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Chapter 80: Preparing the Sacrifice (Part 2/2)

The Human-Faced Arachnid didn’t make any moves after reappearing. It just used its six devilish eyes to stare coldly at this fellow on the same plane as it.

The smoke man felt that he was in a nightmare, a dream of the end of the world. Everything would go back to normal once he woke up from this nightmare.

He took several looks at the Human-Faced Arachnid from all around. He was able to see that the Human-Faced Arachnid had somewhat changed from the burning flames. The most straightforward of was as follows: The legs that had been severed from its side by He Yueyin’s blade were regrown this time around.

The Human-Faced Arachnid had the ability to rise anew from a bath of fire?

Even if the smoke man’s brain operated for three hundred more cycles, he wouldn’t think that a Human-Faced Arachnid had been hiding in the stomach original Human-Faced Arachnid or have similar outlandish and absurd thoughts.

He knew that he couldn’t let any problems happen with this Human-Faced Arachnid owned by the secret order. This was a key existence for the foreseeable future of the Order of Bloodflame. 

The smoke man adjusted his mood. He also adjusted the transportation method of the energy and information of his consciousness, causing a link to from between him and the Human-Faced Arachnid. The arachnid didn’t resist.

Soon, his consciousness cut into the deepest layers of the Human-Faced Arachnid. He saw the terrifying scene of the furnace of hell.

The smoke man first let out a breath of relief.

The Order of Bloodflame he belonged to had a doctrine. Mighty Bloodflame Will was hidden within the rage, hate, despair, and other intense and extreme emotions of every human. The arachnid didn’t possess a concrete form. It didn’t have explicit self-awareness. Yet it possessed strength, terror, power of absolute domination, and rampant and restless operational rules.

And so after obtaining this Human-Faced Arachnid, the secret order took its most classical meditation environment and projected it onto the arachnid to form the foundation. They built a basic structure for future sacrifices.

Nothing looked to have changed, but further steps of verification were needed.

The smoke man continued to penetrate deeper into the arachnid. Soon there were peculiar sounds that came permeating up from the bottom of the fiery sea of magma.

“Blood! Blood! Blood!”

“Fire! Fire! Fire!”

The monotonous and mad shouts converged into a rumbling cry that would make anybody anxious. But to the smoke man, the cry was quite close and dear. Moreover, it made him feel at ease.

This was the prayer of the lowest level of the secret order, the prayer of the believers. The real prayer’s sound was naturally much more complicated than this, but the Human-Faced Arachnid before him was sustaining the structure, making it still impossible for the arachnid to replicate the prayer perfectly. It was only an approximate copy.

The “Blood” often referred to hate and rancor. The “Fire” referred more towards the search for stimulation.

Within these shouts of prayers, the smoke man was able to confirm that the structure of the Bloodsoul Temple implanted by the secret order still existed within the arachnid. The foundation had not been lost. Everything was well.

He contacted the secret order through the Bloodsoul Temple. Soon a deep and firm will gave him a response.

“I am here.”

The smoke man completely relaxed when facing the First Oblatum: “Your excellency, there’s a bit of a situation with that matter from before…..”

The First Oblatum was familiar with what had been a hunt and feed operation. While the Human-Faced Arachnid was hunting, the smoke man discovered a target that made the arachnid restless. This was Jack. The decision was hard to make back then, so he consulted with the First Oblatum and received permission. Only then did he have the arachnid go hunt Jack. But even the First Oblatum would likely find the following developments to be highly unimaginable.

After hearing the brief report, the First Oblatum actually wasn’t that shocked, only responding with: “Mo Lun. Has our mold been damaged?”

The so-called “Mold” was the Human-Faced Arachnid.

The smoke man, aka Mo Lun, had the fragment of the Human-Faced Arachnid bathing in flame and being born anew flash in his mind. But describing such matters would be far too complicated. He just chose the important points and responded simply:

“No, not especially. It even seemed to have leveled up a bit.”

“It really is so. From here, I can feel a sort of psychic pressure that it never possessed before. The arrangement and the layers of the environment are increasing. Even though the Bloodflame Will was never keen with order, going through its path would be a journey inevitably divided into highs and lows, far and near.”

“It is as your Excellency says.” Mo Lun’s mood had calmed down.

“The sacrificial ritual erected over forty years is at hand. For the sake of restoring the Order’s honor, our operation cannot have any crises or dangers. This is upheld by the Bloodflame Will. Everything is fine as long as we can fulfill our ultimate objective.”

The First Oblatum planned dully: “Your grazing grounds already has a soul envoy. I will send out another and a means of transportation as well. Your mission now is to break away from the core of the storm as quickly as possible and bring back our mold safely.”

“As you desire, your excellency.” Mo Lun cut off the call and his consciousness went a bit spellbound for some reason while wandering in the abyss of the fiery prison. 

Ah, it had already been forty years.

Forty years ago was the time when the third world war was rapidly developing. The first First Oblatum of the Order of Bloodflame sensed the mighty Bloodflame Will during the despair of war. His ability awakened and he established the Order of Bloodflame on the battlefield.

This was the earliest proven secret order of modern times. Mo Lun was considered an initiate clergyman. He was only twenty years at the time. He was a new recruit from the battlefield.

He obtained endless pleasure from the authority to massacre, bestowed to him from the Bloodflame. The rapid development of the order allowed him to possess achievements that a youngster would never dream of achieving.

As a well-established secret order of the times, the Bloodflame once had astonishing glory. Their followers covered nearly two-thirds of the metropolises of the entire world. It was the first of the very few world level orders back in the day.

But all good things must come to an end. An excessively intense and extreme doctrine would lose its vigor upon losing the support from the environment from war and crisis. The order rapidly declined after the war and its doctrine underwent several major revisions. The order split internally, attaching to external powers in an unforeseen change of events, cutting this powerful force into splintered branches. The branch Mo Lun was in could only shrink into an area of Xia City and rely on impressive combat strength of a high level to barely maintain the prestige of this secret order.

Within the several years of change, the most important tool to realize the connection between the low-level believers and the Bloodflame Will, the order’s sacrificial vessel, had unfortunately been damaged. This was yet another critical blow for the order.

The powerful sacrificial vessel was naturally the Bloodflame Order’s pride. It was the legacy treasure that distinguished themselves from the heretic and knock-off groups. Because they had this sacrificial vessel, they were able to have those low-level followers possess a conventional channel to directly link with the mighty Bloodflame Will, giving them the true feedback of mental manifestation interfering with reality. It coalesced the minds of men, cultivating the less advanced in the most optimal way.

This was an order that was established on supernatural forces. Losing the sacrificial vessel was undoubtedly a fatal blow. It was also a bitter dishonor.

Right now their order was the same as those knock off groups. Every one of their sacrificial rituals, no matter how big or small, needed the First Oblatum to carry out their guidance. They used manpower to commune with the Bloodflame Will. The energy consumption was enormous. The restrictions were many. It was hard to make people believe in it and it became the restricted order’s greatest bottleneck to recover and grow.

Mo Lun already had enough of these cursed days. He had experienced the most glorious period of the order, and it was because of this that he could not bear the intolerable decay of the society like that today.

Nowadays the order paid an enormous price to receive a new method of acquiring a sacrificial ritual. The Human-Faced Arachnid was the crux of the crux. It absolutely cannot fail.

“The mighty Bloodflame Will. I request your blessing.”

His conscious completed this simple prayer within the furnace of hell. He could feel the response of a certain hazy will from the deep abyss of the void. And it came in a clarity not often felt in recent years.

It was as if there was truly a god looking down at him while towering from above.

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