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Chapter 82: Soul Envoy (Part 2/2)


It was as if Luo Nan was looking at a rerun of the terrible misfortune that happened to his own body. The current situation was clear. The fleshly body of the soul envoy could not bear the strength of Mo Lun’s soul being instilled. An injury had arisen in the body. But how would Mo Lun resolve this problem? What if he encountered some unfortunate mishap? He couldn’t just force the soul envoy to battle. The soul envoy could become mincemeat at any time.

Using the Wraith Sign as a node and a screen, Luo Nan opened his “God View” to observe Mo Lun’s actions from all angles.

Mo Lun was completely unaware of Luo Nan. He just kept his routine of adjustment, letting the soul envoy gradually adapt the instillment of his soul with its strength. Since the Wraith Sign was there, Mo Lun had exposed his own method of operating energy and information. Luo Nan made conjectures as he observed, so he was able to practically complete Mo Lun’s steps.

…… So it was like this? Luo Nan was like an apprentice. He observed the actions of his instructor and he started to give it a shot himself.

The first was to limit the self.

The tempo of soul breathing was adjusted to be lower, slowing the speed and efficiency of the operation of energy and information. So much so that some was intentionally blocked. This lessened the enormous pressure that was brought to the body.

The range of Luo Nan’s mental senses began to shrink greatly. It went from a radius of 800 meters to under ten meters.

This was approximately one percent of the mental senses of his soul body. It was impossible to shrink it down any further. This preserved the current soul configuration and tempo to their lowest limits. This was a “basic unit”. But even though it was a basic unit, it was a factor higher than the five hundred meter radius of last night. The pressure brought by the processing of information was still substantial.

The second step was needed at this time: Maintaining distance.

Luo Nan followed Mo Len’s method. He let his soul body lean towards the depths of the mental plane to maintain a close yet distant state with his fleshly body. Yep. It was like he was dreaming.

Mo Lun had used this method to decrease the pressure against the fleshly body of the soul envoy. But the largest problem was as follows: The information exchanged between the material plane and mental plane was a bit delayed, a bit displaced, influencing the secretion of some neurotransmitters. The mind became muddled. It was like sleep walking or even being high on drugs.

In the end, this was just a plan of convenience. It really didn’t get to the root of the problem.

Luo Nan was a bit disappointed. But no matter how it was, this sort of method could help him break free from the awkward state of paralysis.

Mo Lun didn’t leave the nightclub in a rush after finishing sending his soul. Instead, he led the Wraith Sign out the room to walk around the nightclub. The sent soul form was calibrated to an optimal state.

Observing had lost its value for the time being. Luo Nan’s mind returned back. He couldn’t help yawning and he nearly fell asleep. He really didn’t want to scare his family by falling asleep again. He forced his urges back by shaking his head as he got up.

The faint light of day passed through the cotton curtains into the room. It was as if time had flown. It was already morning in the blink of an eye.

He thought of the chaotic twists and turns that happened during the first half of the night and he thought of how fast time had flowed. The contrast between then and now was clear and it made Luo Nan moved rather emotionally for a time.

Luo Nan performed another deep breath, but then an itching sensation suddenly exploded in his throat half way through. His airflow diverted paths, choking him within an inch of his life on the spot. He coughed over and over, nearly unable to catch his breath.

The communications device at the head of the bed rang at this moment. His aunt’s voice transmitted over with extreme delight:

“Nan Nan! You woke up!”

He wanted to say hello to his aunt, but his intense coughing prevented him from opening his mouth at all. He could only raise his hand with all his strength to respond.

Luo Nan’s intensive care ward had been specially prepared by the Society through the hospital. There was a 24-hour AI monitoring system and there was a pair of nurses allocated to him, a specialty nurse and a robot nurse. Actually, their real objective was to prevent his family from nursing him so that they could clear up space for what was to come.

Due to this hospital’s system, Mrs. Luo Shuqing could only observe Luo Nan’s real-time situation through an internet stream. She never thought that she would see Luo Nan sit up on the same day he was admitted, in this early morning. This happy moment of surprise was seriously very important.

But it was hard to avoid being worried when seeing Luo Nan endlessly gasping for breath. The door to the room was opened right when she was about to call for medical help. A grandiose doctor and nurse entered inside. The daily rounds had started.

Astonishingly, Mr. Bai was lined up within this group. He was even in the center. This little old man had just casually put on a white gown and Luo Nan noticed that the doctor in charge addressed him as Professor Bai with complete respect.

“Oh! The little fellow woke up. This saves quite a bit of work.

The nurse stepped forward to do the routine inspections the instant Mr. Bai started cracking jokes. She pulled up the monitoring data from last night for Mr. Bai to refer to.

Mr. Bai already had a firm view on what had happened last night. He just skimmed over the data and continued to clown around with Luo Nan: “......What’s wrong with your forehead? You didn’t wake up by falling did you?”

The injury to Luo Nan’s forehead was just his skin tissue tearing. A scab had long since formed, stopping the blood. It looked like he had scraped against something. The faint bloody scar was quite eye catching since it was on the forehead.

“Cough. Don’t know. Hit something.” Luo Nan still couldn’t stop coughing. He could only speak in stutters.

Mr. Bai walked over beaming with laughter. He used his hands to examine the situation with Luo Nan’s body. In other words, he was opening/closing Luo Nan’s eyelids and so on.

At the same time, Luo Nan’s HexaEar transmitted Mr. Bai’s voice over: “Idiot! You should be saying, ‘Why am I here’ or something like that okay?”

“Cough…… Why am I here?” Luo Nan’s brain was constantly dazed due to the residual effects of reducing his soul's pressure. He really would say whatever Mr. Bai wanted. He was extremely obedient.

Mr. Bai was greatly delighted. Luo Nan was young enough to be his grandson. He patted Luo Nan’s head in passing, showing that this boy was worth teaching. Then he said:

“It’s nothing. Little fellow, you must have had a lot of stress lately. You have a bit of OCD…… Your guardian is here right. Tell them of your circumstances later.”

“I’ll go downstairs immediately.”

Mrs. Luo Shuqing didn’t go home yesterday. She just stayed the night at a nearby hotel. She notified her husband of Luo Nan waking up, then she rushed over to the hospital. She watched the whole medical examination events from beginning to end through the internet stream. She rushed to respond through the communication device at the head of the bed.

“No rush. No rush.”

Mr. Bai’s mouth had spoken these words, but he grabbed Luo Nan’s two hands. He indicated to Luo Nan to open up the thumb and forefinger on his left hand. He lightly kneaded and pressed Luo Nan’s thumb on his right hand. He demonstrated the contact point, the technique, and the pressure once more: “You can deal with the severity of your coughing in this way for now. Focus your thoughts. Eliminate your heart from distractions. Okay?”

Luo Nan acted according to Mr. Bai’s words. Sure enough, the coughing symptom was somewhat relieved. He nodded his head in response on the spot.

Mr. Bai walked out with all smiles and hands clasped behind his back. The connection via the HexaEar was never cut off, however. Mr. Bai even shared information, letting Luo Nan know his following route.

Mr. Bai symbolically examined a few more patients before meeting with Mrs. Lu Shuqing. The following pretext was different than what was given in the ward:

“I can make a preliminary diagnosis that it is an autonomic nerve disorder, or dysautonomia, from looking at the current situation. This was brought on by either extreme stress or angry emotions…… Did he get angry with anyone in the family last night?”

Mr. Bai brought out the attitude of a psychic. He asked the question knowing full well the answer, drawing in Mrs. Luo Shuqing instantly.

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