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Chapter 78: Mind Devouring Attack (Part 2/2)

Tonight Luo Nan had witnessed the explosion of two EMP grenades. Though they didn’t affect them, he could see that people used them before engaging in close combat. They were used to destroy the opponent’s sight, hearing, and movement to make it easy to reap in the win.

However, Luo Nan never imagined that he would actually encounter a similar electromagnetic attack on the mental plane.

The “hurricane”, which had come from who knows where, stuck to the flat water’s surface that was the boundary between the mental plane and the material plane, stirring up havoc.

The first to be destroyed was the Psychic Wave Network established between the members of the Society. The information that Luo Nan transmitted to He Yueyin flew to god knows where half way through.

Then Luo Nan’s mental senses were hit by the attack. It didn’t matter the range or the precision, all were pressed down and down again. In the midst of his fluster, Luo Nan discovered that his senses only had a range of thirty meters in radius. The range had shrunk by over ten times its original size. As for the precision, well that was a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Luo Nan discovered that he was still fine, but Mr. Bai was even worse off than him. This old man looked to have been pierced. The corners of his eyes, his nostrils, flowed with blood. He couldn’t even stand steadily, falling backward against the pillar. The pillar stopped him from toppling to the ground.

This was literally a mental storm. It practically destroyed and overturned all existences on the mental plane, clearing it instantly.

Luo Nan could not help having his heart run cold. Just what stage was that Human-Faced Arachnid at?

There was only one thing that was worth getting happy over. The connection running between Luo Nan, Ink, and the Human-Faced Arachnid through the Format Pyramid did not get severed. Luo Nan was even able to send a bit of support to Ink through the air. The ripples of light from the Format Pyramid were harbored into Ink’s black feathers, calming down this little fellow who had received quite the fright.

And accordingly, the Human-Faced Arachnid, who was more sensitive than him to a certain degree, transmitted him a warning. Luo Nan already knew this. The Human-Faced Arachnid parked above the skies of the sniper locations had already started to invade under the chaotic circumstances.


Alright, this was a bit confusing. So Luo Nan added a nickname to his own Human-Faced Arachnid, the Wraith Sign. Even though the Wraith Sign was named, it was unintelligent. It couldn’t give more information about the trajectory, speed, or the like. It completely failed to understand.

But Luo Nan knew that the most likely target was Jack…… He was the only one not to be hit by the attack of the mental storm just now.

This preferential treatment wasn’t targeted at Jack but at the endlessly maturing spiritual seed.

Jack still didn’t know that it was his completely unrestrained radiating of his soul aura that incurred this storm. He didn’t know he had received great fortune and, at the same time, he didn’t know that two Human Faced Arachnids had their eyes laid upon him. He still felt something even though he wasn’t on the receiving end of the attack. He had made a judgment the instant the storm began. The explosive sounds of his laughter and flames rang out without end. His alloy combat knife slashed across as he charged with great brazen.

He believed that his opportunity had arrived.

It really was his chance. The mental storm had swept across, severing the connections of the Psychic Wave Network. The ability users were stunned, their reactions slow by more than a beat.

Yet He Yueyin, acting as the original commander of the operation, maintained her high speed thought processes. She shouted strictly:

“Giant Arm!”

She shouted his code name without adding any honorifics, showing just how dire the situation was. The personnel with the most powerful combat ability, Giant Arm, knew that the current situation had gone strange. Yet he knew the duty he was bound to far more. At nearly the instant He Yueyin issued her order, he exerted force and flew vertically. He was only a hair slower than Jack.

Giant Arm’s chosen trajectory was exceptional. He flew vertically from the side, finding the shortest path to pierce Jack’s side wings. His two arms suddenly expanded, bursting the cuffs of his short sleeves completely. He used his bare arms to punch with a heavy fist.

Jack didn’t even turn to look. The exoskeleton armor was just bait. He could see with the back of his head from the opposite side. Most importantly, the exhaust nozzle on the back suddenly opened. He didn’t care about damaging the frame. He forcefully used the highest gear to shoot out a deep blue flame.

