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Chapter 88: Rich Family (Part 2/2)

Translator: Sarah

The incident was sudden. Before they could even react, Mo Han was forcefully held captive. The group could only gape in surprise. The nearby Mo Peng was the first to run up and grab the man’s arm, helping the struggling Mo Han break free.

Mo Han’s older brother Mo Tao was only slower than Mo Peng by a hair. Mo Tao was the ninth of the Mo family, and he was also the sturdiest and buffest. He growled as he rushed up and abruptly pushed the captor to the wall and grabbed his collar:

“What are you doing!”

“F***, what the heck do you think you’re doing?”

The man pressed against the wall was even louder than Mo Tao. His breath reeked of alcohol; it was obvious that he was totally drunk.

Luo Nan’s group was currently at the entrance of the guiding passageway located past the reception lounge. The space had suddenly narrowed so when the dozen people circled around, they effectively blocked off more than half of the passageway. 

The drunkard slurred a few sentences and looked up to see the dark and oppressive group. This seemed to cause him to sober up a bit as he felt a bit timid. He paused for two seconds.

However, his alcohol-induced bleary eyes soon caught a glimpse of a certain someone in the group. He stretched out his arm and flailed twice as if he was trying to throw a punch. Eventually, he rested his arm on Mo Tao’s shoulders and pointed to a gaping Tian Qi.

“What? Little Tian, Little Tian Qi? You’re here?...You gonna turn against me?”

“Huang, Officer Huang?”

After uttering the first word, Tian Qi could not hold himself back from uttering the rest of the words. The amount of influence that the officer had accrued over the years was enough to make Tian Qi feel weak but the situation at hand far surpassed the limit of his brazenness.

The white face quickly flushed red. If it was possible, Tian Qi wished to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

Fortunately, at this particular moment, his cousin Tian Si decided to step up and angrily yelled, “Huang Bingzhen, stop throwing a drunk fit!”

The drunkard squinted. When he eventually managed to clearly make out Tian Si’s face under the minuscule lighting in the passageway, he laughed again. “Tian Si… Si, Big Sister Si Si!”

This fellow Huang Bingzhen was around twenty at most. His fully intoxicated expression fully revealed his usual sense of unbridled recklessness. “Big Sister Si Si, I haven’t seen you in a long time. What brings you here? Is it for the Student Council or does the Mutual Assitance Group have activities? All these faces around us are new to me…Don’t crowd around me, I feel claustrophobic.”

He tried to struggle free from Mo Tao’s grip but failed, which caused him to feel a little annoyed. “Hey, you already know who I am. Why are you still like this, huh?”

At this moment, Luo Nan had finally remembered some key information after flipping through his memories. Right, his intel had shown that Huang Bingzhen was an officer at the Mystic Arts Research Society; a typical rich kid and a pervert. Cat Eyes had directly smashed him into a wall last Friday night, knocking him out at the Limestone Water Village Pub.

It was most likely because he had drugged himself up too much but apparently he still hadn’t learned his lesson from his previous experience.

Naturally, Tian Si knew all about Huang Bingzhen’s. She would certainly be fearless if it was only about his position within the school. However, she was fearful of the Huang family’s social influence; there would be consequences if she offended him. Her face darkened. “Huang Bingzhen, who are you here with? If you’re drunk then go puke in the toilet. Do you find it fun embarrassing yourself in front of others? The Mystic Arts Research Society and Acumen College are tarnished because of you!”

Huang Bingzhen broke into a smile. “Don’t worry, with how beautiful Big Sister Si Si is they will eventually get their reputation back…”

At this moment, everyone realized that there was really no way to get through to this guy.

Mo Qiu confirmed that Mo Han had not been hurt and decided to let it go. Instead, he seized the opportunity to shorten his distance with Tian Si and lightly wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Let’s go, let’s not stoop down to the level of this drunkard… Tao Nine, let’s leave.”

