system booted quickly and following the notification, Luo Nan left Area C and rode the dedicated elevator to level three of ‘Frost River Reality’.

When the elevator doors opened, two guides dressed as female starship troopers greeted him at the same time, "Sir, we welcome your arrival... ”

Seeing the student-like Luo Nan clad in the garish ‘restricting’ peripheral equipment standing in the elevator carriage effectively cut off the two guides' voices.

Luo Nan was sure that the two guides were played by real people and were not virtual images. He nodded in acknowledgment as he exited the elevator.

Unlike the lively, noisy situation in the lower level, it was very quiet when he entered the third floor. The dim black light combined with the fine specks of light from above created a mini starry environment. It seemed like you could even hear the sound of breathing.

Luo Nan also felt that his arrival created a problem for the two guides, but he couldn't just explain to them that he ‘came here for a body check-up’. He could only feign ignorance and politely ask them for relevant information as per the system notification:

"I need to go to the Frost River No. 3, how do I get there?”

The two guides, one with long hair and the other with short hair, were both beautiful and cute. They exchanged quite a few looks before the guide with short hair answered:

“Sir, the Frost River No. 3 is in an independent area. May we verify your access privilege?”

"Oh, Sure.”

Just as Luo Nan began to raise his hand, the other guide with the long hair had already started the scanning device to emit light with a hand gesture. As the device scanned across Luo Nan's peripheral battle equipment, a dim yellow warning light lit up.

Luo Nan immediately received the system boot notification. "Dear valued customer, you have inadvertently entered an unauthorized area. Please follow the instructions of a guide nearby and depart as soon as possible in order to prevent creating an accident..."  ”

The two guides looked at each other and broke out professional sweet smiles at the same time as they turned to face Luo Nan. "Sir, as you have seen how things are, I ask for your cooperation...”

“Wait, this isn't it."

Luo Nan figured it was most likely because the access privilege in his wristband had not connected with the one from the Frost River Reality peripheral. As he was about to explain, the elevator doors behind him opened again and a man stumbled out from within.

Another drunkard? Was ‘Frost River Reality’ really an amusement center or a bar restaurant?

However, the newcomer appeared to be a regular customer. When both guides saw him, they bowed and greeted him at the same time. "Mr. Hu.”

The drunk guy walked towards them; he looked fairly young. He casually slung his arm across the short-haired guide's shoulder whilst the latter hurriedly stretched out a hand to steady him and broke out with a sweet smile. "Mr. Hu, what arrangements do you need?”

Although he was still quite clear-headed, Mr. Hu slurred his words. "Get me a room and prepare an environment that would get me to sleep quickly so that I can sleep for a while. Oh right, C7 would do...Frikkin, those people can really drink!”

"As you wish, Mr. Hu."The short-haired guide walked inside whilst supporting the man and signaled for her colleague to finish dealing with Luo Nan's problem as soon as possible.

Mr. Hu walked for two steps in a crab-like manner and stopped for a bit. He edged closer to Luo Nan and squinted whilst analyzing Luo Nan's face.

At this moment, he stood in a daze and suddenly stretched out his hand, attempting to grab the goggles on Luo Nan's face.

Luo Nan stepped back to dodge his grab and furrowed his brows.

"Mr. Hu..."


The two guides opened their mouths at the same time but they didn't know what to say. It appeared that neither of them knew how to deal with this type of messy situation.

Mr. Hu tried to reach out again but at this very moment, the sound of a door opening rang out. A door had opened from a room in the corridor and a lady donned in dark professional attire stepped out from within.

Upon seeing the lady, the two guides found their support and greeted in unison, "Manager Yin."

The lady had also picked up on the situation and made her way towards them. As she came closer, her appearance became clearer under the dim lighting. She looked about thirty and was beautiful, she carried herself with grace and her exquisite makeup showed off the airs of a mature woman.

Her gaze swept across the faces of both Luo Nan and Mr. Hu, then she smiled and said to the latter. "The little boss came here drunk; it seems like we specialize in selling hangover soup? "

Mr. Hu was inexplicably slightly afraid of her, he straightened his posture and waved his hand. "Sister Le, I didn't mean it."

Ms. Yin turned around again to say something to Luo Nan but was faced with a medium-sized young boy looking at her with a dazed expression. It was obvious that he was blanking out.

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