The terrifying temperature made Giant Arm snort out loud. He forcefully collected his strength to get out of the way, yet Jack increased his speed to his maximum. The alloy combat knife didn’t move fancily at all. It was just a simple thrust. With the flames of the Format of Fire covering the blade, there was no body of flesh and blood that could stop it.

The encirclement was already thin. Without the Psychic Wave Network to unify them, they were more like scattered sand. Like parting the seas, the blade's edge pierced through in an instant.

Right now the Deep Blue Walker armor was no longer touching the ground. Under the aid of its auxiliary thrusters, it shot towards the window leading to the outer world from the abandoned floor.

Giant Arm, Crag Burst, and the others set off in hot pursuit. But compared to the speed of the full force of the exoskeleton armor’s thrusters, this task was one impossible to accomplish.

The window continued to grow larger as Jack got closer. It swallowed him inside and spat him out into the night sky towards the recycling stratum of Xia City.

An explosion sounded. The wall surrounding the window had been bombarded by Giant Arm’s fist a step too late, collapsing in an instant. Crushed rock sprayed outward, but it was all turned to ash when faced with the Format of Fire.

Jack had succeeded! The sky’s the limit from here on! The bird soars and the fish leaps!

Jack raised his head to look at the night sky of Xia City. Under the blurred colors of the lit city, his vision, his dream for the future suddenly transformed into a stairway to heaven. His feet hung down from high in the sky.

It was at this time that the flames burning in his heart blazed the most ardently.

The void rippled with darkness.

Jack had attained a very high precision of senses towards the interference on the mental plane with his current level. Naturally, this sort of change couldn’t be concealed from him.

Yet the Human-Faced Arachnid leaped directly out from the void, giving no leeway for Jack to react at all. The malevolent and terrifying apparition practically stuck to his face as it noiselessly penetrated Jack’s exoskeleton armor.

Terror had yet to rise in his consciousness. Jack was still manifesting ecstasy and pride externally. His mood was like an explosive flame, but the same burning devilish flames of the Human-Faced Arachnid enveloped Jack’s body in a flash.

Under the illumination of the Format of Fire, the shadow of the Human-Faced Arachnid was clearly superimposed onto Jack.

The dense shadow permeated the soaring flames of his soul. An ugly and vicious mouth gaped open to seize the abyss of his soul with accuracy. The spiritual seed, which looked just about to ignite, was swallowed with a single bite. 

Jack’s rising body suddenly froze. The glow of the demon eye darkened. Within the eyes of the pursuing ability users, the exoskeleton armor lost control in midair and fell head first towards the ground.

Giant Arm and Crag Burst were stunned in front of the window when the sound of the wind suddenly erupted from behind. Another person jumped out from the window. The slender figure blotted the sky and slipped past the rapidly falling exoskeleton armor. Blade and human were one as the Format of Fire flickered fiercely and was directed into the sheet of void that was the curtains of the night.

Behind the curtains of the night, the Human-Faced Arachnid was savoring the delicacy it just ate when the blade-light arrived.

He Yueyin!

Her target wasn’t Jack, but the Human-Faced Arachnid.

Mr. Bai, who had been standing next to He Yueyin, took temporary command of the operation in this moment. He endured the pain of his injured soul and loudly announced the situation: “A Human-Faced Arachnid has been discovered. This is the third case……”

As Mr. Bai’s voice was unleashed, Luo Nan was jolted on the mental plane. This was because he “saw” something at this time. It was yet another hurricane that swept across the material and the mental planes. The hurricane came screaming.

Right now the Human-Faced Arachnid was using all its strength to evade He Yueyin’s blade-light. It absolutely didn’t have any strength to spare for an attack.

Luo Nan suddenly understood something: “The mental storm isn’t caused by the Human-Faced Arachnid…… There’s some other power behind the scenes!”

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