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Chapter 79: Furnace Prison (Part ½)

The mental storm descended once again.

This disturbance was different in nature from the previous EMP-style storm. This mental storm clearly had an increased suppressive strength against its main targets, Mr. Bai, Giant Arm, Crag Burst. These veteran ability users with exceptional strength were all the main targets of this attacks.

And of these people, Mr. Bai was once again the worst off.

Giant Arm’s and Crag Burst’s strength mainly relied on the material plane. Their harmonized tempo between body and soul may not have been as perfect as the peak that was Rui Wen, but they had reached an excellent level without difficulty. In addition, their mind was encoded by the natural chemical carriers of the brain, so they possessed some defensive ability.

Only Mr. Bai, whose majority of power was on the mental plane, took the attack like a stuck out nail being hammered down. Naturally, he took the attack more critically than the others. And even worse, he was the temporary commander.

Mr. Bai already toppled to the ground. His hands were arranged in a strange sign as he gravely protected his mind from destruction. He lost the ability to speak commands for a time. 

The seven, eight remaining ability users could only follow their contingency plan when faced with this situation. They surrounded Mr. Bai in a circle and placed the unconscious Rui Wen inside. They held the breath and stood vigilant, putting all their strength on the defensive.

Crag Burst and Giant Arm saw everything that happened from the window. They cursed in their hearts. Clearly, Mr. Bai couldn’t be counted on for some time.

The two faced the assault of the mental storm. Though their force of bravery was astonishing, they needed some time to adapt to the distortion of their senses and consciousness, to the increasing layers of pressure.

And so, they were more than a beat too late to go back and help Mr. Bai or to provide He Yueyin with support.

They could only watch He Yueyin with open eyes. They watched her leap out of the window and face the void of the curtain of the night with one blade to slay.

Luo Nan’s soul body was floating within the night sky, witnessing He Yueyin’s stunning and outstanding blade technique once again.

He Yueyin was a Burner, yet from all the situations Luo Nan had seen before, she was the sole and only Burner who had completely mastered and subjugated the Format of Fire.

She stripped the Format of Fire of its husk and used the strength of the Format of Fire to reinforce her blade with pure power. It was completely under control of her will. She used a strength from the mental plane to forcefully annihilate the target on the mental plane.

The Format of Fire was merely a power source from her perspective. She had a set of Self-Logic that was far more severe and she used it to drive this power.

Perhaps this was the secret behind her astonishing blade arts.

The Human-Faced Arachnid did not dare to receive the blade. It did its utmost to dodge.

The perfect method the Human-Faed Arachnid used to hunt Junk was used by He Yueyin back onto it.

The opportunity had been grasped. The tempo had been seized

The Human-Faced Arachnid was in dire straits while digesting the spiritual seed. A blade dropped down right when the arachnid was caught, severing four of its limbs from half its side. The limbs transformed into smoke and nothingness.

The Human-Faced Arachnid let out a pained howl. Its figure turned wraith-like as it headed towards the void.

He Yueyin tried to adjust her attack, but then Giant Arm and Crag Burst were victims of the mental storm. Reinforcements were late by a beat. The tempos of the front and back were different. And He Yueyin, her figure high in the air, had little margin to change her attack.

A sudden omen rose in Luo Nan’s mind. He let loose his thought:


Luo Nan could see things clearly now. The second wave’s mental storm purposely avoided He Yueyin to cause this frontline commander to be on a different beat than the others.

Then the third wave descended. It was an attack that specifically targeted He Yueyin. This attack wasn’t a mental storm, but a blinding lightning that pierced out from the mental plane!

Luo Nan warned just in time. Even though He Yueyin’s body was falling rapidly in midair, she slashed her blade in front of her chest and the tempo of her body and soul instantly turned solid and steady.


The alloy blade within He Yueyin’s hand actually let loose the sound of metal clashing, trembling for some unknown reason. And so, the turmoil against He Yueyin’s body and soul had been defended.

But no one, be it Luo Nan or He Yueyin, had any intentions of relaxing.

The void rippled once more. The malevolent Human-Faced Arachnid appeared with the special skill to blink in and out. It suddenly made its move during a sliver of chance, seizing the instant He Yueyin’s body and soul tempo was in disarray. It flawlessly coordinated with the hidden power from far in the distance.

Siege Hammer!

This mental attack was the specialization of the Human-Faced Arachnid. The Siege Hammer displayed its might once more.

The alloy blade rang out again and its trembling intensified. He Yueyin’s synchronization between her body and soul wasn’t amazing. A crack clearly split from the bombardment of the Siege Hammer. She would need one to two seconds in order to adjust back her tempo.

The Human-Faced Arachnid wouldn’t give her the chance. It hissed sharply on the mental plane. Its six devilish eyes flared simultaneously. It sought to capture this gap and plunder the greatest fruits of war.

“Have you had enough!?” Luo Nan couldn’t stand by and watch. He lashed out with his thoughts, which were none other than a signal.

The demonic body of this arrogant Human-Faced Arachnid suddenly froze. Its six devilish eyes, which had been glowing with extraordinary splendor, each had a spell of confusion.

At first, it was blank, then it reacted. But then it saw the dark chains suddenly manifest on the mental plane. The chains stretched perfectly straight. One end was still pierced into the depths of the void. The other end had linked up and even pierced into its chest. It was unknown when this happened.

The unintelligent Human-Faced Arachnid was incapable of understanding its current circumstances. But instinct was able to let it know that this situation was extremely bad.

It shrieked loudly and its demonic body leaped into the air to fly. It wanted to break free from the chains that were both real and incorporeal. This only made the chains rattle and shake. Information traveled through the chains, endlessly feeding back to allow Luo Nan to vividly sense what the internals of the man-spider demon were like from the other side of the chains.

It was a furnace of hell, one of deepness and murkiness.

Flames sprayed out. A sea of fire churned. Here, the greatest thing that Luo Nan could sense was the high temperature. Of course, this was only an understanding through sensing. It was very hard to imagine that the Human-Faced Arachnid Darksider life form contained a high-temperature furnace of over tens of thousands degrees. This should be a sort of structure with the terrifying strength to melt and fuse, to consume awareness.

Within this place, chaotic fragments of information and emotion were like overgrown weeds. Once in awhile the spraying flames would make contact with a weed, causing just a hint of awareness to form. Then this awareness shrieks as it melts and fuses into the sea of flames, into the furnace. Then the cycle begins anew.

Right in the middle of the terrifying furnace of hell, Luo Nan locked onto the spiritual seed that had just been plucked from the depths of Jack’s soul.

The outer layer of the seed had already been melted away within this furnace of hell. But it was just the outer layer.

When the outer husk was digested away, a bit of devilish motley light of awareness leaped out from the middle. Luo Nan’s dark chains reverberated closely, resisting the fatal flowing flames all around and illuminating the Format Pyramid structure down to a strict standard.

The tetrahedron, the inscribed sphere, and the circumscribed sphere emerged clearly. The unique structure dominated a small region, giving some time for the motley glow of light to grow.

In the blink of an eye, the devilish motley light enlarged rapidly. Eight legs extended out. Six colored eyes flickered with different colors. The half arachnid half human body stood stooped in its habitual manner, yet it possessed the savage tension to kill its prey at any moment.

And so this was the manifestation of a Human-Faced Arachnid, of Luo Nan’s Wraith Sign.

It had manifested within the stomach of another Human-Faced Arachnid.

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