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Chapter 79: Furnace Prison (Part 2/2)

The furnace of hell displayed ample rejection towards the alien body that was the Wraith Sign. The fiery sea churned up large thick bubbles, showing a deep magma-like structure. The glowing flames flowed in the sky above the fiery sea like a giant dancing python, roaring and seeking to consume the Wraith Sign.

The furnace of hell wasn’t like the stomach of a Darksider life form, instead it was like being in the middle of an enormous world. It had the feeling of fantasy from a dimensional world.

The Wraith Sign didn’t rush to fight, to destroy, when faced with this environment. It just raised its head to the sky and howled. Bloody life-like flames burned around its body, attuning with the Format Pyramid on the outer layer. It took the special structural form of the Format Pyramid and expanded it out layer by layer.

Within the core of the furnace of hell, lines of different thickness traveled and crisscrossed to construct one basic structure after another. They joined and interlinked to form a complicated bodily whole.

This scene was familiar in this way. It was just like the mystical altar within the fighting arena of DeShang Building.

That’s right. The Wraith Sign had erected a new altar. The one before was founded atop the turbid flowing emotions of several hundred spectators. And the one now was built in the middle of this furnace of hell.

Luo Nan’s two eyes were grasping in the dark when it came to the previous altar; he knew how, but not why. Yet when he touched the Tower of Babel established by the Dynamo Core, when Jack “selflessly” revealed his process, he understood the structural rules behind the operation of energy and information. And he had grasped soul breathing as well. So he gradually came to experience the marvels of interfering and intercommunicating between the material and mental planes. Now it seemed that he had some sense of an understanding.

Luo Nan noticed that the structures of the two altars were extremely similar. They didn’t seem to possess inherent differences. The rules behind their operation especially didn’t seem different. Namely, the way they handled energy and information was precisely the same.

Simple logical deduction made the following known: The same form would often lead to the same content. Since the structure was as such, the existing foundation shouldn’t be too different.

“Oh in other words, the foundation behind this furnace of hell is, in fact, similar in nature to the spectators of the fighting arena. The only difference is that one is manifested as a turbid flow of emotions, the other is manifested as a furnace of hell……”

Luo Nan’s interest increased as he looked: “The turbid flow rooted in human emotions and desire can actually develop into a different form and possess a different function. Could this sort of transformation be attributed to the Human-Faced Arachnid? Or is there some other influential factor?”

Holding his question and enlightenment, Luo Nan observed this furnace of hell and felt an increase in clarity and understanding.

The Wraith Sign pushed onward, advancing the process of building the altar. The giant flame python, which had been battering and disturbing the Wraith Sign from the outside, gradually stopped. The thick bubbles within the fiery sea of magma burst open to clearly reveal the distorted faces of humans. Hatred, terror, or perhaps fever all cast glaring gazes at the Wraith Sign.

But no matter what they did, they were unable to prevent the continuous expansion, the continuous perfection, of the altar’s structure. And as various functionalities were laid out, the intimidating might of these faces fell down the road of decline.

Things were just this interesting. It didn’t matter how terrifying and tragic the scene was. As soon as the altar was erected, some had become the priest and some had become the sacrifice. Some possessed the power of domination. Some were just stupid livestock. It was a sort of distinction of statuses that was callous and clear.

The terrifying setting of the furnace of hell continued on. It may possess the enormous force to consume awareness and melt souls, but due to its status assigned by the altar, it couldn’t cause any threats at all to the Wraith Sign atop the altar.

In other words, the Wraith Sign used an altar to suppress the furnace of fire.

At the same time, it was stripping more basic things from this fiery prison.

The furnace of hell was suppressed upon the construction of the altar. The Human-Face Arachnid, which had been pierced by the dark chains, grew all the more impatient and uneasy. It even revealed a response of terror. It suddenly shrieked and, disregarding everything, broke through the void to leave.

This situation was like the one on the warship back in the day. The scenario of Luo Nan being dragged by the burning wraith appeared once again. Their was a problem though. Luo Nan was no longer an inexperienced child even though only a few days had past. He had a deep understanding of the Human-Faced Arachnid already through the Wraith Sign. He didn’t need to be scared about facing off against it head only. After all, he had already placed a mischief maker like the monkey king inside his opponent’s stomach. 

“Freeze!” The dark chains shook. The power from the format “My heart’s a prison” was injected inside the chains.

The altar was causing chaos within the Human-Faced Arachnid. The chains seized the arachnid in its grasp. And it had taken a blade from He Yueyin, harming its energy. Its strength to resist dropped and dropped. Though it had clearly stepped through space to leave, it was actually forcefully dragged back by Luo Nan.

This rippling and ringing movement was far too strong. Not only was He Yueyin able to feel the anomaly closeby, the mysterious power from far in the distance was startled and terrified, scattering quite a bit of its mental power.

The most direct effect was as follows: his follow-up killing move aimed at He Yueyin was severed. Allowing He Yueyin to fall to the ground safely and retreat.

Then at the top of the abandoned floor, Giant Arm and Crag Burst broke free of the mental suppression. The three grouped together in the blink of an eye, retreating to Mr. Bai’s position.

The members of the Society in the defensive circle were at a loss during this time. As soon as Giant Arm, Crag Burst, and He Yueyin returned, the three stood separately to form a triangular structure within the ring-shaped defensive circle.

He Yueyin issued an order with her deep voice, giving everyone a clear command: “Reboot your HexaEars! Choose the Local Area Network Architecture option!”

Every one of the society members completed this step in the blink of an eye. A LAN of psychic waves was then established. Energy and information intercommunication between each member of the Society, forming an external cooperative strength.

And based on He Yueyin’s allocation of privileges. He Yueyin, Giant Arm, and Crag Burst formed three stable support nodes of the LAN. All transfers of energy and information had to pass through these nodes in order to complete successfully. And so, the pressure of the mental storm attack were completely onto these three.

And finally Mr. Bai was given the chance to catch his breath within this LAN. He slowly recovered his energy and relied on the deep underlying functions of the HexaEar to filter everyone’s cooperative strength and form an impressive torrent of energy and information. Upon passing through He Yueyin, Giant Arm, and Crag Burst, the torrent burst apart the pressure of the mental storm, casting the storm out into the boundless abyss of the night sky. He linked up to the Psychic Wave Network in the blink of an eye.

The special form of information and energy opened up special privileges within the Society’s Psychic Wave Network. Warning and Aid Request signals were blasted out immediately and were received by those in charge of the Society.

The ability user society of Xia City was in complete activity within a short few seconds.

“What just happened?” Luo Nan had hid himself deeper within the mental plane after reining in the Human-Faced Arachnid. He wanted to avoid a likely retaliatory attack from the mysterious power.

But the attack he anticipated never arrived. Instead his HexaEar, which had been damaged by the jamming from the mental storm, crackled with noise. Then it transmitted intermittent information:

“Personnel…… Confirmed the interfering source…… Attack restrictions have been released. All members, prepare for the assault.”

The skies of Xia City seemed to light up in the next moment.

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