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Chapter 83: Auction (Part ½)

“No, someone outside the family had……” Luo Shuqing thought of the scene last night at the restaurant and was unable to prevent her chest from tightening and her heart from speeding up. She ground her teeth hard. That scoundrel. How dare he pull Luo Nan by the neck and threaten him.

Mr. Bai nodded his head: “Well, in any case, the disease has already appeared. What follows is the issue with treatment. Yesterday you did an examination over at Anhai and the overall situation was explained at that time. There are two particular points about the patient. The first is his age; he’s right in the middle of puberty. The second is his genetic history. These points must be considered.”

Even Mrs. Luo Shuqing, an intelligent and capable woman, could only be at this doctor’s mercy when having access to unequal amounts of information. She was ill at ease, asking: “You're saying……”

“Overall, I propose a drugless treatment. Taking medication may not be a good method for such a young boy. Instead, adjusting his environment is preferred, a self-adjustment. The atmosphere of the family is very important at his current stage. Control over his self-behavior is also very important. Simply speaking, he needs to loosen and relax. He needs to routinely rest. I don’t suggest that he engages in heavy physical or mental activity.”

“Of course, his current symptoms of drowsiness, coughing, and so on will need to be dealt with in order to avoid affecting his quality of his life. How about this. First, have him stay two days in the hospital. Have him soak in the health pod and do some mental therapy to let him learn how to relax his mind.”

Mrs. Luo Shuqing didn’t even have the time to respond when Luo Nan could not hold back anymore from within the ward: “Mr. Bai, why do I need to be hospitalized?”

“Because you’re really sick. Your autonomic nervous system has been damaged.”

Mr. Bai deserved to be called an authority on soul science. He had studied the mind to an extremely deep level. He was more than enough even if he was multitasking between Luo Nan and his aunt:

“The sudden emergence of your coughing is the most obvious proof. And right now you’re still very drowsy? Who took a look at you with your dead-ridden and drooping eyes at this early morning? For a young man who can already send his soul to have these symptoms appear, clearly, there’s an issue with a physiological mechanism.”


Luo Nan was actually speechless for a time. He watched Mr. Bai skillfully speak a few sentences to handle formalities for his aunt with utter delight. Luo Nan pondered for quite a while before speaking:

“Is it because of the imbalance between body and soul?”

“You having this self-awareness is quite good.”

Mr. Bai sighed a breath: “I can see that you have quite the talent for soul science. You were able to use the method of sending and attaching the soul, all self-taught. And you were also able to open the hole for the out-of-state body somewhere last night. Your study of the mind has progressed even further.”

“I just surmised recently that your ability on the mental plane is rather systematic. Even I would find it hard to form my body as one by myself and avoid producing even larger problems. But the more things are like this, the more troublesome things are. You need to know that the rate of improvement of our bodies is far too small compared to our souls. It is quite easy for the body to get lost behind.”

“There were many experts of the old generation back in ancient times who had an imbalance between their soul and fleshly body. They discarded their fleshly body, perhaps believing themselves infallible, perhaps being compelled to, and in the end, they could only fall as errant souls. They could only become wandering ghosts as their body and mind completely perished, leaving this earth……. We must learn from our predecessors. We can’t be careless.”

Luo Nan felt that he was quite innocent. He understood the reason behind Mr. Bai’s words. But the mad expansion of his soul’s strength over the course of the night… Could that still have been his mistake?

Alright then. He didn’t need to mention these symptoms to Mr. Bai any more…...

Luo Nan asked probingly: “Do I start tempering my body from now on?”

Mr. Bai scoffed at Luo Nan’s words: “Based on your sick body? Right now the most important thing is to nurse back your health. The health pod of Renai Hospital is quite effective. Go through a round of treatment and see the results. Relax. This isn’t your typical consumer product. It uses a nutrient solution specifically provided by the Society. Your injury counts as a work injury.”

“Wait until the end of the observation period. If you want to get even better results, you can get in contact with expert pharmaceutical chemists of the Society. One to two honor points is more or less enough for someone to concoct a customized compound for you…… Oh right. You just entered the Society. Do you understand honor points?”

“Mm. I do. But drugs are still going to be used for this?”

Luo Nan saw early on that Mr. Bai was the sort of zany person who wasn’t bothered by the little things. He was warm-hearted, so Luo Nan was quite relaxed when saying: “You even said that this would be a drugless treatment?”

“I was afraid that your guardian would give you those consumer products on the market. Besides whether or not the drug is proper for you, there’s also the matter of how severe the stimulation could be. Wouldn’t matters become much more troublesome this way?”

Mr. Bai then gave an introduction on a few expert pharmaceutical chemists of the Society. But Luo Nan felt a surge of drowsiness in his brain after listening to just a few sentences. He was not able to concentrate, so he dimly responded with a sentence:

“How’s Bro Octopus?”

“You’re familiar with Octopus?”

Mr. Bai could see Luo Nan’s state, so he didn’t find it an annoyance. He just explained the facts truthfully, “That young fellow’s not bad. But his specialty is in drugs that stimulate one’s potential and hallucinogens. This doesn’t fit with your situation. But as a pharmaceutical chemist, his network is much broader than mine. You can consult him for his opinion.”

Luo Nan’s impression towards this warm hearted and selfless old man grew all the more favorable. He promptly gave his thanks.

Mr. Bai re-emphasized a few taboos he must take note of before letting Luo Nan sleep a bit. Luo Nan's sleeping would make it convenient for Mr. Bai to do a few more examinations in the hospital.

Luo Nan really couldn’t hold it any longer. He spoke another word of thanks and then fell back on the bed. But he never expected the HexaEar to transmit new information over. It was a briefing about last night’s mission.

From Luo Nan’s understanding, getting a brief meant that he was getting honor points. Right now was precisely the time to use points. He forced back his urge to sleep and opened the briefing.

It looked like the briefing was still written by He Yueyin; it was concise and clear. Luo Nan skimmed over the description of the course of events for the operation and then he went to look for the evaluation and points that pertained to himself.

Luo Nan’s performance in the operation was mainly in regards to him discovering the issue in the preceding stage. And within the preceding stage of the operation, he accomplished his scouting mission outstandingly. He produced the factor for the Society to stop Jack, but other things weren’t explicitly reflected in the brief.

So his evaluation was lower than last time by a bit. He was given a C+ and 3 honor points. He was still ranked in the first tier.

Right now he had reached 7 honor points in total. He had accumulated them at astonishing speed. It looked like he was seriously going to go get an understanding of the Society’s “shop” right now.

Soon he flipped to the end of the brief. Luo Nan discovered that the form of this brief was different than the one before at this time. This briefing had a link attached marked “Spoils of War”.

Luo Nan found out after opening that the Society had a Spoils of War Auction System all along. Anything that was reaped within the operation would be taken out for display. The participating members of the operation would then visually assess the items on their value and grade in an auction. This was how they determined who gets what.

As for the reapings here, obviously, it would mainly consist of items that had come from Jack’s body.

They included a medium-sized transport vehicle, the remains of a Deep Blue Walker exoskeleton armor, detection/scanner instruments, second-hand Altered Human components, and so on.

Of course, the most eye catching of all was obviously that Deep Sea Type 4 Dynamo Core.

Luo Nan stared at the digital interface for quite a while. At long last, he couldn’t hold back from coughing and laughing. He was greatly delighted:

Yan Yongbo must be quite anxious over there.

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