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Chapter 78: Mind Devouring Attack (Part ½)

Jack never felt so great before.

Even though he was surrounded on all sides, even though he lost Rui Wen, the pressure stimulated all of his potential. The configuration of the Dynamo Core allowed him to understand how to truly operate energy and information at high efficiency.

The same information converged together and analyzed, yet he was able to see detail from an angle unprecedented. It was penetratingly clear. Even during the most passive moments, he was able to seize the finest details of the changing situation. He didn’t have any hesitation or confusion at all. And it was because of this that he didn’t shirk back at all, that he had no fear. 

Besides what was going on externally, there was also himself.

Jack was able to sense that the Dynamo Core’s strength was encumbered by the crude plans he had made with his steel body; he could only display a small portion of its strength. But this didn’t bring him down. Instead, it boosted his morale, motivated him. The future was unlimited and broad if he could blast it out.

The splendid prospects ignited the true flames in his heart. The energy of the Format coiled and knotted, making contact with the flame to ignite fire anew. The Format of Fire’s color turned even brighter, bringing a faint goldness to its edges. 

The veined lines of the warped air merged with the glowing flames to form together the fantastic image of the Archetype Format. The mysterious and marvelous pattern emerged and then gradually faded reserved to save for an even more powerful strength.

Jack pulled out a combat knife and the Format of Fire spread onto the body of the blade, giving rise to warped rainbow glow.

The blade’s edge in question forced the ability users of the Society to squint their eyes, even though they occupied the absolute advantage.

“Clap clap.”

Giant Arm clapped for Jack, whose imposing air was rising higher and higher: “I originally thought you were a little injured trafficker. Now I see that you’re a trafficker who has a bit of ferocity. The piles and piles of bones beneath DeShang Building. Are they meant for you to train your guts, you deranged man?”

The demon eye behind Jack’s multifaceted helmet shot a cold light: “Everyone who dies undergoes special recycling procedures. None remain of the bones and the like.”

In the period of Giant Arm’s delay, Jack chuckled with great laughter. The sound started as signals being fed into the amplifier, then the sound turned into an explosion as pure flames surged, shaking the entire abandoned level. 

Luo Nan retreated deeper into the mental plane during Jack’s laughter. He didn’t do this because of Jack. Instead, he did this because of Daydream, Mr. Bai, who stood next to He Yueyin.

Luo Nan had heard of Mr. Bai, this psychic, more than once by now. Right now it seemed that Mr. Bai fully lived up to his reputation. A layer of gauze-like smoke was already circulating on the mental plane. It gradually grew dense without sound or warning. It quietly established an area on the mental plane that was considered to be his domain and it permeated towards Jack’s direction.

Mr. Bai had already unleashed an attack while Jack was speaking nonsense.

Luo Nan had seen this before. When Jack was hit by the illusion attack, the smoke was made up of several fine and fuzzy inducing information. They cut into the material plane from the mental plane and manufactured an illusion within the Jack’s completely defenseless yet exceptionally sharp Tower of Babel. The results were a hundred percent mystical.

But right now there seemed to be some change in the situation.

Jack’s Tower of Babel was still completely defenseless, but the tempo of the flowing convergence of the energy and information had already increased to another level. Before it was a rushing tide. Now it was crazy leaping flames. The speed, the efficiency, and the intensity all increased to an extremely shocking level.

It was still possible to use fake information to deceive him, but the information must reach his level of a crazed tempo. This really wasn’t Mr. Bai’s expertise.

And so, the flames burst open the surrounding fog in a mere breath’s time. The flames took advantage of the backlash to surge onward and dance on the mental plane. The flames soared.

Mr. Bai went “Humph” as the smoke slowly dispersed

Luo Nan had unknowingly squinted his eyes in a purely subconscious manner. He experienced just how dazzling Jack’s soul flame was right now.

This sort of completely unreserved , completely unconcealed, reckless jet of light could only arise under Jack’s special circumstances.

For some unknown reason, a very uncomfortable feeling sprouted within Luo Nan’s mind. He saw Mr. Bai furrow his brows and take half a step backward subconsciously at this time.

Actually Luo Nan also retreated backward; he tried to conceal himself deeper within the mental plane. This was completely because of Jack.

Mr. Bai and Luo Nan probably had a similar feeling; Jack’s aura was too dazzling. These people often roamed on the mental plane. They like the secret feeling of knowing something that others don’t.

But Jack was the complete opposite. It was like…...


A towering cold intent suddenly descended. Luo Nan’s uncomfortable feeling in his heart solidified even further. Also at this time penetrated a rattling sound. The dark chains suddenly started shaking to emit an extremely subtle cry of vibration. It was warning Luo Nan.

The Human-Faced Arachnid had been doing farm work within the abyss of Jack’s soul until now. It changed its situation practically in synch with the dark chains and started orbiting around the spiritual seed. Its viciousness brought with it a restless agitation.

Under the stimulation of all sorts of different omens, Luo Nan’s thoughts became alert. He no longer limited his view to a corner. Instead, he expanded it at all costs to his utmost limit.

No anomalies appeared within the one-kilometer in diameter range.

Ink was flying around with nothing to do near the so-called sniper location a bit further away when its feathers suddenly expanded outward. It dove down fast amidst a loud caw, leaving in a fluster.

Just a hair too late. Some fleeting shadow had barely entered the range of his senses. It already exited, fading away into fuzzy dusk of darkness.

“Ink!” Luo Nan didn’t have time to get over there. He could only rely on his sole “office worker”.

Ink came out of his high-speed flight and then changed its route under Luo Nan’s guidance. It swept a circle in the complicated area near the sniper locations.

The fleeting shadow re-entered the range of his senses a short three seconds later.

It was floating up in the empty sky right now, paying no heed to the flapping crow. It just took its two columns of six devilish eyes and cast its gaze towards the location of Luo Nan and the others, separated by nothing but air.

Those eyes were filled with greed and hunger.

Luo NAn instantly understood where that uncomfortable feeling had come from.

It was true that Jack’s completely defenseless energy and information method exposed all his emotions and thought processes. There was also his constant sharpening, the rapidly increasing level of his soul strength. These aspects of this fellow didn’t contribute much to the mental plane, but the reckless spewing of his soul aura was just as Luo Nan described before. It was a bonfire in the darkness of night. God knows what dangers it may attract.

Now the answer had emerged.

Human-Faced Arachnid…… Yet another Human-Faced Arachnid.

This was absolutely a huge variable. Right when Luo Nan was about to inform He Yueyin, the sensing area unfurled over by Ink suddenly darkened. A powerful pulse had swept across, containing energy, information, and a corresponding tempo. It exceeded the limit that his senses could bear in an instant.

The mental plane suddenly shook intensely in the next moment. A screaming and rushing hurricane came from the unknown, wiping out all of Luo Nan’s senses.

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