Mo Tao glared at Huang Bingzhen and only let him go after lifting him up by the collar and shoving him at the wall.

No one had expected that Huang Bingzhen would run his mouth the moment he regained freedom. “Oi, you over there. We share the same morals. You’re familiar with this. Have you asked for permission before coming over and messing around? Have you gone through the superior above you, Chairman Chen?”

Although this bastard was physically drunk, his mind was still clear. Every word he spoke was filled with venom.

Tian Si’s face grew pale with fury. On the other hand, Huang Bingzhen became more excited the more Tian Si became like this. “So you guys could fool around with each other but I can’t even hug a girl? Come, little miss, I’ll tell you about the Mystic Arts Research Society…”

He stretched out his hand to hold Mo Han again as he spoke. However, since Mo Han had snapped out of her daze, she was not one to be trifled with. She kicked out with her foot and hit him right in the middle of his shin.

Mo Han was wearing pointy leather shoes and her kick was strong and ruthless. Huang Bingzhen immediately let out a groan of pain and began to hop around whilst he held onto his injured leg. However, he lost his footing and crashed to the ground. It was unbearably embarrassing.

“Let’s go!”

Mo Qiu didn’t want to blow the situation out of proportions and decided to suppress his unhappy feelings. He called out to his companions to leave and their group of people headed inside, leaving Huang Bingzhen on the side screaming colorful curse words after them.

When they reached the turning point in the passageway, Mo Peng turned his head to glance at Huang Bingzhen who was still cursing loudly. He muttered, “This person’s words are too hurtful, I’m afraid we’ve lost the mood to enjoy tonight.”

Luo Nan hummed and saw the preoccupied look towards Tian Si and Tian Qi. It was indeed true.

They turned the corner. His vision was cut off but Luo Nan’s mental sense still covered Huang Bingzhen’s location. He found that a person had called out to Huang Bingzhen just as their group had rounded the corner. It was obvious that they bore witness to the conflict and remained hidden on purpose to avoid trouble.

Luo Nan had actually met that person before. He was Xie Junping’s friend Liu Tao, who was a higher-up at the Construction Society. He wore gold-rimmed glasses and had an air of elegance.

Huang Bingzhen was from the Mystic Arts Research Society…This group of rich kids had exceeded the scope of school activities but it was impossible to tell that they were going through a vicious bidding war over Gear.

Mo Qiu had gone all out for this get-together tonight. He had specially reserved a room with his own hard-earned savings to make it more convenient for the preparation work before entering the game.

After the group entered the room, they stood in the scanning area under the instructions of the artificial intelligence. Specified machines were used to examine their physical attributes such as body shape in order to develop digital models, matching peripherals, and so on. This was all for the sake of achieving the greatest degree of realism.

In fact, the vast majority of people already had an account in the ‘Frost River Reality’. They would only need the machine to scan and match them with their previous existing data which should only take a short amount of time.  

However, there was an exception in everything; Luo Nan just could not get scanned through.

Mo Peng grew impatient. “What’s wrong Nanster, I’ve taken you to play here before.”

Being a gaming geek, Mo Cheng was extremely knowledgeable in this field. He shook his head and said, “Little Na came here last year right? He must have grown half a head since then. As he has grown and doesn’t play that often, the system needs to redo calibrations.”

Luo Nan understood clearly that his body had gone through fairly significant changes from taking the medication day in day out. Although there was no stimulation from the medication now, he was afraid that the stimulation from his soul strength would result in even greater changes in the future.

He laughed. “It’s really nothing, I did say earlier that I wasn’t going to play haptic games.”

“Why not?” Mo Han found it very strange, “You’re at the Frost River Reality, isn’t that what you came to do?”


Luo Nan finally scanned through. However, the rare yellow light in the scanning area lit up. There was also a warning message. “Dear valued customer, we are extremely sorry for interrupting your gaming process. As you are currently undergoing treatment, according to doctors, it is advised that you do not play games with high levels of stimulation…”

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