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Chapter 87: Playground (Part 2/2)

Since Luo Nan didn't really play that much with these people, Chen Xiaolan, who was none other than the person Mo Cheng was addressing as Chenchen, wasn't that familiar with Luo Nan. She paused when she suddenly saw this unfamiliar face during the introductions. Luckily, this moment of awkwardness in broad daylight was able to conceal Chen Xiaolin's unnatural behavior. 

Mo Qiu’s ample experience with society allowed him to save the show again this time. "What do you think? Our fifth uncle's family's Nanster has changed since going to Acumen College, right? People really do grow at Acumen College. Xiaolin, you didn't give me this much pressure the last time we met."

Mo Qiu's self-mockery and sarcasm were very appropriate and beneficial. It alleviated the awkwardness and everyone laughed.

However, some parts of it were a bit off and it was here where Mo Han slyly mocked, "It should be that the school curses people. They all just came from the hospital after all..."

Chen Xiaolan was a character that could match the guys in this male-dominated gaming clan in every manner. She was not just for show. She immediately patted Luo Nan on the shoulder and said, "So it's Nanster all along. I didn't even recognize you just now. It seems like we haven't played together that much. You must have just enrolled into the school. Chen Xiaolin is a grade higher than you. Let her look after you in the future. If she bullies you, just let me know."

If this was a normal situation, this matter would have been over with such words from Mo Qiu and Chen Xiaolan.

However, there was a problem. Luo Nan wasn't the type of person who was really good at improvising. As for Chen Xiaolin, she might have been quick witted normally but she wasn't mentally stable right now and thus her reactions were extremely terrible. She didn't take in or even notice her sister's words. In the end, she spoke with a low voice: 

"Junior Luo. Long time no see."

As the person who knew her sister the best, Chen Xiaolin's abnormal response instantly drew Chen Xiaolan's attention. Actually, there was a quite the big difference between Chen Xiaolin's current behavior and her previous behavior.

"Oh dang, there's cheating going on." Mo Han and Mo Peng had ducked to the side to whisper amongst themselves. But from Luo Nan’s perspective, their volume was like being shouted at next to his ear.

Luo Nan gave them a fierce glare.

Chen Xiaolan didn't hear the whispers between the two, but even if she did, she would have to pretend she didn't. She asked with a bit of curiosity, "What's this? You two know each other? Acumen College is that small?"

"We just met last week. Sister Chen has also helped me out before."

What else could Luo Nan say? He could only deal with this now before anything else happened. 

Yet at this time, someone else spoke up and joined the conversation, "So you're also a junior who goes to the college... Last Friday did you attend the Mutual Assistance Dinner Gathering?" 

The one who spoke up was Mo Qiu's get-together target. Her name was Tian Si. She looked rather petite, beautiful, and gentle. Her laughter was very appealing. No wonder Mo Qiu was really putting effort into pursuing her.

"Yes. Hello, Sister Tian."

Luo Nan remembered that he seemed to have met her before. She was an officer of the Student Council or the Mutual Assistance Gathering. It was just that President Chen Weican had been far too eye-catching at the time. Luo Nan's impression of the others that followed him was very shallow. If there hadn't been a match in information from past and present, he certainly would have forgotten all about her. 

Tian Si laughed quite happily. "The influence of Acumen College has suddenly expanded greatly. Junior Nan, Tian Qi, and me. We make up nearly one-third of the people here."

Tian Qi was one of the people in Chen Xiaolan's party and he was the only male. Additionally, he was Tian Si's cousin. Tian Qi was tall, skinny, and refined. One could tell that he was quite interested in Chen Xiaolin.

He had glared at Luo Nan the moment Chen Xiaolin’s behavior changed. His suspicions brought with them a hint of warning. However, he still laughed towards Luo Nan when Tian Si mentioned him. He reached out to shake hands with Luo Nan and said, "Junior." Tian Qi wasn't lacking in poise at the very least.

Luo Nan inexplicably felt that things were a bit ridiculous. He could clearly feel that the flow of conversation amongst this four person group of Acumen College revolved unconsciously around a certain person. Their conversation was also constantly being subjected to that person's influence.

Xue Lei.

An emotional issue... He got a headache just thinking of it.

Luo Nan easily wouldn't get involved in areas he didn't understand completely. However, he was very much involved in the misfortune that had happened between Xue Lei and Chen Xiaolin. However, he also felt that he didn't really do anything wrong.

At the Limestone Water Village Pub back then, the Human-Faced Arachnid already had its eyes on Xue Lei. It even controlled Black Wolf of the ability user society for both an internal and external pincer attack. Clearly, it wanted to enjoy Xue Lei as a meal. If Luo Nan hadn't figured it out at the time, the results would have been too horrible to contemplate.

But from another perspective, if Luo Nan hadn’t given the emotionally out-of-control Chen Xiaolin a hypnotic suggestion during the fight between Xue Lei and the Black Wolf, then Chen Xiaolin probably wouldn't have ended up with such an intense mental impression after. In the end, he had to bear some of the blame.

Regardless, no matter how many undertones there were between the four people group of Acumen College, none of those were tonight's subject of activity. Frost River Reality and making friends were the goals.

Everyone mutually understood this and under Mo Qiu's suggestion, they left their seats and went deeper into the cold beverage shop. Eventually, they entered majestically into the reception hall of Frost River Reality.

This was undoubtedly the intersection point between the virtual world and the real world. Even though the world had yet to touch upon the most core of reality technology, there were still interactive AR virtual images all through out the great hall. Iron-blooded, cool & handsome, cute... Various AR images were jumbled together, looking like a chaotic mess. But the quantity of interaction between countless virtual images was very much worth watching. 

At least, the girls were very moe.

When a sudden loud noise clamored, Luo Nan quietly lagged behind to the back of the group. He muttered to himself for a bit, before finally deciding to give Xue Lei a call.

The call went through very quickly. "Hey, Leister, where are you!"

"I'm helping out at the gym." Xue Lei's voice was as loud as usual. "You're coming to school tomorrow for class right? Want to meet at Blue Bay? We can do an early morning run together."

Xue Lei had also called and asked how he was doing when Luo Nan was hospitalized. He originally wanted to visit Luo Nan, but he didn't due to a conflict between the patient visiting hours and his class schedule. He wasn't as free as Xie Junping.

"My Aunt probably won't be okay with it."

Luo Nan opened his mouth wordlessly but in the end, he still spoke out with the subject, "Leister, let me ask. Are you and Sister Chen..."

Luo Nan understood far too well the implications, for Xue Lei had suddenly gone silent. With Xue Lei’s personality, he wasn't one to hide things. He was extremely down when he opened his mouth and said, "She's determined not to see me. She won't even pick up the phone. The doctors said that it’s best to maintain some distance with her, to avoid triggering her... Am I such a monster?" 

Luo Nan felt that things were problematic after hearing this. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "I'm at Frost River Reality and I saw her. There are a few friends playing together with her. Do you want to come see her and clear things up?"

"Which Frost River Reality?"

"Center of the city, Fudong Main Street..."

"I'll be there!" Xue Lei didn't speak any further and hung up the phone. He was probably charging over in a burst of energy but since it was the weekend, it would probably take two hours to get here from the River Wu District. 

Luo Nan was really worried that Xue Lei would miss her but he suddenly sensed something right when he was pondering over this matter. He lifted his head and was met with Chen Xiaolin, who stopped right in front of him. She turned around to look at him.

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