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Chapter 81: Rending Body and Soul (Part ½)

Mo Lun had to make a revision as soon as the thought was born: “Pardon me for my foolishness!”

Within the basic doctrine of the Bloodflame Order, the personification of gods in the world was not recognized. This was because the Bloodflame Will existed in all personalities. It dominated all highly aware life forms under certain conditions.

The essence of the Bloodflame Will explained the extreme side of nature. Only through the extreme roads of Blood and Fire could one reach the apex of strength.

It was truly very difficult for such a doctrine to gain favor under the backdrop of the modern world. It was because of this that the order had unfolded several revisions to their doctrine over the course of several dozens of years. They buried most of the dividing, catastrophic causes of ruin.

Mo Lun was an elder member of the order; he was more inclined towards the traditional doctrine. He viewed the Bloodflame Will as a guide to pursue eternal strength. He believed more in his own will and goals over the respectful and humble doctrine. But it would be impossible for him not to receive any influences or disturbances over the dozen years of chaos. He took that weak thought and concluded that it was just a foolish association with being confused for a time.

He strove to collect his mind and forget his recent thoughts. He carefully recollected the words the First Oblatum had just spoken, the layering within the furnace of hell.

Indeed, a true comparison between before, a blindly fierce environment, and the current fiery prison would yield a subtle difference within. Notably was the tiny difference in the Blood and Fire shouts by the believers.

Some fanatical and staunch sound grew clearer within the calls of the fiery prison, arousing even more reverberations. This could be said to be a definite feedback sufficient to prove that the construct of the order’s sacrificial vessel had indeed grown out of the embryonic stage.

Mo Lun felt that tonight’s hardships were worth it.

His consciousness separated from the Human-Faced Arachnid. His mood settled and calmed as he waited for the arrival of the soul envoy.

The Human-Faced Arachnid floated in the air, staying by Mo Lun. It was calm as well, at least on the surface.

“This is like a dove seizing a magpie’s nest. Or is this just wishful thinking?”

In the previous few minutes, the show Luo Nan watched had truly broadened his knowledge. Then he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: What rebirth by flame. This was just the reappearance of the Wraith Sign after consuming its kind.

The altar erected by the Wraith Sign was the battlefield of devouring its own kind. Upon the erection of the altar, under this sort of framework, it was an absolute impossibility for the original arachnid to be the same arachnid to come out alive.

And so it was inevitable for the experienced Wraith Sign, who possessed the home ground advantage, to get an easy victory.

This Human-Faced Arachnid of the so-called Bloodflame Order had the construct of the Bloodfire Call of the order’s followers and the Bloodsoul Temple; it was nurtured very stylishly. But essentially at its core, the increase of its strength was actually finite. There was a large disparity between it and the sharpening, leveling between Rui Wen and the Wraith Sign.

And after the Wraith Sign took the initiative to eat Jack’s spiritual seed, this disparity grew even larger. Failure of the Bloodflame arachnid was to be expected.

This was proof as well that the sort of Darkside life form that was the Human-Faced Arachnid was incapable of leveling itself up by itself. And that it was impossible for it to level up by eating low-level food.

The grazing method of the Bloodflame Order was actually correct. But what a pity, they had encountered a Human-Faced Arachnid that was on a far higher level than the one they owned. They had encountered the Wraith Sign.

After the Wraith Sign had consumed Jack’s spiritual seed, Luo Nan could feel that the Wraith Sign was even stronger than the arachnid he had encountered back at the Limestone Water Village Pub. At the very least, the Wraith Sign could be considered a match for it.

Actually, there were some things about the Bloodflame Order that went beyond his expectations. Luo Nan didn’t especially want any relationships to develop between him and this order. When Mo Lun went to attack the dark chains, Luo Nan didn’t resist him head on. Instead, he had separated from the arachnid and left the moment the Wraith Sign had erected the altar, directly controlling the situation. Luo Nan and Mo Lun didn’t see each other since.

When the Wraith Sign prevailed against its own kind and was busy taking over the fruits of battle, Luo Nan never expected that the surviving bit of driving means within the Human-Faced Arachnid would bring the Wraith Sign to the side of this mysterious power.

The furnace of hell within the Human-Faced Arachnid had already been brought into the altar’s framework at this time. The Wraith Sign just didn’t have the time to gather it up.

Mo Lun was totally unaware. He was in the format of pure consciousness.  All the operations of the energy and information of his contacting, sensing, praying, and thoughts were completely unconcealed. It was tantamount to taking all his secrets and laying it out bare. He was not to be outdone by Jack.

It felt great to wield other people’s secrets. But some headaches were popping up when trying to figure out how to leave. After all, Luo Nan couldn’t let the Wraith Sign seriously go with Mo Lun and do some sacrificial vessel things.

The Psychic Wave Network, having just recovered normal communications, reverberated with He Yueyin’s voice: “Scout. You’re okay right?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

Luo Nan’s soul body hovered in the skies, observing downward. He saw He Yueyin furrow her brows as she talked with him, smoothing the appearance of her brows after receiving his response. Luo Nan felt quite good.

Actually, without taking into regard with the Wraith Sign’s current dilemma, Luo Nan’s state wasn’t just fine; it was excellent. It wasn’t good. It was great.

He supported the activities of yet another altar and he was inseparably tied to the Wraith Sign’s victory, allowing him to receive direct benefits. These benefits far exceeded what he had received with Rui Wen.

Of course, this didn’t include soul breathing.

Once the mental storm stopped, Luo Nan’s range of mental senses would start to rapidly recover. Based on concrete data, the most direct observation of his mental senses would increase its range by 50~60% from 500 meters to reach a radius of nearly 800 meters.

The expansion of the range of his sense was proof that the amount of information and energy Luo Nan could command had increased substantially. The precision also subsequently increased as a result.

After the growth of his ability, Luo Nan naturally had the desire to show off. The Society probably started their chase of the Human-Faced Arachnid right about now. Luo Nan really was eager to give things a try…… Just kidding. Luo Nan was really thinking if it was possible to borrow the Society’s forces to give the Wraith Sign a chance to escape.

But he never expected that He Yueyin would speak the following words: “The operation has been concluded. Return immediately.”

“Huh? We’re not chasing?”

“Chase? Chase who?”

“The one who was plotting against you. The one who interfered with the psychic wave network……” Luo Nan really wanted to guide the Society’s forces towards Mo Lun. His words contained urging.

He Yueyin was silence for a moment before suddenly facing Giant Arm, Crag Burst and the others with a hand signal. Then her voice suddenly turned low and soft, almost none existing. It was as if she was scared that the enemy would be scared off:

“You see him? You must not move by all means right now. This person’s strength is extremely powerful. Right now you’re just a crow. Don’t think of anything else. Just let him go!”

“Uh. Wait. That person already left. But he should still be within this group of highrises. So no chasing?”

He Yueyin was startled. She faced Giant Arm and the others, who were already prepared to mobilize, with a signal to stop. Her voice returned to normal and she spoke with resolution: “You are to return at once. Today’s mission has terminated.”


Luo Nan didn’t know what words would be right to say for a time. He could obviously see that He Yueyin’s series of changes were all for the sake of his safety. But what would happen to the Wraith Sign over with Mo Lun?

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